For ransom? And the Lalu Blog.


Okay, if you elect us, we would help curb inflation”

Public “But sir, if you know how to, can’t you help the current government”

Party “NO! ONLY if you elect us”

Public “Don’t you think our country is in a crisis and we should stand together”

Party “Stand together? My … . Elect us !”

Public “The election is far and the public is going to suffer, can’t we work together for the best interest of the country”

If you can’t follow what I am saying read this on how parties keep the country for ransom.

Now for something interesting. Mr Lalu has started his own blog ! YES !. We have seen Aamir Khan’s blog with some dog story, MR B with his diary blog and a quite a number of other celebrity blogs.

I think Lalu has his place in the list of celebrities. This should be interesting. You can check out the blog here.



  1. where did he learn english ?

  2. Lalooo blogginggggg !!!!!!! awesome …. well, I actually like him… I am not a fan yet.. but still .. 🙂

    I think Manmohanji did fairly well… but they may loose next election because of this inflation and price rise.. and lately the oil price hike… how will people understand that these things are out of his control and is a global phenomenon ..

  3. Laloo blogging.. So there will be lot of interesting posts in store for us.

    @vishesh lol…

  4. Bup phup phup, even Lalu Prasad Yadav is blogging now? What is the world coming to?! I mean, what will we mere mortals do with every celebrity eating into our domain? I feel like a TV Serial anchor who’s feeling insecure because SRK, Salman, Hrithik have all decided to hit the TV. And that English, it’s unbelievable. I refuse to believe that he typed that himself.

    Interesting piece about the political parties. They’re funny. Right now, the Left and the B.J.P. is against the nuclear deal. When it comes to power, it will want to go ahead with it. If somebody asks them why they didn’t let it happen earlier, the answer would be simple enough. They didn’t want Congress to take the credit.

  5. With more and more people taking up blogging. It might lose its charm you know.. and ya lalu’s blog is just political propaganda!

  6. vishesh,
    he is a graduate in law !! 🙂
    Dinsan, u are right. those were out of his control, but still that wud be the main election propaganda for the opposition.
    🙂 interesting:)
    did u know that he won 2 crores in Kya aap Panchvi pass se thez hain. and he donated that to railway fund.
    yeah that is true, with the politicians coming over, i guess blogs will be looked at as places of propaganda !

  7. He did? Wow. And railway fund, doesn’t he own the railways? It just sounds like he donated it to himself.

  8. hahaha!!! killer!!! I love it when these celebs start blogging… It is so funny!! 😀

  9. ish,
    yea, mite be to get some publicity, (SRK wants his ratings up and Mr lalu wants his balance up ! )
    Nikhil, sure its funny ! lol

  10. shubhda · · Reply

    Well, atleast the illiterate population is coming to know what blogging is!! [:)]

  11. rajarshi · · Reply


  12. rajarshi · · Reply

    hi all,very sorry but i can’t agree wid u guys.may be Lalu is a bit offbit…not so intelligent as Rajiv Gandhi,may b not smart as Billu (Bill Clinton)…..but wat he posess a very good political sense.and he showed it in Railway Budget….& dats y BOSS railway fares got reduced and it faced a profit of whopping 7000 crore….if u guys say dat its not sufficient den 4 ur information Lalu was invited to IIM-A & some management students 4m Harvard University came to meet him….which are known as the Mecca of Intellect….so no need to be so ealry 2 judge people…better 2 wait n see….

  13. Shudhda, I didnt get u.
    hello, we do know that Lalu is educated and intelligent. Its also well known on how the railways became profitable under him. I guess the commentators were merely joking as Lalu is also known for his wit.

  14. Lalu blogging???????? Yes he is LLB (i think ?) but blogging???? NAAHHH…Ok now I declare all this celebrity blogs are the brainchild of some PR company started it and others followed…and all have ghost writers!! i cant believe n accept that Laloo himself writes ..for that matter neither does Big B or Salman etc etc..WELL..Aamir can.. he has that capability. Also cuz no one else will write for him 😀 😀

  15. rajarshi · · Reply

    Hi Reema,
    better let him start bloggin…. dont hurry BOSS 2 criticise him.atleast give him a chance 2 be good at English….:)

  16. raj bahadur shoktapuriwale · · Reply

    Look guys and gals – I bet you can NOT survive even one election term in Bihar. He held it for 15 plus years and still has the charisma to slog it out. If you credit the public, then you must also credit that he has been smart enough to do that.

    The fellow is real and can bounce back. You can not write off guys like him. He is the master communicator. Look, we are talking about him. What more proof do you want? 🙂

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