A Dream, A Kleptomaniac and My credit card.

Do dreams connect with the real world? I think yes. Read on. (Looong post ahead)

Two days back I had a dream.



Few of my friends from college came to visit my house in Bangalore along with Roger (lets call him that for now, we were in same batch in college). We had good chat over coffee and talked about our life in college. Time went by and I noticed that Roger taking my wallet which was on the coffee table and exploring it. He kept it back as soon as he noticed that I was staring at him.

As soon as they left I checked my wallet…my credit card was missing! I quickly called the bank only to know that there was a 25000 spending on my card. (that would be impossible, because I called as soon as they left, but then it’s a dream). May be I was so dumb that I did not chase them (haha, it’s a dream nightmare). I cancelled the card.

Next, I called the police. They came over in white uniform (I think those were traffic policemen, what were they doing here ????, well it’s a …..) they did a round of questioning and left.

Two hours later the door bell rang and I found Roger standing there. He did not talk. He told me he wanted to use the restroom (WHAT ???). I directed him to the rest room. I did not ask him anything (Aargh !).

As soon as he went in, I closed the door from outside (now my instincts are working! Hooray) and I called the police again.

They arrived in 15 minutes, but we found that Roger had made his escape through the restroom window. He broke the metal rods and escaped! Aaargh !



Now before you guys lose your patience with my weird dream, let me explain.


I could connect this dream with three things that has happened in my life.


  1. Roger (the guy who stole my credit card in my dream) was a person who always lied. He lied about his relationships he never had (with gals of course), the grades he got, almost everything. He had many backlogs which we knew about, but he always told everyone that he had cleared every exam. May be because he had a serious inferiority complex building up around him, but the thing is, he was not a bad student after all. He had good marks in other subjects.
  2. Back in college, during our second year we found that many things were missing in our rooms, things like books, magazines, even trousers. Once a friend of mine lent his book to Daniel (name changed). Daniel did not return it after months of enquires from my friend. After a term my friend asked Daniel to return the book as it was taken from the library. Daniel asked that how can he return a book which he has not taken in the first place !!!. Pissed off, my friend broke Daniel’s suitcase(when Daniel went home) and was surprised with what he saw. He saw books, trousers, carom coins, cards, library books (books that many had lost) and in the middle of it he found the book!. Clearly, Daniel was a kleptomaniac. Everyone wanted to beat him up, when another friend of mine and myself talked to everyone to make them understand that it’s  a disorder and we should not make it worse for him. Anyways we both did talk to Daniel and we did not find anything missing (from room atl east) for the rest of our life in college.
  3. Recently a friend of mine had problems with his credit card. One fine morning he got a message on his phone that read Thank you for booking ticket with Yatra.com. He checked online to find that his credit card has been used online to purchase tickets to Switzerland !!!!! He got in touch with the credit card company and the matter is still pending.


Now, do you think my dream nightmare is connected with all these?



  1. You remember your dreams? I hardly remember any.. remember them only when am sick! 😦

    May be your dream is related to the college incident but cannot say for sure.. Even Froyd couldn’t have explain ur case as all his theories are based on sexuality and well can’t find any in your story! 😛

  2. That dream is understandable, after all, all that we see in dreams is what we’re thinking about in real life. But the Roger guy is very Sunny Deol-ish. 😛

  3. hahaha!!!!!
    wow, what a dream! I think they are connected! Go back to ur dream and see if Roger stole any of your toothpaste while in the restroom! If so, then yes, your dream is connected to the real life incidents!! 😀

  4. Balu,
    yea I do, if I try to recollect it the first thing in the morning.
    You mean Sigmound Freud? haha.
    yea, like fantasies you mean? I never thought about anyone stealing my credit card… ! 🙂
    🙂 and the soap may be. Daniel had our shaving creams and the only dettol bottle (that I owned) in the hostel in his suitcase.

  5. oops yup that dude!

  6. Sometimes preconceived notions about things and people make us believe in things that do not exist!! Well, yeah some times!

  7. Balu, 🙂
    Nova, exactly…. we forget some dreams and then think about it in future and wonder whether that actually happened or was just a dream.

  8. interesting dream; i didn’t see the dream ‘html’ and actually thought for a moment it’s real, haha. 😀

    i had a strange dream yesterday too. i was dating my ex (my only ex, when i was 14) and for some reason he parked the car so far away and we had to walk a long way to the mall. and when we were at the entrance of the mall lots of things dropped out of nowhere, including his glasses. as i picked his glasses from the floor, i found out something about the glasses that he didn’t tell me about, and i decided to leave him.

    bizarre, huh? but i think it was related to this online relationship (that would explain the long walk to the mall) i had about a year or two ago, haha.

  9. Sulz,
    thats bizarre indeed. 🙂
    our dreams are mostly bizarre as we cannot find any logic to it. I was trying to find some logic here, but failed. 🙂

  10. Thanks for the idea of a new post. I have many dreams which I remember. 😀
    I think they are connected to reality. What we see and experience, our mind twists and present it in our dreams.
    Or they can also be premonitions.

  11. Amit,
    u welcome. 🙂 everyone’s dreams would be interesting I believe. Looking forward for your post.

  12. Oh wow! Daniel is some “slippery” thief!! hehehe… 😉

  13. Nikhil. hehe. 🙂

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  15. hmm…maybbe,but it might be connected with other things than the above mentioned things….might mr.Roger is going come back into your life…

  16. I too had a senior in my hostel who was a kleptomaniac…She stole my watch, money from many girls, clothes. My sister too had one such hostel mate and the girl had stole gold jewellery cash clothes etc etc.lots of it hidden under mattress & n trunks..She was caught and asked to leave hostel. But in my hostel nothing happened..we just had to be careful.

    Dreams do connect with real life..sometimes as premonitions or display of subconscious worry or recurrence of some past underlying fear..like my mom still sometimes dreams she is giving her maths exam and is unable to solve anything cuz she has always been afraid of maths!!

  17. Visheh,
    I hope not.
    oh this guy was did not steal any money tho.
    I guess much of our fears do come alive in our dreams.

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