Finally !


Got this as a forward ! People might be losing out on money, but not their sense of humor !


  1. LOL …… good one buddy 🙂

  2. Haha, I’ma go tell my dad that. But him being him will probably say – “Water is free, drink as much of it as you want. It might not be free forever” 😛

  3. dinsan, thanx…
    ish, haha, but most of the liquids that we use are more expensive than petrol… like after shave, shampoo, even petroleum jelly is costlier than petrol !!!

  4. Google Reader gave your blog in “Suggested Feeds” 🙂 congrats..

  5. i still dont understand ..what the thing is..*so confused* 😦

  6. dinsan,
    oh yea? thanks. I did not notice it. cool.
    well it goes like this, men always talk about drinking (even those who dont drink) and the one thing that makes then sad is when the prices of alcohol is increased. We could see the happy faces when ppl come over to Bangalore from kerala or when ppl go on a trip to pondicherry (for the record : these are the places where liquour is cheap). Hope u got the joke now. I guess I spoiled the humor. 😀

  7. wasshappening · · Reply


  8. Guys lets make Rekha drink Beer !!!

  9. Guys
    I started drinking beer at the age of 3 . 😆
    😛 , i m born into a family of guys

  10. hahaha………….. lol 😀

  11. Lol.. good one.. creative 😉

  12. Harsha, whoever made this.. yeah.. 🙂

  13. I have one, “I respect old age…esp. when its bottled”

    Other popular one, “Don’t drink and drive or you may spill your beer”

  14. Anshul,
    haha lol — first one.
    I have heard this – -second one.. but real funny. 🙂

  15. Ankur,
    Thanks 🙂

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