Please Strip OFF You Political Wardrobe


The bombs went off, people died, many were wounded. Many lives were torn. People panicked. People still live in these cities with fear.

When I drive through Madiwala, and Residency road, I think about the people who were affected on Friday. When I take the newspaper I see dead bodies.

When our vehicles are checked at every mall and office, I know we are panicking.

And you want to blame someone else for all this? What conspiracy are you talking about?

These are terrorist’s madam.


Your logic of BJP ruled states under terror is absurd !

We are people here, we don’t care who rules in the centre or the state. We are human beings living down here.


Don’t try to run away from your responsibility by issuing silly STUPID comments. Can’t you guys just strip off your political wardrobe and turn into human beings?

Just SHUT UP if you can’t help.






  1. Sushma Swaraj proved again .. what she really is …

  2. Whats the difference between a politician and a scavenger? Both feed even on dead bodies for survival, the only difference being that scavengers like hyenas are actually cleaning up the environment and makes it a better place to live…and the politicians…just the opposite.

    They make a hell out of this place for survival…

  3. Dinu,
    yeah. I think it would have been better if she just shut up.

    Well said.

  4. It’s disgusting the claim about the conspiracy. Absolutely revolting!! There is no way I will ever vote for the BJP.

  5. Was the lady even present on voting day in Parliament? I didnt see her or “hear” her? I never liked the woman.

  6. Nita,
    yes, it was disgusting to read such a report on the paper today morning.
    What is she thinking?
    Why can’t they leave politics out of this??
    I think she is now a Rajya Sabha member.
    She is such a pain. if BJP wants to win votes, throw her out first.

  7. I have always been pro BJP but when I heard his ladies statement the only I said was, has she gone insane????

    They are still finding live bombs in Surat, 18 on last count. And these idiots are busy playing politics.

    God bless us…

  8. Xylene, your response almost came a slap for all the people playing politics over there. I have read that piece of news too, and felt they could be the worst of allegations one could make in this situation. When people have no security, the two political entities started thowing muck on each other. 😦

  9. Hehe! Simple, yet effective slap in the face! it’s about time these political journos stop building stories about some damn political conspiracy always! I guess all of them are looking for a Pulitzer! Bah!

  10. S,
    She is insane. Out of her mind. Or may be on drugs.
    I wish I could slap them !
    They are not considering the gravity of the situation and just trying the play politics. Well its easy to make statements.
    I did not hear any statement from her condemning the attacks, instead she is trying to bring out a consipiracy. WHAT THE…

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