Angel With An Energy Drink


It was tiring boring day at work. I was sleepy, and was finding it difficult to keep my eyes open. My head did not hit the desk, thanks to my Dell Monitor. However coke was already flowing through the number keys. This did wake me up; I have a keyboard with canals of coke now. I checked if anyone is watching and slowly laid paper tissues on my keyboard. My keyboard looked just like an Indian Clothesline. Things just did not go bad, but got worse. My system was not responding. Oh yeah the coke is still left in between the keys. I disconnected the keyboard and tried to drain out the liquid. Now I have a sticky desk with coke and soaked tissues. Thankfully everyone is busy working.


I cleared the mess in five minutes and I badly needed a break.

The trip to cafeteria was great ! Thanks to the power cuts and diesel shortage in Bangalore, the lifts were not switched ON. The notice read “We are on a power saver mode, Please use the stairs”


The cafeteria was buzzing with people; I have not seen this many people working on our floors, where are they coming from? Do they work with me?


“Good evening sir, please try this non-alcoholic energy drink” said a sweet girl.


“Energy drink sir, this will increase your alertness and make you more productive”

“waaah” I said, just what I wanted. I thanked god for sending this angel.


 “How much?” I asked?

“Its complimentary sir”

FREE !! Things were indeed getting better, not just that I got an ‘energy drink’ just in time, it was free and a beautiful girl to serve.


Gulp Gulp.


I feel gooooood.


Back at my desk, the system started working.

But its time to go home now.  ciao.


PS : The energy drink is indeed working, I managed to make a post out of it.




  1. hahahaha!!! the perfect energy drink!! 🙂

    //a keyboard with canals of coke/// LOL 😀

  2. huck! a post out of nowhere!
    :applause: :applause:

  3. Allirekha,
    Iread somewhere, oh yeah, you blog that you are not going to blog for a loooong time to come. Did you drink some energy drink?
    Thanks to the energy drink.

  4. Oh yes I have seen these energy drink girls they turn up at every video-game tournament in the city! 😀

  5. hmm…red bull?

  6. ohhh I would have had a heart attack if my KB got flooded with coke.
    Energy drink?? 😀 😀

  7. Nice place to work – you get free Gatorade? Or Red Bull?

  8. Balu,
    Yeah the Red Bull gals 😀
    You got it.
    I would definelty get a heart attack if it was my laptop. Thankfully it was my work PC.
    No we just got coke free 🙂 Redbull was just one time complimentary offer served by the RedBull gals.

  9. I was hooked from the first line because I thought you would say…I was dreaming!! 🙂 I mean, who wants to give free drinks nowadays, that too in office, it had to be a dream! Considering you didn’t seem to recognize people either! But it had a surprise ending! I like surprise endings. 🙂

  10. Chick with an energy drink would have been a better title. It rhymes. 😛

    Anyway, I had this friend of mine spilling coke on my keyboard too. I kicked him really hard after that but apparently nothing went wrong, except of course the sticky factor.

  11. I never bring coffee near my keyboard for the same reason. I have a phobia that it might spill. 🙂

  12. Nita,
    Thanks. 🙂 Free energy drink at the right time is a dream come true.
    haha. you are good with titles I know…
    Yeah its water resistant.
    yeah. I spilled it once, but I bring drink at my desk again. These days the KBs are water resistant. I tested mine and YES its water resistant indeed !.

  13. lol..
    no name of the energy drink … ????
    perhaps u should have given some drink to ur key boards too..might have just started working ..

  14. 😀 😀 which was the drink?

    I ws about to shut my eyes shut (i am in the ofiice) and just the talk of the energy drink has energised me! 🙂

  15. what will you do if you get night shifts ?

  16. You should have clicked the pic of keyboard with coke canals 😀

    Was it ReD Bull ? 😛

    A fun read !!

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  18. Hope you are ok there in bangalore …………

  19. canals of coke….lol…

  20. lol…good one 🙂 beautiful girl offering energy drink!! Grrrr…I feel sleepy too..lemme try my luck 😀

  21. Name the drink, sir! I want to try it too! 😀

  22. My PC dealer told me “Sir, your keyoard can sustain the tea spills too….” and I tried it on second day of my new PC 😀 LoL

    I will analyze the effects of chick…. I mean drink on Nikhil and whoever volunteer to drink it!!! 😛

  23. Nikhil,
    Its red bull. Try it, I cant promise the chick.

  24. For the first time, I tasted an energy drink few days backs: Red Bull. It tastes like rotten beer (if beer itself is not less rotten). Its difficult to make a habit of drinking this expensive, rotten-taste energy drink 😦

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