Once I walked into a restaurant in Trivandrum.

Waiter : Poricha Kozhi, Chappati.. (Chicken fry and Chappati)

Me : What else.. is available

Waiter : Chappati Beef fry, curry

Me : And?

Waiter : Egg curry, roast

Me : Aint there any vegetable curry

On this, the waiter gave a blank look and said “YES”.

Me : 2 chappatis and One veg curry

Waiter gave me the blank LOOK and hurried to the kitchen. I wondered if I did something wrong. Somehow, the non-veg hotels don’t like serving vegetarian especially in Kerala.

After 4 minutes he came back with a plate of chappati and veg curry. I quickly gulped down the chappati. I was still hungry.

Me : One more chappati, please

Waiter : okay

He bought me one chappati, I was still hungry. I asked for one more. The waiter obeyed.

I was still hungry and he asked for one more, (You wont blame me, if you would have seen the size of those chappati’s). On this the waiter frowned and said

“Look you can’t keep asking for ‘one one’ chappatis. If you need more you should tell me now, I can’t go the kitchen every time. !!!”

Now the question is, did I do anything wrong? I was surprised at this answer because as far as I know the hotel is in service business and HIS job is to get to the kitchen and bring the food. I am paying for it as well. It’s not just me, Reema hate rude waiters too.

A colleague of mine went for breakfast at a hotel in Chennai. He ordered Masala Dosa’. The order was served in banana leaf within 5 minutes. After the tasty meal, he wanted one more. He ordered for one and requested the waiter to change the leaf.

Waiter : No we can’t do that

Colleague : why?

Waiter : One person one leaf

Colleague : But this leaf is torn and I want a new leaf as I ordered one more dosa.

Waiter : we cant do that.

Colleague :I want to see the supervisor.

Supervisor : No sir we cant do that.

Colleague : Okay then cancel my order and give me the bill.

The leaf was taken away and he was given the bill for one masala dosa. After paying the bill, my colleague walked to another table and sat there and said.

“One masala dosa please…………..” and he got the new leaf.




  1. LOL second story was tooo good man !!!!!!!!!
    I’ve seen waiters who watch tv, standing next to you, and simply ignore the “hungry” you , asking for help !!! have mercy on us you waiters !!! lets pray

    Once, in a hotel near here, a waiter came to take orders, with a piece of chappati in his hands eating it like small kids do at home …

  2. Hilarious, man! These waiters are intentionally thick, it seems! 😀
    They just don’t understand what we go thro.. We should have a World Waiters’ Day, and make them the customers for a day! hehehe…

  3. This was very funny, even if the joke was on you!
    And the second one, hilarious!! 😀
    On a more serious note, I think you should name the restaurants, and even give their address – that way these guys might improve. As long as you are simply stating your experience they can’t sue you for defamation! And in any case your story is very amusing, but it might shame those guys.

  4. I’m not surprised..Some of the shopkeepers and workers in Trivandrum are nothing but diabolically ignorant. I think they just dont want customers to come back to their shop again. No wonder why Trivandrum doesn’t have a decent eatery until now(and the handful of restaurants where you receive excellent food and service are jampacked eternally)

    mmm, have waiters like these and it wouldn’t be long before you pull down the shutters permanently on your shop 🙂

  5. First one was totally weird. Never experinced such kind of waiters. And the second one was hilarious… hahaaa…

    And I agree with Nita. Why don’t you people mention the names of the restaurants you visit to? Even Reema did the same thing on her blog. Never mentioned it.
    When something good happens and they take nice care of you, then you mention the name. But why not when they are bad?

