The Expansionist?

I got tagged by Sandeep n Sakhi.
Please thoughtfully consider the following, and choose one item for each of the categories below. (Be sure to describe your reasons for choosing)

One religious work from a non-familiar tradition you’ll read:
Kuran. I have tried reading an English version when I was a kid.

One music video–that you like–from your “least likely to listen to’ genre:
The one can remember is ‘Palavatam’ by Vineeth Sreenivasan its a new malayalam music video. 😀

A book from a genre you almost never read, that you have read, or you will read (promise!):
 I always want to complete all chapters in Bible. It’s sad that I have not done that till now. 😦

Somewhere you’d never thought to go on holiday/vacation, and why it might be fun to go there?
New York, I just love those skyscrapers and Times Square.

A specific food you’ve never tried, but will because of this meme, honest!:
I would love to taste the worms and roaches that the Chinese eat. It should be tasty. I am not kidding. I love frog legs by the way. Yummy.

A sport or game you really hate or haven’t tried yet but are willing to give one more go:
I could give a try at golf.

A style of dance you probably won’t try (we won’t make you promise on this one):
Kathakali. I wouldn’t try. Well it takes a lifetime to learn.

A career job you don’t feel you’re suited for, and why:
Teaching. I am sure I suck.

An item that’s “thinking out of the box’ for this meme that hadn’t been included:
Hmmm. Hmmmm again. Hmmmm. Why did you start blogging? : hmmm again. Ans : why did I ever start doing this meme ?? 🙂

Is there one thing in life you wanted to do, and will do because of this meme, what will it be?
Do a space walk. I really want to see our dear earth from outer space.

I guess everyone has done this tag, so I am not tagging anyone.


  1. Hey Xylene don’t you wanna try rats??
    There are many restaurants in china that serve more than 10k rats per day.. 😀

    Kuran seems to be popular!

  2. Are you serious? you want to try worms and cocroaches? 😛 😛

    Please don’t mind my next words…. yukkkyyyyy!

  3. Sandeep. I might try that as well. 🙂
    I am serious. My wife did not let me go anywhere near the street which offers all this on our trip to Thailand.
    BTW, frog is a delicacy at the toddy shops in kerala.

  4. worms and cocroaches …….. frog legs…….. space walk……… quiet spicy Mix 😉

  5. I mean if we can eat chicken, ham.. why cant we eat the rest.?
    People used to eat rats in India, when there was huge food crisis. I have heard that from my grandmom, that some communities used to eat them.

  6. Dinu,
    I would like to watch earth from space munching down a frog leg! wow, thats my kinda holiday.

  7. LOL … ok I won’t spoil your dream…. walking in the space munching fried frog legs……. la la la ……..

    I saw a show on Discovery last week.. people eating Rat fry.. and the host of the show did eat a piece……….. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  8. Yikes!!! frog legs!!
    //Hmmm. Hmmmm again. Hmmmm. Why did you start blogging? : hmmm again. Ans : why did I ever start doing this meme ?? :)// Lolz 😀 I can relate to that..I have been tagged too to do this same one..lets see when i get around to do it.

    P.S. added u to my on!!

  9. this is the first time i am reading this meme(er…well i just read sandeeps)…anyway….everyone is a teacher 🙂

  10. Dinu,
    wat was that la la la? sounds like a bollywood song to me. 🙂
    yea but ma friends say am a bad teacher, coz everytime i helped them in examinations thy wud be like “dude what are u saying?”

  11. Worms!!! Are you damn serious ? OMG

  12. oh that just means,they haven’t touched their books 😛 … the second they say that,you should switch to lay man’s language…

  13. Ahem!!! Believe me, you need a good night sleep. You are not thinking straight. 😛

  14. Harsha, worms are a deicacy in Africa. Also if we can eat prawns, and slimy fishes, worms are not that bad. its all coz we are used to certain things that we like them and we dont like some of em.

    haha, thats why i say am not a good teacher.
    **falls straight on to the bed and sleeps** 😉

  15. la la la was a background score for your day dreaming .. bolly indeed

  16. Worms? Cockroaches? Eww. :-/

    We can eat chicken because it’s not bad looking and it’s cooked. Roaches and worms..they eat them as it is. And that’s totally eww.

  17. That was the smartest thing you did not tagging anyone. I have by now read it everywhere.

    And I can;t believe you love frogs! crap! 😛

    So, you too like me want to finish reading Koran and Bible. Let me know when you manage this feat. It will inspire me to work at it. 🙂

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