Kismat Disconnection and Janee Tu

I know am a little late in writing this post, well someone said I can’t write a review unless I  watch the movie!


I finally managed to watch both the flicks running in theatres now. Let me go with the worst one first, “Kismat Konnection” . This seemed like Kismat Disconnection to me, the plot was rather simple and can be easily guessed on what’s going to happen, including the climax.


The love story is age old bollywood style, where the girl is getting married to someone else who also happens to be a flirt and have an affair as well. I think such stories are far too common.


We know what Shahid is going to do and what Vidya is upto as well. 30 minutes in the movie and you can guess on what’s going to happen. Well it’s not a suspense thriller of any sort, but still I would consider the plot far too plain.

The execution was even worse.



The second one was Janne Tu Ya Janne Na. Wah! Finally something to entertain, although I am not too happy with the plot, I would say it’s not just another Bollywood movie. Its different, the storyline is entertaining and you give less attention to your popcorn, which itself is a good thing. The music as you guys know is great, Kabhi Kabhi Aditi  being the best one.

The story is simple with similar plot as ‘Kismat Connection’ where the girl is going to get married to a guy who also happens to be a flirt etc etc. But there were more layers to it. The execution was excellent.



  1. yuck…both are triangular love tales???
    i’m fed up man…..

  2. Scorpio,
    Not exactly, but the plot was similar. Although the execution was different.
    A triangle in which the ‘other guy’ is not important at all.

  3. @xylene.

    I have seen jane tu and its not love triangle please dont compare jane tu with kismat conection.

    Kismat Konnection is of no use and other is i wont say the best movie but more than watchable. and yeah flirt would not be the right word for Jane it would be “lost in friendship.” the question was can gals become best friend of guys and remain same always?

  4. there is a joke in a Malayalam movie .. I tried for admission in college but they said they wont take people who never attended school !!


  5. S4n705h,
    I compared the movies because I saw both of them and found some odd similarities, although I wouldn’t say its the same thing.
    But there was one OFFbeat guy who pops up in the stories who nearly marries the lead gal.
    I liked Janne Tu…
    I did not want to mention the themes the movies have, as it will spoil the entire plot.

  6. Jane tu .. was 100% entertainment .. if you look at it as a movie .. hi hi no comments

  7. that is the shortest review i have ever read!

  8. Dinu,
    u are right.
    haha. I know, I did not want to write more and explain the entire story. May be it would have been better if I wrote the review before watching the movie.

    I did read ur review 🙂

  9. Kismat Disconnection! haha I liked that! Thank god I didn’t waste my money on it!

  10. Is it seriously necessary to watch a movie to review it??? 😀

    I agree with u, KK was a bad movie and for me the only saving grace was Shahid Kapoor. ANd these two movies are such a good eg for us saying that how a beaten to plot can be treated so differently.

  11. wasshappening · · Reply

    After reading KK reviews i have dropped the idea of watching it although Shahid looks super Hawt!..
    Jaane tu…is such a Cutie…Imran is soo cute…The story line is Fresh…one of the block busters this year….

  12. I was okay with Kismat Connection’s story but dear God, Vidya looked horrible. Shahid looks a little too young for her age and Vidya a little too old. It’s not a good pair and hence it bombed. Pretty expected really. I liked a few scenes between Shahid and his friend, whatever his name was in the movie.

    Jaane Tu was nice, everyone’s already mentioned that. Well, we always knew the story was gonna be simple, but the execution was great and the movie had moments, lots of them. I’ve watched it like 3 times now and I laughed my ass off everytime. I’m contemplating watching it once more 😛

  13. to me kismat konnection made absolutely no connection 😀

  14. Good that I chose not to watch Kismat Disconnection 🙂
    And Jaane tu..was indeed a sweet film 🙂 But here is one point I have to make here. Why should they always make the second hero (Genelia’s love interest for a while) a baddy for the girl to recognise the true love? Even in Imraan’s case, he wouldn’t like the girl’s family and slowly loses interest in her. Can’t true love be realized even in the most ideal of situations?

  15. Never too late to slander movies that need slander! Good one! 😀

  16. Nita,
    I think Headlines today came up with that. 🙂
    I am not sure someone said we have to watch it first.
    Haha, should be an example to the film makers
    Yeah shahid looks good, like Ish said he looks too young for vidya.
    wow, fourth time? You are right that pair wont work much. Vidya is more suited for the oldies like Sanjay dutt.
    Lucky you !. I am not sure, I think if the love interest is a badie, then its easier for the story to flow towards the hero. Much easier to end the story too.
    If both of them are good, then we wont be able to digest the fact that she is leaving the love interest.
    haha 😀

  17. I did not like both of them. 😦 Somehow I am finding hard to imgine Genelia in hindi 😛 and the jane tu guy looks pretty much like Amirs Flop Bother No ?

  18. Yes.
    the execution in Jaane Tu..was something different.

    Good effort by the director Abbas

  19. I dare not to watch kismat konnection.. Thanks to wonderful pathetic reviews it received..

    I watched jaane tu.. film is fresh.. but story is too predictable just like any other bollywood flck..

  20. bLUE MIST,
    haha, But I liked Janee Tu…
    I agree.
    Lucky you.

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