My ‘tax’ story.

I pay taxes.

There are two people who eat up my salary one is the IT department and the next is my landlord.The difference would be that the landlord is someone I can change. 

I use my tax paid money to buy groceries on which I am ‘sale taxed’. And then I am taxed calling it ‘Value added tax’. I find no value but simple tax. 

I use my tax paid money to buy fuel, which is again taxed as a result I pay around 60% tax on it and a surcharge on every litre that my age old motorcycle drink. Gulp. 

rupee1.jpgIn addition to that to get my motorcycle on road, I have to pay up the state government on road tax. And India is said to be a free country, but not for my vehicle. If I move to another state with my private vehicle, I have to pay a dozen toll booths for the new highways and bridges that the government has ‘newly’ installed for me. Sometimes these poll booths are permanent like the one next to my home town; it has been there for 4 years now.Once done and I reach my new place, I can’t use my vehicle for more than 11 months. (in Karnataka you have to pay road tax to use your vehicle after 11 months even if you have paid life time tax in your home state. (It’s the case everywhere)). So I end up paying tax in two states. Wait what if I am off to a new place? 

 Back to my ‘ taxed’ story…. I take a loan and the bank charge me something called the service tax.  I take a mobile connection, the network provider promised me Rs 199/- rental, but am charge at 11% of something called the service tax. I pay them from my tax paid money. I go out to see a movie, I use my tax paid money to get a ticket, am charged something called the entertainment tax. I settle for a DVD, I am still taxed under sale tax. I go out for dinner, I am ‘service taxed’. I buy a bottle of whiskey for my dad ( in Kerala its almost 100% tax on Alcohol which makes alcohol twice as costly in kerala than rest of India ) I have to pay up excise duty and sale tax, well indirectly.I buy a car; I am taxed on the sale and luxury.I am not complaining. ( or am I ?) I walk down the street toward a pani puri vendor. No! Am not taxed here. This would be one of the places in India where am not taxed.

I wake up and continue paying my taxes. I pay and will pay my taxes. Who said I won’t?



  1. come on.. the tax collection as a percentage of GDP/percapita income is paltry for India.

    i cannot imagine what would have happened if u lived in a Scandinavian country

  2. 🙂 haha yeah you are right. But I have nothing against paying taxes. I know thats the major revenue for our govt.
    But the burden …. :-/ …………

  3. hey came across your blog through blog surfing.

    Would u b interested in link exchange?

    Drop me a mail.


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