Olympics 2008

I got this as a forward. After reading Ruhi’s post, I thought of posting it.



  1. WOW! Whoever made that one deserves an award,.. what a thought! phew

  2. Am actually feeling sorry for the Olympic committee and the people associated with it. They are in it for no fault of their own.

  3. I don’t know..I think this is not exactly right. What China is doing to Tibet is very wrong I agree but what is the fault of the Olympics in this? I don’t understand.

  4. rofl: great pics

  5. @Balu,
    Yeah the idea is good, the drawings just great.
    That is true. The olympics commitee has nothing to do with the political senario there.
    I think this would give more publicity for their struggle.
    Its a forward. but thanks.

  6. You do have a point there alright

  7. Wow.. what a picture

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