Save on Fuel Bills

//I had this post in my ‘drafts’ for sometime now, while ish had the same opinion at Youth Unite. You can read his post here.//

Now the oil prices have been hiked in India, we are in a tight situation. Now, what can we do to save some money, fuel and help save the environment along the way?

***This is to suggest some points (which you already might know) with which you can try cut down your fuel bills, I am not suggesting you to avoid using your car. The best place to start would be your daily drive to work****

·         Car pooling is the best solution, you can cut down on your fuel bills, pollution and traffic, that’s one word (or rather two words) solution to many problems. Have I done this? YES ! In my previous company, we used carpooling a lot. We had the forum where we would post the carpooling details and yes many availed them. Its an excellent way to cut your bills, save money and help the environment.

·         Take the Company Transportation, this is a more practical approach than the one above, especially if your company provides one. Avail it please ! May be it won’t give your the flexibility in going/coming back from office at your desired times, but its sure gonna help. I use the company transportation for my daily journey to/from work.

·         Public Transportation. Now, it might not be flexible at all. I am talking about our daily travel, if you have no company transportation available and you have access to public transportation, use it! If you are a student ask your dad not to drop you at school, tell him you want to take a bus instead. If you are college goer, use the college bus for a change.

·         Deviating from practical solutions, I would suggest Electric Cars like the Reva, its small, convenient and cheap in the wrong run. But the only problem I see with it is that its a very small car and is costly with all the taxes. I guess the government should try cut down the taxes on environment friendly vehicles. But for those who travel in the city a lot, especially if you are a businessman, who cannot depend on either of the above three options, try this ! Its prized at around 2.5 Lakhs (its expensive alright), can go around 60kMS for a full charge (8hours), on an average 40 PS/KM. Frankly speaking I wouldn’t be investing in a Reva if I intend to buy a car, one reason would be that I wouldn’t want to spend that kind of money for a city car. I would suggest this for people who travel in city a lot and can afford it. For the rest of us? Well we do can try to follow the first three points at least.


  1. My house is some 40km away from where I stay ..( Kochin ) … I use my bike to reach here on Monday morning, and then I take the bike only when I go home, Friday evening.. throughout the week, I use public transport… and use bike only if its un avoidable.. it was mainly because I hate driving inside City.. its a huge pain… you will always be on 2nd or 3rd and cant take your hands off from break or clutch .. now, I will continue to do this, since I feel good, when I see I can do something for environment and also my fuel bill :p

  2. LOL I copied the same comment to the post by Ish.. dont tell him that it was a Ctrl C Ctrl V 😉

  3. dinu,
    haha. thats ‘recycling’ comments.
    its a good thing. driving is cochin is bad, in blore its worse!
    once I took a bus from ma house to railway station ( i used to take an auto, as I was not familiar with the bus and the routes or take my bike and get lost all the time)… wat a peace of mind i had. i reached in 1 hour (around 15kms.. not bad in Bangalore) fresh !

  4. by the time i get a vehicle.. hope the highest minds of the country would have discovered btr ways of transportation with some other kinda fuels 😀

  5. @ Rekha

    Yea, Rekha is a newborn 😛

  6. Rekha, haha. let see. already there are researches on fuel cells and Honda do have vehicles with it. But then we cant afford it.
    Let see if the goverments open their eyes to promote eco-vehicles by tax cuts etc, (may be a tax benefit if we buy a car). then we could see more ppl buying cars that are eco friendly.
    Also i dont think that its a distant future when we would be seeing many electic cars in our cities.

    Dinu 🙂

  7. hmm…going by bus…i have no clue which one goes,heard that i have to change over somewhere….i prefer train…but well i share the car with my sister…anyway my parents have to drop her…

  8. @Dinu
    y did u buy a bike then … kochi-kdlr just 2 hours journey n alone..i dont think so u need to buy a bike for tht 😛 n driving without license 😛

    dinu is playing too much in ur blog..he need a warning 😀

    n yeah hydrogen as a fuel is what i want , it ll be really clean n eco friendly !! n electric cars that too sounds really cool!!!

  9. @ Rekha

    Dont talk about License…….its a secret ssssh !!!

  10. wasshappening · · Reply

    Reva works fine with people who travel within the city.I have been seeing too many people driving Revas of late.There were some E-bikes that were introduced too.I havent seen them on roads at all.I dont have an idea about their costs.That happens to be a nice option too.I think they should hype such Eco-friendly vehicles by showing commercials (with celebreties) on TV.
    Going by bus is tedious.And, autos and taxis will increse their fares soon(they have an excuse now).
    Carpooling is great.Cycles are way too old fashioned.It works fine in IIsc campus,Air Force campuses and various other campuses.But in reality it feels silly to ride a bicycle.

  11. Public transportation can really help!! Especially the use of buses…
    Buses can be arranged by offices instead of their employees indvidually driving cars, all to the same work place…
    > cycle
    > walk

  12. I think we still have a long way to go before we can actually make the shift to electrically powered vehicles. There will need to be charging stations or something for such vehicles. Suppose you run out of charge, what do you do then? Plus, we’re even low on electricity. And they’re expensive too. Anyone would rather buy two and a half Nano’s instead of a Reva. Hybrids could be a good start but again, they’re super expensive right now. The only hybrid I know is the Honda Civic and even the petrol model us super expensive, leave alone the hybrid one.

    Solar energy I believe is the ultimate solution. Another one is hydrogen fuel cars. Those are actually good and many companies are working on those.

  13. Let me add one more option! Buying/renting a house near the workplace! The most expensive option! 🙂 Well, I guess in Mumbai it makes sense because of the long commute. Even if one has a place, one can rent it out and take one near the office.
    And as for the Reva, I wouldn’t mind owing one.

  14. Dinu, 🙂
    yea especially those who travel a lot in the city.
    taking a bus is hectic, for those who are used to car and bike. the convinience is less i agree but we are wokring on how to save on fuel bills and save the environment as well.
    cycling wud nt work for me, i wud be drenched in sweat when i reach office. yuck !
    very true. the cost is a big turn off. the govt should do its bid to promote e vehicles as well. along with the other companies.
    thats excellent point , i stay close 4kms to office and take company transportation. and yes its expensive. i think fuel is cheaper 😉

  15. I am planning to sell my bike off and start cycling to work!! 😀

  16. @ Nikhil

    Great Idea !!!

  17. Nikhil,

    thats a great idea ! so which model is ur bike? 😉

  18. Those are some good suggestions Xylene… 🙂

  19. I wish the public transport system here was better (at least in my city). would have saved me a lot in gas!! It’s almost $4/gallon here and yes, I do know that we are paying NOTHING compared to India, but we cover longer distances- around 10 miles one way on an average- and it really hurts my wallet. 😦

    I do carpool to work actually, even though my workplace is only 5 mins away. 🙂 So yay! for me.

  20. Nova,
    Public transport is a big mess, in India. I guess if they would bring up metro fast in Bangalore, that wud help curb the traffic problem to some extent for sure.

    You use carpool? You should be proud that u are indeed helping the environment.

  21. I use company transportation. Even car pooling is feasible if more people involve in that. Nice post 🙂

  22. Harsha, thanx. u are indeed helping the environment, welcome to the club. 🙂

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