Horn Please….. OK !


I love driving, and I enjoy reading the funny one liners (you can’t really call those oneliners !!) on the back of trucks, pickups and cabs. Here are a few signs. (that we don’t really need , yet we find them on vehicles.)




  1. Your one, my one Ours one. (That will make it three !I guess he meant to say we two, ours two.. )

  2. NO SMOKING ( No smoking sign board on a truck?, trust me its not a petroleum carrier either)

  3. NO Overtaking (what does this mean?.. that I am not supposed to overtake this vehicle?)

  4. If you can read this, you are too close. (I admit this is cool).

  5. Sound Horn. (Why do we need a sign like this?).

  6. Horn please okay (This is the most common one of all.).

  7. Power Break ( I am sure he meant Power Brake).

  8. No hand signal.

Do you have anything that I would have missed out?

Check out this cool animation movie here.


  1. buri nazar wale tera mooh kala

  2. Shanno – My Darling. 😐

  3. Ah man, you’re getting things wrong. Lemme explain. 😛

    1. This guy is absolutely right and infact he has thought about all possibilities. He’s trying to tell you that he and his wife have extra marital affairs. So “Your one” is the wife’s kid with her other guy. “My one” is this guy’s kid with his other woman and “Ours one” is the kid the husband and wife have had together. 😛

    2. Tch tch, that’s Health Minister Ambumani Ramadoss’ latest order. He has to deter people from smoking after all. So what if ShahRukh Khan doesn’t give up smoking on screen?

    The trucks are priceless beings btw. Have you ever noticed that the “Lever box” is always called “Liver box” on them. So basically if you open that box, you’ll find the truck’s heart and all. 😛

  4. @Ankur,
    thanx for that one 🙂
    I havent seen that 🙂
    man ! that was hilarious !

  5. Phir milenge !!!!!

    Use dipper at night!!

  6. @Rahul,
    Thanx. 🙂

  7. “Chal hat Leyland, TATA aa raha hai, kashmir se kanyakumari ja raha hai”

    “Chintu Mintu Pappu Rani Rampyari Sayani”

    “Maa Tera Aashirvaad”
    (Mother, your blessings) <– How can you forget this one, this is most famous because painters ALWAYS mis-spell the word Aashirvaad while writing in Hindi and Marathi. e.g Aarshivaad, Aashivaard etc

  8. isnt it horn ok please

  9. isnt it horn ok please

  10. No its HORN PLEASE… OK
    You are reading it as it looks, think logical man!!! 😀

  11. @suda
    There are diff versions of it.

    Horn Please OK
    Horn OK Please
    Horn Please
    Sound Horn

  12. Use dipper at night

    Malik ki gaadi, driver ka pasina, chalti hai road pe ban ke hasina.

    Boori nazar wale tera mooh kala

    Keep Distance


    BYE BYE (Often written as By by)

    Jaat di Gadi

    And many more, and BTW I work with Logisitics and Transportation co. which has huge trucking fleet, So may be I will add more if I get to read any.

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