Search for the Lost Channel

I am not a diehard cricket fan. Let me rephrase :  I don’t watch cricket at all. But the recent hype about IPL got me into a search on Friday, also known as the “The search for the lost channel”.


Nita has written about how she got hooked to IPL, while Vijay is irritated about the intervening ads during the match on friday. Its irritating I agree.


Now back to the topic “The search of the lost channel”. I can’t remember the last time I watched something on Set MAX. Do I have that channel? I am not sure. I browse through some 100 channels (many of them repeating) to find that lost channel. And I couldn’t just find it.

I reached out for my phone to call the cable guy. ‘Wait a min’ may be he will think of me of some ‘hardcore cricket fan’ (which I don’t want to be known as) or some dumbo who can’t tune his TV right. (most probably the second one). There I go, browsing through all the channels to find out that one lost channel. (I forgot to mention that all this started with Balu giving me the link to streaming IPL video and I was like ‘why waste bandwidth when I have the TV right in front of me’)


Now I went back to tuning part and there it is !!! a dark blue screen which says “Set max is available on 70”.


What does that mean?

I keep on changing the frequency (manually, so that I wont miss out the channel accidently) and I finally found the ‘lost channel’. 

Now you may be wondering why I write a post on this.

  1. I don’t watch cricket.
  2. I have never written about cricket in this blog (although I have said “how my patience ran out watching it once).
  3. I want to write something about cricket. !!!


Now you might ask me the question that many have asked me before “WHAT? You don’t watch cricket???????”


Yes I do, I watched IPL on Friday.


There you go, my first post on cricket.



  1. Mere Bhai, your feed address is “” and it has nothing to do with whether you use free wordpress or not, coz. you have burnt your wp feed on feedburner.

    So, all you need to do is Login in Feedburner and do the setting there.

    Also, first click this link and check whether your feeds are set to “Full text” etc.


  2. haha funny! Its refreshing to come across a guy who doesn’t watch cricket. By the way I had to search for Set Max too and had to retune the tv as the channel was lost.
    Today I watched a bit of the Punjab vs rajasthan. not a bad match at all. It was interesting to watch sreesanth fret and fume and great to see a fat shane warne take 3 wickets…oops, I’m talking like a cricket fan aren’t I. I promise you, I am not!! 🙂

  3. Oh, and thanks for the link! 🙂

  4. & if the above admin link doesn’t work goto Dashboard>Settings>Reading.

  5. LOL, the Great Indian Cable TV fight. It’s really annoying when you have to go through 10 thousand million lame channels in weird languages you can’t even understand to reach that one channel. I do that almost every day for some or the other sports channel. And I’ve also got to mention my weekly search for vh1. I keep hoping it’s gonna make it’s way back on TV but it refuses to do so.

    And I can totally understand you not watching Cricket. I just can’t watch Golf, it’s too boring and complicated. Maybe I need to do a post on the Tiger ‘Lakri’ too. 😛

  6. LOL…!!!
    Good for you, man… This IPL thing is just a weird hype thats all… Rich ppl get richer… Don’t bother… hehe…
    and the ads… oh god… every ball, these morons put three ads! Grr..

  7. Does your cable operator switch channels as well? Suddenly whats on 60 starts playing on 21…

  8. Anshul,
    Done. I changed the settings. Hope it throws up the entire text from now on. Thanx. 🙂

    Yea, imagine when the entire men’s hostel is at the TV Room watching cricket, I would be the weirdo who spends time listening to hard rock. 😀 But I do watch world cup finals out of curiosity(especially if India is playing) but aint got the patience to watch the entire match.

    u welcome. For the link. Your post inspired me to write about cricket. Thanx. Lol.

    Sometimes they swap channels, sometimes they cancel some of the channels. More irritating is when they swap channels and u spent half hour figuring out where the channel is… and the show would be over by then.
    Golf? My goodness, Haven t tried watching one my entire life.


    yeah they do. They keep on changing it. And u spent the whole time searching for the channel.

    Thanx for the comments..

  9. Yaake,
    Its not just the IPL, the 20-20 was hyped beyond anything. Cricket gets allthe hype coz of the money involved.

  10. Thanks for linking up!
    Now that you have watched? Watcha think? Addicted yet? Its pretty addictive one you attach urself to a team and lock it as ur favorite!
    And abt the magically shifting disappearing channel.. well I think they do that for entertainment just as we move around icons on desktop… chumma for no reason…
    The other day chandana was channel 1 instead of HBO!! I was like eh what happened?

  11. Balu,
    No am not addicted. Which team to choose? Royal Challengers? or the one with King Khan or Pretty Zinta? I am confused.
    May be I would support the one with the babe. 🙂

  12. Even I don’t watch cricket….just in bits and pieces. My patience runs out. 😐 And now even I want to write a post on IPL. I am going to watch the 2 may match in the stadium. Guess I would make a post on it. 🙂

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