Weekend Escapade Part I

The Tibetan Colony

The trip to Coorg was rewarding, the climate, the people, the endless plantations and insects that crawled all over my body made me much closer to nature than never before.

It gave some sort of a revelation that we are just aliens invading their space.

One of our stops was at the Tibetian Colony in Coorg. With all the issues surrounding, Tibet now, I wondered how they reached the Southern State of Karnataka from their cold hills of Tibet which they call home.


  (Nyingmapa Monastery)


The monastery was established by Penor Rinpoche in 1963, following his 1959 exit from Tibet. The initial structure was a temple constructed from bamboo, covering an area of approximately eighty square feet. As of 2007, the lodging facilities alone for the school include three buildings with over 150 rooms. (Source Wikipedia)



  (Golden Temple)  

  (Woman praying outside the temple)



ByleKuppe is one of the largest Tibetan settlements in India, around 16000 refugees and nearly 6000 monks and nuns. Set up in 1960, Bylakuppe is a small town situated 6 kms from Kushalnagar or 42 Kms from Mercara, the place has several monastries and the famous among them are the Great Gompa of Sera Je, Sera Mey and the Namdroling monastery.



(Inside the temple)

The temple and the monks all around gave me a feeling that I was in Thailand again. (I have been to Thailand once). This was indeed a mind-blowing experience.

To be contd.

(All pictures taken with Sony DSC W55, thanks to new wordpress I couldnt insert the images properly)

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  1. Good picture Xylene and very topical too considering that Tibet is so much in the news. I have been to Coorg many years ago but missed this colony. Next time it is going to be on the itinerary.

  2. Thanx Nita.
    Its a must-vist place in Coorg !!!!!
    This was the most memorable for me of all the places we visited on the trip.

  3. nice pics
    the wordpress interphase is getting irritating dont u think

  4. @Prax,
    yeah. It took much time to upload and more time to insert these into the post. 😦

  5. Nice! I’ve only been to Mcleodganj which is basically a very Tibetan area. And we also visited the place where the Dalai Lama lives. It was all very beautiful. Great pics.

  6. @ish,

  7. Went there a year back before I joined here! Amazing place! My mother loved it she sat in front of the Budha statue for an eternity.. I spent the time photo snapping! What I liked about the place was the colours… vibrant yet contrasting…. shades of blue (cyan), red, green and gold phew it was too good

  8. @Balu,
    exactly, that place makes you feel like u are totally a new world. the best place to meditate.

  9. […] Weekend Escapade Part I […]

  10. Great pics. It dosen’t look like India. And a few of my friends have been to Coorg but they never talked about this place. Guess they have not been there…

  11. @Amit,
    Many travellers to Coorg doesnt put this on their itinerary, this was my ‘must visit’ place on our trip to coorg. and I enjoyed it.

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