Cooking for Dummies.

My relationship with the Kitchen is limited to making noodles and omelets. I thought of making something that is different and reached the net for some easy recipes which will sound good and will be easy to make. That’s why I came across the Bread Roll, this sounded good and I could make it as an evening snack. I didn’t want to promise my wife dinner and sleep hungry.  My association with the gas stove is pretty bad and the best part of this snack is that you don’t have to use your gas stove. It is a microwave recipe. 

“Don’t create a mess” warned my wife.

“Nope relax. You are going to enjoy this” I said.  

All you have to do is get a potato, which you could find somewhere in the kitchen. Pour some water to drown it and keep it in HIGH microwave for 10 mins (use microwave safe container, else it could burn, trust me it will !!!) . Now the potato will be cooked, peel off the skin, mash it with vengeance (to those who think that you can’t cook J ) add salt, pepper (lots of it), garam masala and all the leaves you can find in your refrigerator. Quantity? Well just add little, some or so much, may be a little more. 

“Don’t create a mess” came the second warning. 

Once it looks pretty neat, keep it aside, and do taste it to make sure its edible. Once done take few bread slices, soak it in water, squeeze to remove excess water. (It will tear apart just don’t care). Place the filling in the slice and roll it into shapes of your preference (Mine looked like asteroids.). Now apply some oil and place it on the microwave and grill it for 20 mins or until you can hold on your curiosity or till it changes color. 

I served this with ketchup. And guess what it turned out to be good (thank god !) and my wife liked it. Although the shapes of the rolls were pretty bad, its tasted good !  

Courtesy : Recipe Joint

(All those who expected a messy ending to my blog post. haha to them)


  1. I did expect a messy ending, and your wife shouting at you and you having to sleep on the couch. Bah. 😛

    But hey, this reminds me of Ratatouille and Chef Gusteau. As he says, anyone can cook. 😀

  2. @ish.
    I knew it. But then it turned out to be good.
    May be u shud try this at home and surprise ur folks.

  3. Not a bad idea, I’m okay with the Microwave too. But I’m absolutely terrified of the gas. :/

  4. That was an anti-climax of sorts! how could you play with the motions of ur readers like this! che che =P

  5. I can identify with your wife shouting, don’t create the mess. 🙂 See here:

    Congrat, you could manage something edible that tasted good, never mind the shape though. 🙂

  6. i agree with balu
    next time add half a lime juice to the mix,n stuff it into a capsicum cut at the top and deseeded instead of bread and bake it voila – u will have stuffed capsicum.(Recipee from my sis )

    Noone becomes a good cook overnite
    it takes experimentation , burning of food fingers etc to get it right …
    so happy cooking Xy:-)

  7. @ish,
    i terified of the gas too.
    next time when things go wrong, i will post it. 🙂
    thanx. and thanx for the link. that was hilarious ! i dint make such a mess !!! 😀
    haha. thanx. did u try that recipe? 🙂

  8. hey my sis rates me as a very good cook
    yes we did but a long time ago when i helped my sis test out our microwave

    basically it is a standard filling mix
    u can add a few kadipatta dhania leaves shreaded and mustard crackled in oil and it becomes a wada filling

  9. @Prax thanx for the link. I will (read might) try it sometime.

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