IPL Cartoons

Got this as a forward. Here I go with my second post on cricket. 😀

Click on the image to read.



  1. Made my some knight riders fan hmmm but hey it was funny 😀

  2. Good job, seems like you’re becoming a cricket buff then. 😛

    And the strip was really funny. Go Knight Riders! 😀

  3. @balu,
    Yea I guess. But its worth a laugh.

    not exactly. I just read the news now to see who won. 🙂 thats the easiest way.

  4. Haha…very nice comic strip! I didn’t understand the Hyderabad joke though…but that’s because I hardly know anything about IPL. Can you explain please? 🙂

  5. @Ruhi: VVS Laxman is the captain of the Hyderabad team but he’s in such bad form that they decided not to include him in the playing XI. That’s the joke.

  6. @Suman,
    I guess so. 🙂
    yea its funny indeed…… 😀 lol
    @ish, thanx. I dint get the joke either. 😀

  7. Hahaha very funny. Loved the Priety Zinta one. 😆 This is your second post on IPL by the way. 🙂

  8. Funny stuff…

  9. You’re welcome. 😛

  10. its very hard to read the cartoon… you might like to split the picture and post them separately

  11. @Ankur,
    looks fine to me., zoom the image to view it clearly in IE

  12. @Amit,vijay


  13. hahahahaha!!! I love the Kingfisher one!! hehe… “Drinks” Break, lol!!!
    yay, your second post on cricket!! rock on, man! go on, hit a century now!! just 98 short … 😀

  14. Yaake,
    yeah that was hilarious.
    I am trying my best to write about cricket. 🙂

  15. Yaake,
    yeah that was hilarious.
    I am trying my best to write about cricket. 🙂

  16. Definitely, a funny dig at all other teams of the IPL. But now, with KKR almost out of the tournament, the joke is on them

    Came across one more cartoon site on IPL

  17. Thank you for the site

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