Why techies should move to Trivandrum?


This post is also on mutiny.in Having worked out of Trivandrum for more than two years for a software company I am sure that city has everything you could ask for. I  thought of writing this post after the common response I get from my colleagues out here in Bangalore when I tell them that I am worked with a company at Technopark. And the common response is “Technopark? where?” .technopark3.jpg

Well for those who don’t know, Techno park is (source wikipedia) “the first and largest technology park in India launched in 1990, Technopark currently has 3.2 million square feet (310,000 square meters) of built-up space. Technopark is home to over 125 companies, which employ more than 17,000 professionals.”

Yes, it’s the FIRST technology park in India. While the silicon valley of India (Bangalore) gradually overtook the state in terms of software exporting, Technopark was not far behind. But then most of the companies preferred Bangalore as their outsourcing hub. The reason? Talent pool, favorable government policies and infrastructure. But then why should one (employer or employee) choose Trivandrum now?

  • Living cost

This would be the best reason to move. You have to pay just 25% of the money that you now shell out as rent every month and will get twice the space. There aren’t any multiplexes, but you could see all latest movies for 35 bucks.

  • Traffic

You would hardly find a traffic jam. But Technopark is 15 KMs from the city, however if you stay near, say 10 kms away from the Park, you could reach office in 10 mins, which is impossible in the major cities.

  • No more crowded airports

Reaching airport would be walk in the park for everyone. You would hardly face any traffic jams on the way

  • Tax

Since Technopark is outside the city limits, the professional tax levied is relatively less.

But these are changing with more companies rushing to the Tier 3 cities to set up their centers. Infosys (which already have 1000 employees in Technopark) is setting up its 70 acre campus next to Technopark. TCS has it’s main training centre working out of Technopark. Many companies like L&T are trying to push the government in getting land on lease. Many companies have already eyed the city as its next offshore hub, but then will the Kerala government comply? Will the chaos surrounding the new Tech Parks succumb? These questions may go unanswered but I am sure Kerala will be waking up with a new IT boom of it’s on in near future.


(Inside Bhavani building in Technopark)

The other IT park in Kerala is Infopark and the latest one planned is Technocity near Technopark.


  1. I agree with you..
    How wrong we were when we kept moaning that trivandrum is sooo boring.
    We chose to learn the lesson the hard way!.
    3 BHK for Rs.3000 there and now i am sharing a 1BHK for Rs.6000! 10 minutes ride to office there and 1hr 15 mts drive here(same distance).

    life was a lot easier there..

  2. @nefrine,

    exactly! But then if everyone move to TVM, then……

    1. Brilliant question!!!

  3. mmmm…good question: if everyone move to Trivandrum….then…

    Remember Bangalore was even more pristine in the early 90’s. It was a heaven for easy living at that time. Well, the Tech-explosion did make and break the city.

    Remains to be seen how long the tropical paradise of Trivandrum would last..:(

  4. hi
    nice one..

    you are absolutely right..

    but still things are changing now…lot more it companies are coming to trivandrum now.Technocity(kerala’s largest IT project_ is shaping up in 507 acres near technopark.

    lot mor private it parks are coming up..Big names like DLF,Mahindra,Reliance,Unitech all purchasing huge parcels of land in the near by area..

    Raheja’s mindspace is coming up in more than 100 acres of land..

    we can expect atlaest 15 malls in the 4 kms radius of technopark by 2010

  5. As more companies rush in, rents will go up, traffic will increase, cost of living will go up and infrastructure will choke.


  6. Hi all, I got an offer in Aptara corp in Trivendrum. I am planning to move there. But I have never been to Trivendrum. I require your help in this guys. I need some information regarding company, availability of accomodation, if any Andhra restaurants available? Please share with me if you have any information relating to that.

  7. This post make me laugh….Trivandrum….The worst thing that could possibly have happened to me was moving to this place as a frseher to work in a certain company in Technopark…And the exp in the last 2.5 years has been very bad…Trivandrum is a city that lacks basic infrastructure…No places to hang out,no A class restaurants,very few good shops,onlu 2 Big Bazaars(the 2nd grade mall of india)…just a handful of IT companies compared to cities like pune,bangalore,noida,chennai,kolkata et al…Moreover careerwise it is dangerous to stay here unless you have a helathy work ex behind u…No company is interested to conduct walkins here…Put Trivandrum as ur current location in naukri and monster and let me know how your job search goes…The people of Trivandrum are in general very good but the city is no way close to be called a good place for techies

    1. for sure…. this guy is from a much hyped city from Kerala… pity on u Bibin…

  8. Bipin,
    If you think a place would have quality living only if it has expensive multiplexes and malls you are not talking about quality.Quality comes cheap too.
    I have a family. For me the first priority is the standard and cost of living. And for me TVM tops in both and doubles as a IT city.

  9. bharath · · Reply

    hi bipin, i am a defence officer n i have been living in metros like bangalore, hyderabad , remote places and now delhi. u will get a kingfisher beer for Rs 25 and also Rs 600 here. but that cannot determine quality. beer is the same. night out is a terminology synonymous with the bachelors. thats only 2 to 3 yrs of your life. after that its family. their security also matters. any time any thing can happen in delhi. but tvm tops the chart in law and order, education, literacy, health etc. we got the maximum number of specialised doctors in trivandrum.
    buying a plot in kerala is easy and we can trust people. but here even if you are buying a plot it may be registered in your name probably after 4-5 yrs.if the government changes they will cancel the allotment. if you buy a flat with in your limits you do not know when the government is going to demolish, coz its illegal. One cycle accident will cause traffic blockade for hours.
    there are eating joints in trivandrum, but i agree we need to have pubs and disco discotheques. and good roads through out kerala with cochin being the worst sufferer.

    for night life youngsters have to change through out kerala. A girl is in double thought for wearing revealing dresses because the males are such.

    Now vizhinjam port is coming. after that kerala gov will not know how to spend money. the city area will quadruple.

    our standard of living is 10 times better.

    Finally never elect communists to power, it directly affects the investors, development and the whole image of the state.

  10. bipin,
    It is a pity that you are not seeing what you have there in trivandrum. By the way did someone force you to stay here..No right.. You are here for your job. So admire and value the things that you have got instead of whining like a kid.;(.One do not remain a youngster your entire life…you will move out of your age soon. Then you will understand how wrong you were with this anti tvm attitude..:)..Till then all cheers to Technopark and Trivandrum…!!!:)

  11. Girish Bhaskaran · · Reply

    Hi All,
    I am Girish Bhaskaran and I have been living in b’lore for the past 5-6 years . I have got a job offer from infy both for b’lore and/or tvm. I have seen the ins and outs of b’lore and know the cost of living and expenses here but not about tvm. Can anybody help me out wid this, as in the cost of living at an avg, good places to stay in tvm wid family so on…… Any help would be appreciated

  12. Hi Girish,
    Technopark is around 10-14 kms from the city.You could stay at places like Pongumoodu, Keshavadasapuram, Ulloor etc where you would get independant houses for rent (3-8k rent)
    I can’t comment on the prevailing rent rates in TVM now. You could check some websites for that.

  13. I think this conversion need to be active again since it is 2016 and IT got improved a lot and it changes city and life style.

  14. I am an IT professional been worked in Blore, Tvm and Dubai.. I would say tvm you have peace of mind guaranteed .. More over no pollution compare to bore.. less expensive .. and nice people..I am looking forward to going back there. If you are bachelor and love night lifes then its not ur cup of team..you are family man who wants to leave peaceful life with good education for children then TVM is the place to me in….

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