Bangalore Survival Kit

Got this as a forward. (You might have already seen this 🙂 but its worth a laugh)

Bangalore Survival Kit


  1. Funneh lol. Especially the shirt

  2. I liked the shirt, especially the line “activate according to circumstances” 😀

  3. Nedfrine · · Reply

    Titanium leggings!
    Thats useful in Trivandrum too 🙂

  4. @ish suda,
    Its hilarious right ?
    correction : Almost all cities in India.

  5. Haha…crazy shit! It’s valid for the entire country though. 😐

  6. Portable green cover? I thought that was some camouflaging technique in case of terrorist attacks or something! One kutti item missing though – laptop/mobile =P

  7. @Ruhi,
    🙂 u are right.
    haha. yeah we do need laptop/mobile to survive.

  8. ROFL..!!! 😀
    I love those shoes!!!

  9. @yaake,
    haha yeah. its hilarious

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