Prices on the rise


Another price hike?  The Government is meeting on Friday to discuss about a new price hike in fuel. The hike would be in the range of Rs 2 to 3.



Fuel prices in karnataka are the highest in the country because of higher tax component and 5 percent entry fee.


Now that the fuel price hikes are common, I feel many are not bothered. In Kerala however we celebrate every fuel price hike with a holiday(read hartal), mostly declared by the opposition party. Now since the opposition in Kerala are ruling the country, BJP helps Kerala in relaxing with a hartal. In 3 years there were numerous hikes in fuel. We observed one day of holiday for each, but then the prices are still increasing. All we got was few holidays.

2005 by BJP, 2006 by ruling LDF, 2008 by BJP.


In 2004 Kerala scored 124 on its haral-bandh score board. Here is an interesting take on the hartal menace.


Back to fuel price hike.


I remember an old joke which goes like this. (Warning : Bad Joke)



Guy #1 : Petrol prices hiked from 50/litre to 52/litre.

Guy #2 : Nah, its not going to bother me anyway.

Guy #1 : Why????

Guy #2 : I always fill up petrol for Rs 100..

<end of joke>


This would mean my monthly expenses are gonna increase, it’s already on the rise with the all the prices for essential commodities going up! I wonder when my house owner is going to knock on my door to demand a hike in rent.

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  1. LOL, I love the joke, that’s pretty much the kind of thing I’d say. 😛

    But yea, the price rise is sad. McDonald’s burgers are 10 bucks expensive and so is their ice-cream. And that is sad.

  2. haha. glad that u liked it…
    let the warning be there anyway.
    incase ppl are like “what the ????” just to let them know that the joke ended.
    oh? the price of burgers increased too? 😦

  3. […] Prices on the rise  […]

  4. The joke took the cake.

    Voracious Blog Reader

  5. VBR, haha. 🙂

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