Weekend Escapade Part III

 The Dam

On the way we stopped at KRS dam, the site had a marvelous view with natural beauty and the mammoth man-made structure. Here are some photos of the machinery. 



On our way back to the busy life in Bangalore we stopped at Rajeev Gandhi wild Life sanctuary. Although we were late to take a ride in the Park safari, we talked with the guards there to know that there is little chance to spot any animals except for deers. I didn’t believe him at first, then I saw this



However on the way back we spotted many deers.


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(last post in this series) 🙂


  1. Nice Pictures.. the old machinery is still operational…I guess…
    KRS used to be a favorite destination when we spent our summer holidays in Mysore… then it got too crowded..

    Love the disclaimer “Do not blame the staff”…

  2. @Vijay,
    Yea that was one of a kind disclaimer! 🙂

  3. hahahaha!!! I’m still laughing at that sign in the wild life sanctuary!!! Matter of luck, i believe!! hahahaha!!! 😀

  4. @Yaake,

  5. Yeh, I can imagine myself shouting at the guard -“WHY THE HELL THERE WAS NO DEER WHEN I WENT IN??? I WANT A DEER. BRING IT TO ME RIGHT NOW OR I WILL BREAK YOUR LEG!!!” 😆

    But why haven’t you included pics of the dam…you know…water flowing down n all??

  6. @Amit,
    Well the truth is we were not allowed inside the dam. but we cud see the water flowing down on the other side from far away.
    And to make things worse, my camera doesn’t have that kinda zoom !!! 😦

  7. If you could see the water, your camera could see the water too….unless your eyes’ zooom and your camera doesn’t.

  8. @Anshul,
    wow it wud b cool to have zooming eyes. (I think that’s why we use binoculars :D)
    The pics I took were not clear and I deleted them.

  9. Ransomers and Rapiers?? 😀
    the whole ‘apparatus’ looks so fundu!

  10. @Balu
    haha,yeah its real old i believe. 🙂 1924

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