  6. lol… i hate rude ppl alright…and well most humans are pretty rude 🙂

  7. Thanks for mentioning me! U didnt write about ur reaction in the first case? Second one is hilarious!! 😀 😀

  8. megcloud9 · · Reply

    i remember ,way back in class 7 ,i had been to kerala,we r vegetarians and we found very few hotels that served pure veg food there…@ one restaurant we went in and the menu was full of fish curry,fish fry,fish this ,fish that n blah blah blah 🙂 i freaked out thinking this place has no veg food at all !

    n waiters ahhhhhh ,we girls give them a nice smile ,so no problems usually 🙂

  9. Dinu,
    hey that waiter was demonstrating that the food served there is good. He is eating that in front of u guys right?
    haha. I respect them for what they are doing. But some are just weird and some worse… rude !
    yea 😦 i was taken aback with what he told me. Its not a big restaurant worth mentioning. I cant expect much from them. But I guess at least they should try to be a little more courteous.
    Like we wont be asking for 5 star facility at a small hotel, just a smiling waiter would do.

    finally i got someone who agrees totally with me on tvm hotels. 🙂

    yeah the waiter was weird. I did what a hungry man would do. ASK FOR MORE 😀

    haha. u can sub categorize humans to -waiters -politicians -autodrivers -policemen

    my eyes came bulging out with anger(my hunger was controlling me), along with the humiliation lead to a decent fight with the waiter. 🙂
    I did not get my chappati however.

    very true. mallus (i am one) are strict non-vegetarians(i am one). I eat veg only during our lent season.

    smiling is helping huh? ahh. u gals can flatter them. 😉

  10. Your friend should have given the waiter a piece of his mind. How do you let such people get away with murder? Its the perfect reason to tell them what they actually are. Useless and worthless.

  11. @ Xylene

    Yea Yea … and of course how good he is at his job !!!

  12. rofl…the second one is awesome :P..also I guess these waiters are themselves so frustrated with their lives . Hungry and unsure customers like u :P..add fuel to fire!!!

    gud one mate!!!

  13. this post is… extremely

  14. FUNNY!
    and ur friend is…

  15. very smart! =D and ya did u order more chappathis after he said that?

  16. Wow, I’ve never really encountered misbehaved waiters in my life but yea, those incidents are sad. And as for your friend, that was very clever of him.

  17. hey how many chapatis you ate finally??
    And do give name of resto next time!!
    Also seems like many guys don’t know how to take care out of these ****hole waiters!!!! Meet me I will teach you.

  18. Hahaha u r friend is really smart!
    asking chapatis like this will make any kinda waiter angry 😛

  19. reminds me of the one by two incident

    there is a hotel close by and we used to have chicken manchao soup.
    one day 4 of us landed and we asked for 2/4 and that waiter was pissed – he couldn’t quite get the math right
    then we told him give us 2/4s and he was irritated and served us with mushroom manchao soup – we havent been there for a long time since

  20. Dinu,
    haha thanks rahul.

    Thanks balu…. Do you think if I did he will bring more.
    Even if he would have agreed to bring one more, I wouldn’t have trusted him
    You never knowwhat these guys will do to your food, if we start up a fight with them.
    So I fought and left.

    I think you should try ordering one at a time. and see how it goes 😀

    its sad, I walked away hungry.
    we can treat them a lesson, but then we can never trust them after that.
    You never know what these guys will do to your food, before serving it to you

    Everyone is saying my friend is smart. I should made myself the hero for the second story. 🙂

    haha, many waiters dont. we had the same problem at a small restaurant in trivandrum… when 5 of us go for dinner we order 3/5 and he gets confused. so we ask him to bring 3 soups and 5 bowls. 🙂

  21. ha ha smart thing to do and ya, the best one too!

  22. absolutely right…

    i had same the experience…

  23. Heheheheh this ones funny and yeah many waiters are quite grouchy!!

  24. haha.. 🙂 hilarious!! I’ve has similar experiences in trivandrum as I work there :).. and you are very right about non veg places serving veg food 🙂

  25. haha.. hilarious!! I’ve has similar experiences in trivandrum as I work there :).. and you are very right about non veg places serving veg food 🙂

  26. Balu,
    oh ? thank goodness that am not alone.
    yes some are much worse… I am always afraid on what they will do to my food.
    haha. thanks for agreeing. 🙂 I got friends there still and they complain a lot. 😀
    welcome to my blog

  27. Too good man! your friend did the right thing.. serves them right! 🙂 🙂 😀

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