“Meeting is at 10”


“Time management training is excellent ” said someone.

“Only if the trainer comes on time” said someone else.

Have you faced a situation ….

when a 10’O clock meeting might start at 10:30(tentative). When people you don’t know would be taking part in the meeting hanging around in the room and walking away as soon as their cell phones ring/vibrate. When the participants would be hanging outside the room until you poke your head out and say “lets start???”.  When, you are called for a meeting only to find that, that room is already occupied by someone else who update you every 5 minutes that their meeting will be over in the next 5 minutes. When, you are called for a mandatory meeting only to find that it has nothing to do with you or your team.

For some, time is not a fixed quantity, well time is variable, but that doesn’t mean that  you plan for a meeting at 10 and turn up at 10:30. And worse when the meeting is prolonged often with discussions out of topic and which can be taken offline!

Time in India can be classified as

1. Railway Time – When you start or stop a meeting very late.

2. Bollywood Time – When you are on time for the meeting, but the meeting has already started 10 mins early ! This is called Bollywood Time as you always miss the parts of movies as they start issueing tickets late and start the movie ahead of scheduled time. Not applicable to multiplexes though.

3. Politics Time – When people are only concerned about their own time and not about the rest.

Let me conclude with a true story.

A friend of mine (A) is well known for his tardiness. His conversation with B:

A : “B, you asked me to wait at the Bus depot at 10 AM and I was on time. Where were you???”

B : “You were on time ?”

A : “YA ! you guys blame me for not being punctual and there I was waiting for you for an hour”

B : ” WHAT THE beep beep beep” followed by 3 mins of abusive language..

After 3 mins

B  : “I said 10 AM yesterday! You are 24 hours late !!!!!!”



  1. Pakka railway fan… You have been blogging on an hourly basis these days (lot of time heh)… have you become the boss of your company 😀

  2. Pakka railway fan… You have been blogging on an hourly basis these days (lot of time heh)… have you become the boss of your company 😀

  3. hmm…IST?

  4. 🙂 🙂 i think i am too sleppy to comment coherently.. Think getting LATE for sleep! 🙂 zzzzzzzz

  5. HAHAHAHA!!!!!! Amazing! I had one such expoerience a few days back when I barged into a conference room (which i had booked!) with my team, only to find some other meeting already underway! I was pissed off! 😀

  6. Ohhh how i dislike meetings! In my workplace too it always takes place one hr late as the chairman always arrives late..Grrrr..and u know I just forward smses or my commentary to my colleagues to keep myself busy 😀 and invariably there is always someone who has forgot to keep it in silent. 😀

  7. Balu,
    not really buddy, I am just posting all the drafts. 😀
    Indian Stretchable Time.
    sleep !
    that happens everywhere 😦
    Reema, same here. 😀 especially those mandatory meetings.

  8. OMG! Weird guy man…reminds me of my friend who got confused RE: his flight timing and took 1 am 25th Jan to be the next day and showed up 24 hours late 😐

  9. Oooohh man …… that was funny …………. and good observation … 😉 good research work done 😛

  10. @ruhi,
    haha, so there are such guys out there 😀
    thanx man

  11. people have no idea what time is. i would echo vishesh – IST??? what’s that??

  12. Nita,
    I think its Indian Stretchable Time. 😀

  13. Indian Stretchable Time. 😀


  14. Iono why I’m commenting..I’m one of those lazy almost never on time kind of people. And I hope nobody reads this. 😛

  15. dinu 🙂
    ish, I know, but u are indeed known for ur modesty.. 😀

  16. Being late and then not evn keeping your mobile on vibrator in a meeting is what really piss me off. Imagine a meeting going on and suddenly the song – “Who let the dogs out” start. Pffssttt!!!
    This 24 hour late thing hapened with me also. 😐 Someone was sleeping on my berth in the train and when I confronted him, it appeared that my train had already left a day before. 😐

  17. megcloud9 · · Reply

    hahaha hilarious !

    i have this problem of always reaching anywhere on time,or maximum 5-10 min late..and i look into my cell a zillion times,gaze out at the vehicles passing by 2 zillion times and do all things possible to spend the odd few minutes waiting ! 🙂

    and ur “classification of time” is commendable 😀

    i see myself telling a frnd “hey,u r here ,right on bollywood time *****!!! “

  18. Amit,
    haha, that song wud make ppl jump from their seats for sure.
    oh missing train is a horrible experience.

    Thanks meghna. 🙂

  19. I can’t believe that story is true. I too used to be late while meeting friends, mostly because I used travel from most farthest end of the city. Public transposrt system was more than enough to cause delays. My friends knew, I would be late, but I would arrive. But one day late!!

    BTW, have you got an CSS upgrade?

  20. Thats true. 🙂
    //BTW, have you got an CSS upgrade?//


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