July Tag Season

Vishesh and Nita tagged me with the simplest tag of this ‘tag season’

    Write 6 words.

 Love, Family, Faith, Dreams, Happiness, Friends


       Ten things people here do not know about me


  1. I day dream a lot.
  2. I am cynophobic.
  3. I love music when it’s played in full volume.
  4. I (plan to) exercise everyday.
  5. My nickname is xylene because my first email id(1999) started with ‘xylene’.
  6. I hate vegetables.
  7. I am patient (for 5 minutes).
  8. I watch cookery shows, although I don’t try out any.
  9. I am a Piscean.
  10. I love color green.

 5 People I love to hate?


  1. ‘Auto driver type’. I don’t like people who change their word every 100 meters.
  2. ‘Destroy something else to get back type’. To define this kinda people I have to go back to college when one guy who had strong grudges against my friend, pulled out my friend’s bike’s petrol tube to get back at him. There was a BIG fight after that. :D. I don’t like such cowards.
  3. ‘The preach only, no practicing type’ or ‘looking at the speck of sawdust in the brother’s eye while paying no attention to the plank in his own eye type’   This is self explanatory.
  4. ‘The leech type’ who tries to use others for their own benefit. This includes some people who come over, when they are visiting the city, spend a week get their work done and then don’t call again, until of course when they visit the city again.
  5. ‘Typical relative type’ who poke his/her head in every matter.


I am tagging Balu, Suda, sandeep, Reema and ish. I think everyone else has done this, if not, be my guest. 



  1. // I hate vegetables. //

    me toooooooo !!! and guess what, I am having stomach troubles .. took half day leave even today ……. Dr. gave a curse !!! Only VEG for one week !!!!!!!!!!!! Noooooooooooooooo I am dying here ……

    // I love music when it’s played in full volume .//

    I love music when its played in low volume .. headphones are the best!!

    // ‘Auto driver type’. I don’t like people who change their word every 100 meters. //

    That was really funny, but good for thought !!

  2. ha so even you are cynophobic….:) i have some one who knows how it is to be cynophobic 🙂 and well you seem to hate very few people compared to me 🙂

  3. //I don’t like people who change their word every 100 meters//


  4. Dinu,
    I guess you shud try out this tag. yes I am tagging u as well.
    I was attacked once by a dog, i have a post dedicated to it. on my plans to kill that dog which attacked me.

  5. Ahahaa so ur also Cynophobic 🙂 nice
    n i really used to think wt ur name is ..if nt Xylene then wt?? 😀

  6. ?>>>I day dream a lot.
    hey me too 😀
    and i want to know why u kept email ID as xylene 😛

    >>>I am patient (for 5 minutes).
    great way to say u are impatient 😆

    and i hate those leech types too 😦
    i have seen a lot of them 😀 in my college ..

  7. I’m not exactly a cynophobic but having said that, I wouldn’t wanna go near a dog if given a choice.

    And I hate the typical relative type people too. They’re very annoying. As if relatives were not enough.

  8. rekha,arvind,
    🙂 xylene? its in ur chemistry books. I was in school then, and cudnt get an email id with my name.
    hey u know my name right, my email id (which u can seen when am commenting on ur page.

    leech types yeah. yuck to them.

    haha, yea I love to hate them as well.

  9. Ooohh NOooooo don’t tag me … I am allergic to tags !!

  10. Xylene ?? 😕
    ahaaaha ur saying abt chemistry ..dont u know we all sleep for chem class 😛

    Hey y do u shout like this , he has nt tagged u 😛

  11. Yippeee!! someone else too who doesnt like vegetables !!
    Hey Nita has already tagged me for this same tag. 🙂
    //‘Auto driver type’. I don’t like people who change their word every 100 meters.// 😀 nice one!

  12. I like vegetables. After living out for almost 4 years, I can even eat raw vegetables. 😀

  13. @ Rekha

    are you blind “? 😛

    / /Xylene

    July 1, 2008 at 11:42 am

    I guess you shud try out this tag. yes I am tagging u as well.


  14. Nice 6 words!
    And thanks for tellins us about Xylene, I always wondered about that. I know it’s a chemical of some kind.
    And even I can’t stand those petty giving back type people! And I know what you mean by the users. Just use people and throw without any emotion.

  15. You’re afraid of dogs?? Damn, they’re so cute man!! 😀
    Very funny responses… I (plan to) exercise too and many a time, my patience runs out after 3 mins… 😀

  16. Sakhi · · Reply

    Like your six words though i might differ in the order! 🙂

    *Typical relative type’ who poke his/her head in every matter* me tooooooooo! 🙂

    dont like the pocky types at all! 🙂

  17. aww.. personal tags! 😦

  18. @Dinu, rekha,
    U both are fighting all the time 😀

    guess many of us dont like veg ! 🙂

    😀 i can’t imagine eating raw vegetables.

    Thanks. Family is my top priority always !
    USERS yea, I hate those kinda ppl.

    CUTE???? man once I got attacked by one, that did not look cute.
    haha, I plan everyday.

    Pocky types LOl.

    oops, do it only if u want to share things. 🙂

  19. I think I should copy all the 5 people you hate in my blog for my tag. Agree on every word.

  20. # I love music when it’s played in full volume.
    That’s weird… can you listen to what actually is playing?… I’ll go dumb… 😛

    And well, “xylene”!? I though you chose that name coz you liked “xylene” or coz you liked chem….:D

  21. Poonam,
    When music is in its low volume, i wouldn’t get the feel.

  22. @Nita: I have to confess that sometimes I have been petty, to give back a taste of medicine I was given. Sometimes it has been for survival. For example, I was in hostel where casteism was rampant, one caste was known to supress other with volley of abuses and words. God, I had to learn to fight back. No, I never learnt the abuses, but I learnt to be as rude as them . 🙂

  23. I don’t know why I am smiling in my last comment. 😦

  24. Poonam,
    I understand I was in a hostel too. But then the fights were of different mode and tone.
    And cowards used to get back at us in a different way.

  25. Ur name is Taju.right ? 🙂

  26. […] 12. Which type of person do you hate the most? Ahh ! The “autowalla type”. If you don’t know what that means, read this. […]

  27. I still dont understand this Tagging business…how does it work? where does it begin? does it have anythng to do wth tht site wh I refuse mails from called “Tagged”? I thought it was a phony phishing site/cheap dating site. who can Tag whom? what are the rules – if this is a game?

  28. O I found youthru Suda’s blog where u said u “tagged” him, am also a regular visiotr at Nita’s have read ur cmmnts there.U must hve seen me too 🙂

  29. O and the auto rick wallah type had me a raging fit of hollering laughter, I esply hate Kol and Chennai auto wallahs. most of them seem drunk or smthng wth utter disregard for ur time or hard earned money. In Gujjuland, you stand in the rain geting soaked and they go, “kahan jana hain woh to pahley batao?” “Arey Pakistan nathi, gadi ma baithney toh do, bhaiya paila!” – a constant struggle.
    Nice post 🙂

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    Oops!! if this was too much of a promotion, I should have mentioned earlier, I like this blog

  31. mind's coffin · · Reply

    hahahaa, quiet funny dude.. anyway these r things to think, not all r crap.. n i feel you have reasons for all…
    i do welcome you to my insane blog to….
    keep posting, n i would keep reading.. 🙂

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