Three Mistakes of My Life


The three mistakes of my life” is the latest from Chetan Bhagat. I thoroughly enjoyed reading 5.someone.  I did not fine ‘One night at a call Center’ as interesting. I picked a copy from LandMark last week.

The new book is interesting, the story revolves around three friends,  business, cricket and a love affair. The story is paralleled with real events that happened in Gujarat.

I love his simple way of story telling. I dont have a review to write, but if you loved 5.someone, you would love this as well…



  1. Hmm, I also thought Night@Call center as boring. I hope Chetan has done better in this one. 🙂

  2. I absolutely hated One Night..!! One of the most weirdest books I’ve read in my life… After that, I am very apprehensive about buying Chetan Bhagat’s books..How much does this cost? And are u sure this is good? 😀

  3. @Suda,Nikhil
    yea it was indeed boring. But did u guys know that they are gonna make a film out of that story. I dont know how far its progressing. for the worse may be.

    its cost Rs95, so u can buy it. 🙂

  4. or was the movie released already? I have no idea !!!!

  5. Hey…nice theme, does it have a custom header ?

  6. no it doesnt 😦

  7. I have not read any of his books yet. Hope to buy and enjoy the threesome soon. 😉

  8. Amit,
    Sure go ahead.

  9. | Balu | · · Reply

    I am not a big fan of Chetan Bhagat.. his endings are quite weird jus like Mani Ratnam movies.. they just don’t fit in with the rest of the book/movie!

  10. Balu,
    hehe. I think thats only for one night at the call centre.
    I would say the other books are extraordinary… its a simple book about ordinay ppl (if you consider IITians ordinary), the latest is indeed about ordinary ppl.

  11. Five point someone is awesome book. I have bought 3 mistakes of my life but didn’t start reading yet. I will finish this sunday.

  12. Harsha,
    welcome to the blog.

  13. SHARTHAK · · Reply


  14. LOL:)))

    u knw one of the reader left a comment for this book for chetan bhagta…that this is the biggest mistake of ur life that u wrote this book :PP

  15. Chakoli,
    Which reader?

  16. One night at call center ; I stopped after reading first 10 pages 😦

  17. 5.someone was lovely!!!
    One night at a call centre was horrid…
    3 mistakes…well, its just so-so…guess i was already prejudiced against him! i think Chetan shud stop writing and concentrate more on Deutsche Bank’s progress 😀 😀

    (waiting for his next one 😉 )

  18. I have not read any novel. anyone plz. Tell me the actual cost of 3 mistakes of my life.

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