Just another day?

There were times when I used to wait for this day to come. I used to count down to this day. Not jut ‘coz of the royal treatment that you get on this particular day, but because we could wear casuals at school, distribute sweets around and be proud all day.

Yes I am a year older now. L

 Joey In friends “Why God why are you doing this to us?”  

On that brighter side am not that old.




  1. Thank you Sathiyan. 🙂

  2. Hey Xylene.. many many happy returns of the day! Have a blast.. and yes abt the tag give me a day or two.. 😀

  3. @Balu
    Take ur time on it !!! 🙂

  4. Bada wala Happy Birthday Xylene 🙂 I hope you had a nice day. Even I feel very nostalgic thinking about my school days, when I would wear a color dress and distribute goodies to the entire class. I felt like a princess. I wish we could still do that. 😦 Maybe in office?

  5. @Ruhi
    Thanx.. I wear jeans and t-shirt to office everyday. today I wore a kurtha and noone noticed. Some asked “Oh is it coz its holi?? , happy holi”
    One was close he said “many many happy returns of the day”
    “So u knew my…eh….” I asked.
    “Hey i dont know why i said that, happy holi i mean” he said.

    It was so much fun when I was in school. 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday to you, taa taa *insert some birthday Bollywood song here* 😛

  7. Hey, Happy B’day, have a blast, remember good things from the past, and progress real fast. 😉 //yeah man…!

    Earlier, I thought you used to wait for HOLI to come etc. till I read the comments.

    & Happy Holi too… :mrgreen:

  8. @ish,

    Thank you !!!:)

    Thanx man.
    happy holi !!!

  9. yeah, even i loved the distributing two-sweets-each part …
    Happy Birthday!!
    (btw, i had to go thru the comments to know what ‘the day’ was! ;))

  10. Belated happy birthday. 🙂
    Hope you enjoyed. 🙂
    Did you throw a party?

  11. @Nidhi,
    well i dint want to say that its my bday, come’on guys wish me !! 😀 (although back of my mind i did have tha feeling) 😀 haha
    No parties.. one reason wud be that ma bday was on monty thursday and fell in Holy week.
    But had good food at home for easter.

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