I am blocked !

Okay. So that’s a huge setback. My laptop or to be precise my antivirus/internet security software has blocked ma site. So each time I try to login it says I am trying to access my site its blocked. The reason? The word crap in it.

Well this post is not to let you guys know that I bought myself a laptop.  Compaq presario. with Turion…..

Just like I was saying this post is not to let you guys know that I bought a laptop (I am repeating that again aint I?), but that like myself many others who are trying to access my site would be blocked not cause of it contents (which according to me is suitable for all ages) but cause of the blog name.

Well that just sad.


  1. Ha ha ha .. so how many hairs did you pull out?? Sorry I am laughing at your misery.. cant help it u see.. You bought urself a compaq?? I never liked that brand to be honest.. why dint u buy a sony or a dell?

  2. Well I wanted (read : I wish) to buy a sony, but then the budget woudnlt budge. 🙂

    Hey and I fixed the problem. 😀 .Added my site among the list of trusted sites.

  3. Blocked? Where? how? Am I missing something?

    Congrats on the laptop. One of Ruhi’s laptops is also a Compaq Presari, running on a Turion Processor! And did I say that Turion absolutely ROCKS?! 😛

    Balu- Dell’s laptop’s too big and heavy. HP makes the bet looking laptops these days (Except Apple, of course).

  4. Who blocked your site is what I would like to know.

  5. Ruhi, the laptop is good !!!! so far….

    well there is some kinda internet security bundled with the antivirus, which keeps tracks of which sites we visit n all, and it is treating my site as of unsuitable content.

  6. Can’t you list your site as an approved site on the anti-virus? If you can’t, change the anti-virus.

  7. What anti-virus is your computer running? If it’s Norton, please uninstall it lol. It’s shit. Most of the antiviruses these days are made to only confuse people and hog resources. For example, you install Norton or McAfee and trust me you’ll have to spend ages fixing up all your p2p applications ’cause they block it all. They’ve overprotective and yet they miss the major viruses. Avast is one cool anti-virus, so is AVG and Avira. But all these are the less resource hogging ones so the security might be lesser.

    Congrats for the Compaq Presario. I’ve heard nice things about Dell too btw. But I’ve heard nicer things about Compaq. Please tell me it’s the one with that blue lid and silver everything else. I kind of love that model of theirs. 😛

  8. Ya I agree compaq gives value for money but they are notorious for their after sales service thats all.. HP looks great sure.. but the systems suck big time.. (we had n HP workstation in college.. it was torture)..
    But compaq’s different from them.. they just bought compaq so not as bad an HP!

  9. @Nita,
    Yeah I managed to fix it. 😉

    yeah I agree completely. I don’t like anti virus softwares coz of two things, they keep on popping up every 10 minutes, use all th resources, make the computer slow. Bu t then we need it ! 😀
    Dell is great but then I wanted to have a look at the laptop that am going to buy and Dell has only an online store right?

    Mine is 3702AU. That was within the budget.

    Let’s hope I dont have to go to compaq service now 🙂

  10. Yea, but one should always choose the anti-virus according to the computer’s configuration. People usually end up installing anti-viruses like McAfee or Norton on computers with a RAM of like 256 MB and they do nothing except crippling the system. So yea, you should pick and choose.

    Yea you are right, dunno about Dell stores actually. The nice things I’ve heard about Dell are that it has awesome battery life. That’s what my cousin told me.

  11. With this I remember, in Windows 95-98 times, Symantec had a software NORTON SYSTEM WORKS.

    The name was so apt, coz. when one would install it, only it used to work on the system. It consumed all the resources n made sure that only NORTON WORKS on the SYSTEM.

    Also, it had so many graphs and stats showing and monitoring fan speed, CPU temp. etc. etc. that it itself used to overheat the system.

    Anyways, You can use Z0ne A1arm Complete sec. suite, if interested, its light,its fast. Incase, you don’t want to spend money on Licensed version,mail me. :mrgreen:

  12. @Anshul,
    haha Norton System ‘WORKS’
    that was hilarious.
    My antivirus is valid for 90 days ( bundled with the system) later i got to buy a new one or browse through national market in Blore ……….. 🙂

  13. Leave National Market.

    Download ZA from z0nelabs site.

    then i will email u K3YG3N.

  14. oh the antiviruses are a pain! i got myself a Dell Inspiron last month and it works like a charm.. the only problem is that the bundled Mcafee keeps popping up all the time. i better install AVG soon 🙂

  15. @Sreejith,
    Its a pain, yet u cant liv without them….
    how peaceful wud be a world with no viruses ! and better no anti – virus

  16. @xylene:
    anyways, Do you know W32.MSBlaster worm, it lead to bomb blasts,riots and disturbances around the world untill UN sent its peace forces lead by Dr.Norton.
    It was first of its kind computer Worm that lead to physical disturbances globally. Recently, there was some rumor that South Korea was breeding /cultivating this worms to use them agains US incase of some war.


    If there would be no viruses…you wouldn’t be blogging(about it). Now that is peaceful. :mrgreen:

    check this: “http://brainstuck.wordpress.com/2008/03/06/anti-virus/”

    and Hope that mail helped you…

  17. @Anshul.,
    Sure it did. I just didn’t get the time and patience to remove norton and install this. 🙂

    Thanks a lot dude.

  18. @Xylene: You are Welcome,dude! 🙂

  19. Ah, ZA Security Suite is pretty cool. I used to have it in my previous Windows. When I reinstalled Windows, I somehow realized that it was slowing the startup big time. So I had to reluctantly uninstall it and install Avira. It’s so light that it seems it just isn’t there and that’s where the problem is. I don’t think it’s even one bit reliable.

  20. @ish: if it doesn’t seem there, may be then it isn’t there :mrgreen:

  21. @Anshul: It is, it makes it’s presence felt by downloading virus definitions occasionally. 😛

  22. YOu are planning to BUY anti-virus? My god!
    hmmmm I would suggest Kaspersky 7 (its best against trojans)

  23. @Balu,

    well not exactly. planning to use norton for 90 days. later i will get a free one or ……

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