Cell Story


It was a normal day at our Gent’s hostel. BK, my room mate was undergoing his version of bathing at our common restroom to get rid of the dirt accumulated on his body after a football match.

T and myself were sitting idle, bored to the core in our room. Our cells (mobiles I mean) were laid across on the table. BK’s 3310 rang. T and I checked the number, it was a not in BK’s address book so we decided not to take the call.

The phone rang again.

We did not bother.

It rang again.

T took the phone and nodded as he listed to the caller.

T : Yes.

10 seconds

T : Yes I will hand over to him.

And T handed the phone to me.


I was like WHAT? Is it someone I know?


Me: hello?

Caller : Sir I am R, hope you remember me.

Me : Nah I don’t. I am……..

Caller : Sir, I don’t have much time, its serious issue now. Its time we act.

Me: aha?

Caller : Mr K is creating much issues. He thinks he is boss. Its time we get our people together and act against him.

Me : oh? (what the hell is he talking about? I thought)

Me : But I….

Caller : Sir like I said we are arranging a meeting with protest rally tomorrow near the office.


Maybe it was time to be funny or just play along. This guy surely got the number wrong. And we were in college, so it was indeed an opportunity to have some fun.


Me : Okay. Let discuss tomorrow. So the meeting is near the office?

Caller : Yes. There will be 30 of us.

Me : Cool. That is good enough. Now will you send a car?

After 10 seconds of silence

Caller : oh ! For? what sir?

Me : Well you have to send me a car. If you want me to come !

Caller : well sir, I will try to arrange one.

I wondered what the caller would be thinking now.

Me : And what’s the agenda?

Caller : Well we want you to talk sir.

Me : I mean after the meeting.

Caller : Well we will protest and then…… leave?

Me : I want food……. Biriyani.

20 seconds.

Me : You there?

Caller : Sir?

Me : Yes

Caller : Well sir, we were actually….

Me : Will you arrange biriyani or you wont?

Caller : SIR!

Me : YES!

Caller : I… er. Could… Yes sir I will try.

Me : So call me back once you arrange my pickup and biriyani.

Caller : Err. Oh……. Okay…… Sir.

Me : Bye Then.



T and I rolled out with laughter. We repeated the caller’s disgust and laughed.

BK, minus all the dirt, entered the room. Seeing us laughing he asked what happened. As I was not making any sense, T explained the entire story. BK joined and we laughed for the next 10 minutes repeating the caller’s surprise and confusion.

BK: Whom do you said the caller wanted?

T : George

And T laughed.

BK: Who?

T : George hahahahaha.

BK : GEORGE? MAN ()@*#()@*#()@*#()

T and Me : ????


BK : He is my uncle, he was using this SIM before he switched the service provider. This would have been an important call.

T and I were… err, speechless and didn’t know what to say.

BK was in rage. T tried to escape out the window, but couldn’t, so decided to look out the window instead.

BK : What did you guys do?. oh MAN !!!

Me : Well the damage is done, its better to leave it.

BK : No I have to call my uncle and also apologize to the caller.


I managed to get out of room and escape. T followed.



Later when BK was back to normal and was at peace, we learned that his uncle gave him a lecture on how to take calls. The caller bashed him with abuses on how the youngsters take things lightly.

BK was in rage for 2 days and wanted to beat us up. But then we were in hiding.


P.S : I feel sad about the caller whose time we wasted on this stupid prank and BK, who got all the bashing. But then, when I think about it years later, it’s worth a laugh.



  1. Yes the thing is really worth a laugh!!!
    ROFL ..Biriyani!!! 🙂

    actually what was the planning all about?
    another hartal 😀

  2. Ooooh that’ wasn’t much funny 😦 I take these things lil serious u know …

    and btw, what was his uncle doing ? politics may be ?

  3. ahaha.. lol.. 😀
    I rollin..
    Great read.

    These things happen 😉

  4. 😀 I can imagine poor guy’s consternation!! But of course it was done unknowingly. asking Biryani was a good one!!

    P.S. Please update ur blog roll with my new WP url

  5. *gentleman*

  6. Sadist! 😀

  7. I couldn’t help smiling even though it was sad for the unlce. I am sure in hindsight he must have laughed too…and you’ve given me an idea about what to do with wrong numbers! and I must tell another true story which happened to someone we know. A guy dialled a wrong number and the girl played along just for fun. At the end of the call she told him she wasn’t the person, but guess what, they became friends. Today they are married! This happened to someone in my husband’s office.

  8. @ Nita

    That’s an unusual love story .. really romantic !!

  9. Great combination. Biryani and car!!! 😀
    That guy must have been really surprised.
    It was good for you that you stopped at biryani and didn’t ask for anything else. 😉

  10. lolz..
    I have also done my share of wrong no. pranks but thankully they were not of any friend’s uncle :P!!!

  11. Rekha,
    It was in kerala so most probably another protest against the rich who are called as the ‘boorshwasi’

    I think his uncle was some kinda worker’s union leader.
    we took it lightly. But the damage was huge.

    welcome to my blog.
    yea we were in college and this is the least that could have happened.

    done. I have updated it.

    **i am** 😀
    I knew you would call me that.

    Yea one of my friend also got married to a person who called her in. It was a wrong number. They exchanged forwards, graduated to calls and then married !
    I think there are many such love stories.

    Yea, that person would have cursed us!!!!I mean we were taking advantage of his misery.
    good for you, else you would have been in hiding 😀

  12. LMAO… hahaaaa…that was an awesome prank..! you should use such kind of a pranks to the ones who call from CC for loans and other shit…!
    But this was just awesome… biriyani…!? hahaa… wonder what that guy was thinking @ that time…. =))

  13. Hahaha!! Definitely worth a laugh!! Good prank to play! I sometimes get calls on my phone where ppl ask for strange names! I think i should emulate BK here! 😀

  14. Sakhi · · Reply

    Hey that was a good one! 🙂 😀 how we behave when we are in colleg! 🙂

    @ “Nita… wow! got married due to a wrong number! Thats cool! 🙂

    @ Nita and xylene

    Sure they are not the same couple? 🙂 😛

  15. Joel, Nikhil,
    U guys could try this 🙂

    I dont think so 🙂

  16. This story was quite an interesting read. It reminds me of all the pranks we played in hostel. 🙂

  17. ROFL…
    The guy would certainly make sure he is speaking to the right person next time he dials a number 🙂

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