Monthly Archives: May 2008

A major Indian newspaper steals a blogger’s photograph!!

  A fellow blogger’s picture was ripped off from her blog and used in a National Newspaper. You can read the complete post at here. This is not the first time,  another blogger also faced the same issue from a local weekly.   

‘Stop the Plastic’ Drive.

  We talk, blog, rant, but what do we do to make a small difference?   I am not sure how this is gonna be successful. But we can give it a try. Let see, there are around 10-15 regular readers for this blog. Some of them are from Bangalore as well.   What can […]

Harbhajan Slapping Sreesanth- Video Leaked

Got this as a forward, Original video of Harbhajan slapping Sreesanth leaked. Silly joke but worth a laugh. Now we know what exactly happened. Well almost. 😀

My friend and the chicken.

This Saturday I went off to meet one of my old friend from school at ‘The Forum’ Bangalore. Since my wife is not around for the weekend I thought of getting in touch with my old friends, renew friendship, talk about ol’ times and have fun. The meet was pretty good at the crowded mall, […]

The Photoshop Weight Loss program

  Ever since this article came in Mutiny, I pay more attention to the the way the models are ‘Photoshopped’ to get the idea across. The post was refering to the Fair and Lovely ad, which clearly shows that the model’s picture was ‘photoshopped’.. turning fair after using the product. Now this is the latest. […]

Prices on the rise

  Another price hike?  The Government is meeting on Friday to discuss about a new price hike in fuel. The hike would be in the range of Rs 2 to 3.   😦 Fuel prices in karnataka are the highest in the country because of higher tax component and 5 percent entry fee.   Now […]

Racism On and Off field.

  On the field we saw racism with the ‘monkey calls’. ‘Off the field’ this is the first one. The Cheerleaders won’t forget their trip to India, at least for sometime. First they were on the news because they were against the culture of the nation(that’s true, we never had cheerleader before to cheer our […]

Strange Laws.

  Does people go to any extent to get that 3 minutes of fame on TV?. Recently  a ‘not so popular’ Godman was arrested for fraud and rape in Kerala. This made another guy in the same profession working on God domain sad as he was not getting his share of airtime. So he went on […]

Three Mistakes of My Life

  “The three mistakes of my life” is the latest from Chetan Bhagat. I thoroughly enjoyed reading 5.someone.  I did not fine ‘One night at a call Center’ as interesting. I picked a copy from LandMark last week. The new book is interesting, the story revolves around three friends,  business, cricket and a love affair. […]

Band BroadBand.

  Back home in Kerala my Dad has applied for Broadband from BSNL, unfortunately its not yet activated and the request is still pending with the telephone exchange .They have given explanations like ‘there should be at least 30 applications’ ‘infrastructure is not ready’ etc etc. The BSNL telephone exchanges are technologically advanced ones, the […]