Avoid Cellphones


Here is an interesting forward I got. The message is clear !

Click on the picture to enlarge.


  1. Kollam !!

    A picture says it all !!

  2. hehehehe…u really started getting everything out of drafts folder…
    well its not only unsafe to use mobile while driving,but also to sleep with mobile phones, it exploded somewhere ,sometime b4 !!! 😀

  3. @Dinu,
    Not really, this came into my inbox today. 🙂
    yea when u charge and talk at the same time, it might explode.

  4. Can I keep the dog.. ??

  5. @ Xylene

    Don’t count what Reka says, coz she doesn’t have one cell yet and she is jealous …… wondering if she has seen it at all 😉

  6. Balu,
    sure u can, but the cross comes along with it.
    haha, rekha are u there?

  7. @Dinu
    I know ur someone who sleep wid n live with ur cell, bt wt i said is a fact, it happened somewhre while lightning ..btw…hw do u know if i have got a cell or not, poda koranga 😛 ..

    My cell is in a deep sleep 😦 ..nt working for d past 2 years

  8. @ Xylene

    Please ban the user named “Rekha” …. she is calling me names !!!!!!!!

  9. eh Xylene I think ur blog is turning into a adipidi forum thanks to dinu and rekha 😀

  10. @Balu
    Yeah Balu
    dinsan makes where ever he goes adipidi :mrgreen:
    see how much a guru torture his shishya 😦

  11. RIP …so fast? damn i am not getting old at all!

  12. Dinu, Rekha,
    kochu pillere polle. No fighting!

  13. @ Xylene

    Kochu piller … I got whom u r referring to 😉

  14. And, yes, you should not keep mobile in your trouser/jeans front pocket. It might lower your *ahem* count. 😀

  15. Yea, but that says Avoid cellphones while driving, not avoid them as such, right? But then again, you should use them as less as possible because of the radiations and all. I actually read about some chip/circuit thing which kills the radiations and makes using the mobile phones safe. Must research on that.

    @Amit: You can’t keep it in the shirt pocket because it damages the heart. You can’t keep it in the jeans pocket because it ahem, does whatever you say. So where is one supposed to keep it? 😛

  16. Woah ! this is a nice one
    The other govt depts should learn from the ones that are making adds for the traffic dept

  17. try this one out

  18. dinu 😀
    Amit, yeah, its better to keep it in ur bag (if u are carrying one).
    thats a tough question ish. First think about which is more important to you. 😉
    I wud keep it in my shirt pocket.
    thats true, now the ads are more thought provoking.
    that video is shocking… Is that for real???????

  19. its a fake

  20. Ha ha, good for the dog. Wonder if they charge for roaming from heaven

  21. Prax,
    Yes I guess too. I did search the net for such a sign from our traffic dept, but did not get one.
    But still its funny 🙂

    Mojo Jojo,
    haha, now roaming charges have come down, hope they have coverage there too.

  22. Reema,
    i have got that news as a forward. its frightening.

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