‘Stop the Plastic’ Drive.


We talk, blog, rant, but what do we do to make a small difference?


I am not sure how this is gonna be successful. But we can give it a try. Let see, there are around 10-15 regular readers for this blog. Some of them are from Bangalore as well.


What can we do? Let reduce the usage of plastic.


Back home in Kerala our place is a less-plastic zone (we call it less because we can’t fully avoid its usage). Dad and mom makes sure that they get less or no plastic when they go out for shopping, the thrash primarily contains those tiny plastic shopping bags, which can’t be reused. So what can we do? Don’t accept them.

Now how do we reduce the usage? Follow these simple rules:


1.       Carry a shopper bag. Do not accept plastic bags from the supermarket. In fact, Subhiksha in Bangalore had an offer running “If you bring your own bag, you get a discount on the bill” I wonder if more supermarkets do this.

2.       Stop littering. This is easy said than done. But if we change, the rest would follow. Many think ‘what the heck’ this is not going to change anyone else. Well stop thinking like them, if you do, then what would make you different?

3.       Always throw the waste tied up in a bag (plastic what else? L ) and dump it only at the waste bins (with one hand covering your nose of course !, but do it).



The first rule would sound simple. Try practicing it for a month, check on how many plastic bags are lying around your house. Check on how many you disposed off that month? Its gonna be very less! Dedicate a post of yours for this initiative. I don’t need a link exchange. Just do it for the environment.



Come on guys, let make a small difference ? !


  1. I just realised something…. when at home (kerala I carry a shopping bag while I never do it here. hmmm now thers something I can do but never did

  2. Exactly. we used to do it, when we were kids. Now that we are educated and rich, we dont seem to care.

  3. First one is very difficult to follow.Second and third is possible by most of us.Theres another small solution
    Whenever we buy few (few =1,2 or 3)things from a super market,say,you have bought something like 2 kurkure packets or one 1 ltr pepsi something like that ..avoid taking the polythene they offer with that.

  4. want greater ammunition for the anti-plastic argument? see http://www.straightrecord.com/paper. also know that china is cracking down on plastic bags. unless grocery and other retail stores charge customers the american equivalent of more than a quarter for each plastic bag they provide, they can be fined the equivalent of $1,400 per infraction. and this from a developing country, which is teaching a “developed?” country. you can buy a bag or get paper grocery bags from the store and take them back with you next time to use again.

  5. First one is difficult to follow yet it’s possible.. Usage of paper bags for small things instead plastic bags by shopkeepers would also contribute more in reducing. Use plastic bag only when paper bag can’t carry it, for rest all use paper bag.

  6. bhavana,
    its not hard to take a shopping bag with you. trust me.
    Straight record, thanx for the link
    Harsha, exactly.

  7. but Xylene
    //Always throw the waste tied up in a bag (plastic what else? L )//
    i have heard frm my bio tchr that this is a bad practice…
    i cannot give u the correct explanation..
    bt i think wen we tie up all the biological wastes in a plastic bag n dispose it, it wont be able to decompose completely in anaerobic condition n dats what make wastes bin more stinky 🙂

  8. Allirekha,
    I agree. I know that is a bad practice, but our bins are not convered and this would give a bad stench all over the place.
    The major issue is that the we dont have a good efficient waste disposal management.

  9. Forget disposal, we even don’t have efficient waste pick-up management.
    Also a note: me and my family, we are following these things from many years now. But more people should adopt these guidelines.

  10. I think our HOLY Cows will have to start a “Stop eating Plastic” drive then.

  11. Hey can we use this post for our blog http://youthunite.wordpress.com

  12. Suda,
    thats true. I know their work is not a white collar one and that it sucks. but I think it would make it a lot better if they were given more machinery like in the west.
    haha. yeah, they already eat all the posters now.
    sure. np.


  14. Thank u Xylene
    thanks a lot 🙂

  15. megcloud9 · · Reply

    I think even bans dont work in our country…a ban on plastic @ Lalbagh,Bangalore and u find people littering the place completely with plastic bags .

    I agree,shopping bags are a good idea,i usually take huge cloth bags for grocery and we re-use plastic covers for garbage clearance often .


    then how do we dispose garbage ?if not plastic ,is there an alternative,i am curious to know ..

  16. Megcloud,
    great !. I guess ppl should stop buying those black pastic bags for garbage and reuse the ones they have with them already.

  17. I usually avoid plastic bags,dump ’em in bins…do it,but well too many people like their plastic(the main use of it for me to carry my wet tees after playing)

  18. Paper bags!!
    or jute bags….or else take a big piece of old cloth n tie the wastes in it n dump !! 😛

  19. megcloud9 · · Reply


    paper bags is good only for dry waste 😦 and jute bags ?!!

    and cloth ?! seriously,i think it would create a bigger mess since rag pickers would dig into it and throw everything around… 🙂

    sigh,the only practical solution right now i can follow is reuse bags as much as possible

  20. All,
    thaks for all the comments and keeping the discussion alive ! Lets try cutting down on our usage.

  21. Hi all,

    I think this is a great and much needed act. I think there are many like-minded people in Bangalore, but there are not many steps taken towards this.

    Probably an awareness campaign would be good on this front. Its probably ideal to expect every bangalorean to stop using plastic bags, but atleast if we can reduce 30-40% of plastic usage in bangalore, that would be tremendous.

  22. just fyi, in china retailers are required to charge customers a discouraging price for plastic bags and hawaii’s maui has enacted a ban on plastic bags that takes effect in 2011. both good models of government response.

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