Vista Tale

Windows Vista

All I tried was to copy some files from an old CD to my Vista laptop.


I have added this to my will.


…… and the laptop goes to my younger son, who can take it once vista has copied the files. And please shut down the computer once done.


I think the geniuses at Microsoft worked day and night to write that piece of code (to calculate the time that it will take to perform the copy/move operations). The logic is good, but of no use. It would have been better if they would have just told me this “Dude its not gonna work any time soon”.






  1. oh! freak! i have had similar issues but nothing that runs into so many days! 😀
    send it to microsoft!

  2. ROTFL (for like fifteen min)
    data cylindrical error is the villain?
    PS: I suggest you address it to your grandson.. you know jus in case!

  3. @Vinni,
    data error, program has stopped responding, the infamous blue screen were all Microsoft trade mark. But this????? 😀


    Yeah. In win 98 and other versions, if the cd is bad, it wud show the data cylindrical error.
    But now it is taking much time to calculate the time it will take to copy the file that it forgot about the error itself.
    May be I shud change the will again.

  4. LOL, that happens in XP too, you know. Happened just the other day when I was trying to copy this movie from a CD to my computer. It started with showing 7 minutes, then 17, 17, 20 and goes increasing and increasing and went up to a day or something. I didn’t give up hope, I thought it might just work. Half an hour down, it gave me a cyclic redundancy check error.

  5. @ish.
    That is so much better. atleast it showed an error. mine was going on and on and on and on and on and o…………………………………………………………….

  6. Copy or Xcopy in MS DOS

    That way atleast the readable content will get copied and it should be much faster than in XP or Vista GUI.

    Try it.

  7. I still many times use, Copy and Xcopy commands in CMD, when XP is either hangin’ the process or is taking too much time.

  8. Cool. thanx anshul. lemme try it once.

  9. @Prax.
    Now I know why ppl hate it.

  10. yeah, this happens. a LOT. its very funny when it does, coz you know by the time you’ve mentally calculated how many years is 3456789 days and cursed microsoft and all its employees and banged your head against the screen, it’s done.

  11. @Nidhi,
    haha. its indeed funny that everytime we see an error we start cursin the employees at microsoft. Poor souls.

  12. Join the club bro. There are lots of users who feel like A/C hell with Vista.
    I can’t control my laughter on your line about adding it to will.


  13. @Suda,
    I know am not alone. I read 100s of reviews which gave vista the poorest ratings. But still i went for it as the laptop had vista bundled with it.
    And then I thought “hey this is not that bad” and then this happened !!!
    Now I am with the reviewers. 🙂

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