Conversation b.w two IT ‘Professionals’ (Overheard) 

Professional 1 : ‘Hey heard that you got an offer from a new firm?’

Professional 2 : ‘Yeah I did, I joined the company too’

Professional 1 : ‘How’s the package?’

Professional 2 : ‘ Well its not just the package. There is growth, new challenges and new technologies’ 

Professional 1 : ‘Oh okay. How’s the package?’

Professional 2 : ‘There is onsite too’ 

Professional 1 : ‘Wow. How’s the package?’

Professional 2 : ‘Its not bad. There is bonus too’ 

Professional 1 : ‘You can ask more, with the experience you have’

Professional 2 : ‘Yeah but they have Coke, snacks and chocolate drink in the pantry’ 

Professional 1 : ‘That’s so cool, we just have a stupid coffee’

Professional 2 : ‘Yeah? That’s so dull buddy’

 Professional 1 : ‘But we can smoke in the pantry”

Professional 2 : ‘Oh, that’s something I wanted’ 

Professional 1 : ‘How’s the package like?????’ 


  1. Professional 2 : Forgot to mention they don’t use normal taxis for pick up they use limousines

    Professional 1 : Is the package that bad that u r avoiding the topic? Or is not important at all!

  2. @balu,

    the point I was trying to make was that ppl are so curious to know the package and its funny how some avoid the questions :D.
    And yes ! the techies discuss on what they get in the pantry !

  3. @ Xylene
    Seriously? We guys discuss what computers and which operating system we get to work on, while in office! Most media firms maintain ancient systems u see! (express is notorious for this)

  4. @balu,
    I was kidding. But yeah when its a new job.

  5. Ah, totally agreed. When you get a job, people hog you with that question. And if you get a good package, then people hog others about how they should get a package higher than that!

  6. I don’t know why people itch so much. It’s his package and if he doesn’t want to discuss about it, then why force them? I’ve had this problem too. Some of my relatives would outrightly ask me, “How much do you earn?”

    Me: Okay types. Manage somehow. 🙂

    They: But still! How much do you earn?

    and on and on…

    I think it’s a very private question.

  7. @ish ruhi
    yeah that’s the first question your relatives, friends, neighbours, landlord (kidding) ask you once u bag an offer.
    i had similar experiences
    relative 1 “how much do u earn?”
    me : “not bad”
    relative 2 “well tell me ”
    me :”hmmm what else?”
    relative 2 to relative 1 (whispering) “these software ppl get salary in lakhs… my sister’s son is working…………..…..”


  8. @ Xylene
    So do u too? How much do u earn?

    Jus kidding ;-D

  9. me :”hmmmmm what else?”

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