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Where are they? When I was a kid, I used to chase them around. They were beautiful, with lovely and vibrant colors. For past few years I never noticed that they were missing. I can’t find a single one out there in the garden now. The flowers look empty without them.

I asked my Dad regarding this and he says that they are almost extinct in my area, because of the heavy usage of pesticides used around.

Thats just sad.

When was the last time you saw some in your garden? 

Here is something interesting for you to read.





  1. I had forgotten altogether abt such a species!

  2. @Balu,
    Exactly. even I never bothered to look around.
    Now its gone and I am sad.

  3. Apart from environmental degeneration, even we have become less aware of our surroundings. I don’t remember the last time when I had looked up at the open sky or just stood for a moment to smell the fresh soil. 😦

  4. I saw one yesterday with dark green and black, vivid colors. I saw it after a long time, why, coz. I was never looking for them and also I don’t usually get up before 7 and follow the chirps and noise of birds and other creatures.

  5. @Ruhi,
    we are just taking everything for granted that we forget the lil things that used to bring a smile.
    U are lucky !

  6. true, i had a discussion about it with priyank just a few weeks ago it is real sad

  7. somehow ur full post is not readable through RSS feeds. is it deliberate?

  8. Ankur, I am not sure why. is there any settings in wordpress I need to change?

  9. Theres a setting in feedburner settings.

  10. Even I don’t remember when was the last time I saw one…I think it was in Munnar. 🙂 But in cities, they are almost extinct. Sad.

  11. @Anshul, I use free wordpress, I can’t find such a setting.
    yeah. u cud find them at places like munnar, kumarakom etc. But in the cities… its extinct.
    My home place is kinda village, it extinct there too. 😦

  12. About butterflies, there are some in front of my building. Its rather green in this area and I see them occasionally. But yeah, they have reduced drastically. If I just walk about a kilometer on to the main road, there is nothing. not even birds.

  13. Just FYI, In latest issue of India Today magazine, they have some article etc. on how to make a butterfly garden,which flowers to grow etc…

  14. I still see butterflies, lesser than before, but yes I them. I like small yellow ones which keep twittering around in a speed that you cant move your head. Big ones are becoming rarer in Rural areas too. Metro cities don’t know what is a butterfly.

    You reminded me my school days when we used to run behind butterflies for hours. 🙂

  15. @Nita,
    Its almost extinct. I wonder what’s next.
    Let me try to get a copy of it. Thanx
    glad that I helped bring back memories.

  16. True, I have not seen it since my childhood. BUt then I thought it was because we hardly get to see gardens in our busy lifes. But I couldn’t have imgained that butterflies are getting extinct. 😦

  17. @Poonam. thanx for stopping by. yeah its hard to believe that those lil friends of ours are getting extinct. Thanks to us. 😦

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