The Photoshop Weight Loss program


Ever since this article came in Mutiny, I pay more attention to the the way the models are ‘Photoshopped’ to get the idea across.

The post was refering to the Fair and Lovely ad, which clearly shows that the model’s picture was ‘photoshopped’.. turning fair after using the product.

Now this is the latest. In today’s Bangalore Times (the supplement paper along with Times of India) came this ad on the front page.

The picture says it all.
I believe the bodies belong to some one else, the lady in the red border is definitely ‘photoshopped’. I wonder why they can’t hire some expert on Photoshop ? This looks very amateurish.

The company may claim that they used it to protect identity. But then it’s not mentioned.

Clearly this is a ‘photoshop’ weight loss program.

(sorry for the bad picture quality)




  1. i even suspect that these hair loss ads r like that

  2. I get really bugged when they try to fool people like this! And sadly some gullible people might even fall for it. In fact most of these so-called weight loss programs are a big fraud anyway.

  3. @ankur , yea hair loss ads are much easy, they photos from the top…. 😀
    yea.. and the cost for such a programs is heavy…some cost around 20k and more.

  4. lol i see these kind of ads/posters all around the city…can’t the come up something better?

  5. Did you notice the difference in tint between the face and the hands… she has red face and yellow hands!

  6. Balu,
    haha yeah. may be she got a sun burn.
    they can easily cheat ppl who are desperate to lose weight.

  7. I think even a newborn can see through this. 😆
    They really think we are all stupid. 😐

  8. Amit, but there are ppl who fall for it. who are real desperate to lose weight. These guys target them.

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