DND Update !

Mobile subscribers have a reason to celebrate. This is an update to my post DND.Many commented saying that they are getting calls from telemarketers even after registering.  This is the latest information from today’s TOI Bangalore edition.

TRAI plans hefty fines for pesky calls

Shalini Singh | TNN
New Delhi: Mobile subscribers registered with the national donot-call (NDNC) registry have reason to rejoice. Giving in to the growing outrage over the menace of unsolicited calls and SMSs, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has announced stiff penalties on telecom service providers and telemarketers.
   The regulator said on Monday that for the first unsolicited communication, a service provider would have to pay a penalty of up to Rs 5,000, which could go up to Rs 20,000 for each subsequent communication. A telemarketer would have to pay a penalty of Rs 500 for the first unsolicited communication, and Rs 1,000 for every subsequent communication.
   The Times of India had reported on January 17 that TRAI was planning such a strict regulation.

So guys go ahead and complain to your service provider in case you receive an unwanted call.


  1. Thanks for the update…read this as well…Interesting to note that the calls have subsided since.. maybe the telemarketers are waiting for all the noise to die down before they call again

  2. I am not sure how far this is gonna help.
    there are hell lot of ppl who are making a living out of this.

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