Meetings on Roads?.


Common people (excluding policemen, politicians, their supporters) are the ones who are tortured, chased around and deprived of basic rights. One of the basic rights would be to take your tax paid-insurance updated car on the NH and drive to your destination.

But the people in brackets make sure that this wont be an easy ride.


I have seen many times that National Highways being blocked for meetings, processions by political party. The police does their part in favor of everyone else other than the common man, may be because they are helpless too. The traffic is diverted to some smaller roads which get blocked in a few minutes.  Now my question is why the hell am I diverted because some Idio-ticians has to meet on the road. I think those idio-ticians should be held for jaywalking. I would be fuming in the car(not mine !) even though the ac is running, helpless just because some idio-tician want to save the country(read save his A$$pirations and fill up his pocket).




  1. Yep its always the common man!! And I would say its the middle class actually which suffers. The middle class has the least power and its the class the politician cares a bout the least.

  2. VERY true …….. I hate them …. what they hell they are up to disturbing other people ?? think about us in Kerala .. where you see these kinds of things on a daily basis … 😦

  3. well how about we change it?

  4. that’s true.. police are also helpless. Common man will suffer most. I heard that strikes are common in kerala ?

  5. What the ???? 😛
    its true these happen in our kerala not just for strikes…i wonder how the trivandrum city moves on the day of attugal pongala!!!!
    WEll they block ,to let us atleast know what in the hell r they doing in the name of a strike actually!!

  6. These thugs make mockery of all the court orders and laws against such anti-social activities…

    Politicians are a biiiiiiiig shame to the country. See how a 4th std fall-out Achuthanandan has made fun of the great Indian scientist and former President Dr. Abdul Kalam. So much for manners and respect.

  7. This is just another reason why I hate those a55holes…!

  8. Common man is so common that no one seems to care about him.

  9. Nita,
    yes you are right. Its always the common man ! Always.
    Actually this post is about kerala. when I was working in Tecnopark. My weekend drive home would always be interupted by such idiots.
    Like Nita said they know we are helpless. Thats the reason why they do it every single time.
    yes last 2 months had almost 28-30 hartals across kerala.
    Well atleast that is for a reason, its not deliberate. The city is small and cant accomodate all the people visiting there during pongala.
    I am okay with religious activities etc as long as they dont do it everyday.
    we know how Achuthanandan is. He aint know nothing about what nuclear energy is about. The only thing that comes to their mind is the bomb.
    we all hate them !! 😀
    We are too common I guess, its all new species now.

  10. I have to everyday pass through India Gate to reach office. That area is most prone to polit..ah idiot-icians, sometimes we have to take diversion. Though usually in this area, traffic management is ok. So we are kind of prevented by getting delayed.

    Once I saw in movie hall, all behind rows were booked, why? Sheila Dikshit was watching movie! We were denied tickets.

  11. Protests on roads need to be banned.. may be they can protest in parks and stuff but on roads no ways!

  12. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    true true!!!

    common man is the person “to be suffered”!!!!

  13. so, your hometown ?

  14. Yes, you are right. The only thing I ever saw disrupting a political meeting was the Indo-Pakistan bus. It was nice to see the politician in the car right ahead of us fuming big time because he was made to wait around 10 minutes. Serves them right, but still, doesn’t teach them a lesson.

  15. Idio-ticians! Lol!! Hilarious! 😀
    Yeah, these rallies are so disgusting! Bah! More so when it happens in narrow lanes!

  16. i never knew that these things have spread to highways too… i can imagine the pain in the ass when deprived the pleasure of highway driving… finally u called them absolutely right – they are idio-ticians for sure… 😀

  17. @Xylene Thankfully I dont live in such a big city. But recently i had went to Pune and there had the chance to see MNS rally going and causing traffic problems.

  18. Poonam,
    OH ! once at movie theatre in Trivandrum the entre parking lot was jammed as a VVIP had his car parked at the exit. and the police was trying to let the cars go through the entry, they did not want to risk their job by asking the VVIP to move his car !!!! wat the?
    We can give them an entire stadium to protest, let them march around it. do what ever they want, throw stones etc. But not on roads !!!!
    Common man like Anshul said is too common now.
    In bangalore i laugh when I see a state car caught up in traffic just like any other common man. !! 😀 hyuk hyuk…
    the police can do nothing about it as well.
    but its sad to see an ambulance caught up in traffic.
    Thats a new term I coined for that breed.
    yes, there is a ‘highway blocking protest’ followed especially in Kerala. Some of these idiots just block the highway. And the police just watch !
    These guys always march at the peak hours. I mean, what the hell are they gonna gain?
    IDIOTS !

  19. haha… ‘Idio-ticians’. Nice.
    We are helpless against those guys. And about the police, i sometimes think that they too are useless. Bad managment.

  20. Hi Xylene,
    The trouble is, its the common man who protests on the streets under the directive of the idio-tician. Protests in India won’t be heard unless there is sufficient noise, and what else could make news than a protest thats right on our face? I hate it, but can understand why it occurs.

  21. Hate rallys and all! They just make us suffer and at whose cost? Our own! :-X

  22. In Chennai, whenever Jaya Aunty had to pass, the whole traffic was blocked in minutes. It was such a pain specially for all of us who were waiting for our buses. In Delhi, I haven’t seen such things yet, but then you never know. 😐

  23. Love the idioticians term!

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