A Garage And The Land Lady.

You guys might be knowing how I like my landlady. She is sweet, loving, caring, and concerned. She love her tenants just like the way she love her kids..


I won’t say the above words even if I am drunk !!!!


Now to the point, we have been her tenants for almost an year now. The place rented out to us still looks fresh, neat and tidy. The rent was given without delay on 1st of every month. The electrical items are all intact. The place is still the same way she rented out to us.


When moving in we had this conversation.

Me : Where will I put my bike?

LL (landlady) : You can put it outside, see how all the cars, bikes are kept outside.

Me : What about the basement parking? Seems like its empty.

LL : Yes, but I have given it on rent.

Me : Oh, then I will park outside.


Even after 6 months, I have never seen any human/alien/animal/unnatural being parking his/her/its car/bike/scooter/UFO in the basement.


Now that I bought a car (this is another way of letting you guys know that I bought a car, I am clever 🙂 ) I don’t have any place to park it.


So I took my tactics on to please her with a packet of sweets.

Me : Aunty I bought a car. Here are some sweets.

LL : Oh congratulations…

Me : I am wondering where I will park

LL : You can park outside, see how a new Ford Fiesta is parked outside. Eveyrone is parking outside nothing will happen.

Me : Can I use the basement parking. I have not seen anyone using it.

LL : Oh no son, I just remembered we are also buying a car soon.

Me : Which one?

LL : Alto

Me : Which color?

LL : Black

Me : When?

LL : Next week.


After a week.

Afterseeing my brand new car out in the sun, in the rain, I was hurt and decided to ask again.


Me : Aunty can I put the car in till you guys get a car.

LL : Oh no son, we have lot of stuff in there, there wont be much space in to fit a car.

Me : No, that’s not an issue, I can move the items.

LL : I just remembered we will be taking that item in and out, you don’t want to scratch the car do you?

Me : I can put the car outside when you take stuff.

LL : hmmm.

Me : I can pay an extra rent if you want, if its reasonable.


LL’s face brightened, her eyes shined.

LL : let me talk to uncle.

Me : sure and please let me know.


I am sure she will come up with some exorbitant rent for the parking space. I was thinking of my previous landlord in Trivandrum. When my brother bought his car, the landlord offered

“I don’t have a car yet, you can put the car in the garage”


Now that is reasonable. 

Update : I bought a Chevy spark LS, white. Now I can add my share to pollution.



  1. Congrats 😀 😀

    and yea you are clever 😛
    btw, why don’t you post photo of the car ?

  2. Lovely landlady indeed… 😉

    And dont forget to inform us about the going rates for the car park ok?heheheheeee…And which city are you in now? I’d advice you to park it inside if you are anywhere in Kerala…:)

  3. congrates.. and please change your house if your land lord is such a bad person.. I am sure you will get a better option than this..

  4. I thought you will bought the hummer posted in your orkut album 😉
    Great going neways
    I can’t believe even landlords need to be bribed of course they call it rent..

  5. lol 🙂 what car did u get?

  6. My Landlord during my college days back in Kerala is one of the funniest people I know. He used to stock up all out booze whenever we knew one of our parents are coming for a visit, he used to buy us booze and smokes when we were out of cash. And he used to let us take his Mahindra Jeep out for drives when our cars were not present or out of gas.

  7. Congrats on new car!! U could have snaps of new car. U have one mean landlady.

  8. Congratulations for your new car!
    u make me laugh each time. haha…

  9. the landlady obviously wants a higher rent! we had a similar problem when we lived in bangalore and we had to park our car outside. the man never relented even though several coconuts fell on the roof of our car and dented it. finally we moved out as we got a better place with a garage!

  10. Congratulations for the car, I like the Spark a lot. You surely bought it because of all the naughty adverts didn’t you? 😛

    The landlady business notwithstanding, parking is a big problem nowadays. People buy more cars than they need or can store in their houses so they just park them outside. And then happy kids come playing and scratch everybody’s car for no reason. And not just that, it’s impossible to drive through such streets because there’s hardly any space. All the time you’re praying that a car doesn’t come up from the opposite direction.

  11. What exactly is her problem? I am very much keen in knowing that. 😀 There is certainly something there in the garage. I suggest you to turn into Hardy boy and try to find the truth.
    And congrats for the car. 🙂

  12. Congrats 😀

    Maybe it is her dump where she keeps crap
    just like u have ur crapbook – just kidding 😉

    that women and her antics !
    it is all in the convincing skill 😛

  13. lol…This must be in Bangalore 😀
    Congrats for the new Car!! Yes, there seem to be something fishy at the basement. Let us know what the uncle said..lol..:D And hey, I am adding you to my blogroll 🙂

  14. Earlier I thought, she is not giving you the garage, coz. of some bodies hidden in there, something like Jeepers Creepers or The House of wax.

    Usually all serial killers have neat places, they like things clean and fresh …so you should better watch out. Now, may be when you get the garage to park your new car, look out for some map…you might get to know where she hid the bodies.

    And, Congratulations on your new car. Although, you should have bot some other car… 😉

  15. Hey, congrates on the new car! 🙂 And you wasted your sweets there on the land lady!

  16. Congrats on your new car!!! 😀
    Go forth and pollute the planet, son! 😀
    Tell your landlady that you’ll help her blog about troublesome tenants… She might crack… 😀

  17. Dinu,
    I know I know. 😀

    I did not get a chance to speak to her again. I found a shade near our place to park for the time being.
    I am in Bangalore.

    yes, if she is going to inrease my rent to exorbitant rates..

    Yeah that hummer was my first car. its was rather difficult to get in and out, so i got a chevy. 😀

    Chevy spark.

    Yeah my previous landlord in kerala was a nice person. He was very helpful. Somehow in bangalore its hard to find ‘good’ landlord.
    She is well hungry for MONEY !

    thanks. 🙂 Finally I found someone who laugh at my humor. 🙂

    She does. I am thinking of moving too,not if she gives me a good deal.

    haha. that advertisment is crazy one.
    yea children and some freaks who use a coin to scratch cars. Somehow they get much pleasure in doing that.

    Money problem. The only thing she knows is I NEED MORE !!!!
    Nothing fishy in the garage, the gates will open depending on the money I am ready to spend. 😀

    thanks.. haha.

    YES its bangalore ! Thanks for adding.

    Oh great. I heard such comments when I was researching small segments cars.

    I bought alpenliebe 😀 I knew that investment will go waste, so bought the cheapest sweets. I am clever !! 😀

  18. Nikhil,
    😀 lol
    I wonder if she has a blog about troublesome tenants who ask her stupid questions.

  19. All landlords are greedy .. last 3 years during my engineering degree i lived in same house..and i could feel she was getting greedier by every month..asking extra money for almost everything..
    thank god i am out now ..
    by the way i appreciate ur courage, – buyiing a car when fuel prices are sky rocketing 😛

  20. I can’t understand your landlady. If all she wanted was a higher rent, why didn’t she say so all those months ago? Looks like she has lost out on months of rent for that parking spot 🙂

  21. congrats on the new car…and btw i am yet to hear about a tenant who said he absolutely adored his landlord!!;-D

  22. arvind,
    If we check the fuel prices, there wudnt be any right time when we can buy a car…. 😦
    I am not sure, I think she wants rent in the range of 5-6k.
    FOR A GARAGE !!!! I think i can paint my whole car if it rust.

    Welcome to ma blog.
    haha, there wudnt be any, but I did have good experience with my landlord in TVM.

  23. Congratulations for the car, so did ya get the parking space?

  24. @Poonam
    NO! 😦

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