On Water

It’s a lovely day. I woke up in the morning, got ready for work, drove my car out from the garage and parked it near the garden. I took the garden hose and started filling up the fuel tank with…………..WATER !


Now you guys might be wondering what I am talking about. Well, I am talking future here, Japanese Company Genepax has come up with a car that will run on water. Yes W.A.T.E.R.


H2O guys !!!!!


So my dream future is gonna be something like what I mentioned above. Well not exactly because I might have to use distilled water, which by the way is cheap now, but once it’s the fuel it will be taxed at 100% + state tax + local tax + cess +…….



I think I should stop dreaming



  1. It would have been great if the car could run on any kinda water including pee 😛

  2. LOL

    I saw that news on TV … if that’s the case, I am going to book a Nano 😉
    well, think about it.. a Nano running on water and …….

    Oooops … cant even imagine .. roads will be full of Nanos …….. and ….. and …… ahaaaaaa

  3. yeah i suggest u not to dream:mrgreen:
    ..by the time we get them as fuel, it would really cost too high coz of pollution + all wt u said..it wud work btr if d things go through balus way 😛

  4. dude read the article again…
    it will consume a lot of electricity.

  5. balu,
    That wud be nice. If u get stuck with no fuel, u can just.. watever.
    go ahead. I think nano-water wud be a good idea.
    Rekha, I am back… to reality. where we still run vehicles on petrol and its heavily taxED !!

    The company claims that they can break water into hydrogen and oxygen using a chemical reaction, not by passing electricity.
    That provides energy to run the car. I am not fully sure on how it works, but they seems to make it work, may be its just to get a page in news, however if they did have a breakthrough i guess it wud a scientific marvel.

  6. there are so many people in india who do not get clean water to drink! don’t know how will we able to manage water for transportation.. will bw way too expensive and somehow will increase the shortage of potable water… am i being too pessimsitic?

  7. @Sakhi,
    sure thats gonna be a problem, then the scientists wud have to make water out from thin air (h and o ).

  8. some people have developed a technology where car’s exhaust can be recycled to be used as a fuel in the same car.

  9. think i saw this one on a cnbc us alternative fuels prog

  10. anshul,
    so the car will run for ever?
    but it did not get much tv attention. maybe the reporters couldn’t digest the company’s claim ..

    the same news reporters did feature raman who made petrol out of water for months.

  11. wow! I didn’t know that. and trust the japanese to come up with something like this. I guess there are technologies hitherto undiscovered

  12. Thing is nothing is 100% efficient, so can run forever.

    “No one lives forever” 😉

  13. so ^ Nothing ^ can run forever.*

  14. maybe because the product is to futuristic and people haven’t seen any hydrogen fuel pumps anywhere

  15. I just hope that your wish about such futuristic car comes true. I can’t be sure until I see it.

  16. If it water becomes fuel then I think it will come to same price as that of petrol by adding all those taxes. So in future we will have h2o pumps instead of petrol pumps … cool

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