My IPL love

(Drafted this on my way to KTM, didn’t get a chance to post it. Here I go).


I am writing a lot about the IPL these days. Not because I am following each and every game (but am loving the hype behind it) but because it’s everywhere. I tune into the news channel and there is a special about IPL. Try changing channels, not even the music channels are ‘IPL’ free,  there is SRK with his video promoting his team.


The gossip channels air more of IPL these days than Bollywood, may be because of the close Bollywood association with the IPL.  They got glamour money and fame what more can these channels ask for?


This might be my third post that has something to deal with IPL. The funny part is however that all these post has nothing related to the actual game played. May be I was trying to explain in my own way on how the IPL is actually on air. There is less cricket and more of glamour.  So is it killing cricket? No.


As some media personality on a news channel explained. 20-20 is not cricket, its entertainment.


He is right.


Its for people like me who cant stand the entire 50 overs of cricket eating away half a day along with advertisements that run for more than an hour.

Its entertainment.

The cheerleaders (which they wanted to ban, Read here), the babes and less cricket makes it my favorite sport ever.


May be the IPL is answer to my prayers, but definitely not for the people who follow hardcore cricket the old fashioned way.


Saying all this, no one is paying much attention to the issues and scopes surrounding hockey. Last week there way a Scoop done by Aaj Tak which revealed that Secretary General K Jothikumaran accepting bribes to include a particular player in the Indian Hockey team.


Now the entire airtime is been used to cover IPL that Hockey is not even getting its share of airtime to be infamous.

That’s sad.


And on my way I heard that Sreesanth was slapped. Well I am not sure whether he deserves it. (But many in Kerala says he does J )But then I am sure that Cricket, once known as the gentleman’s game is no more.



  1. They have a footage of Bhajji slapping Sree and ‘something shocking’, that they are not releasing in public.

  2. yea even i read about it. But cudnt find it online.

  3. Anshul, I got the video posted.

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