Training On Egg

“You have to protect the egg from breaking” explained our trainer.

“You will have to throw it on our target kept at approximately 6 feet away” She continued “and it should not break”


“WHAT THE?? “ I thought. Even before my thought process could finish the world favorite line, she continued “You will be given 4 sheets of paper, one thread, cello tape, and three balloons. Protect the eggs!!” She declared.


I was lost, I felt like our team was lost in wilderness. I could hear the wolves. I need to protect the team…. ‘ACT FAST’ my mind rolled.


“Okay let’s use the balloons to protect the egg from the impact” I said.

There was counter opinions, changes in plan and even a 5 minute discussion on how to inflate the balloon. Finally we managed to inflate the balloons in no particular plan or shape. But fate had other plans.


The oversized elderly gentleman in our team accidentally sat on one of the balloons.

“One down” I declared. “Let’s not lose hope here” I assured the team.


The other balloon was declared lost when our extremely lovely lady in our team poked it with her extra long pointed-polished NAILS.

Her continuous sorry(s) was not helping our team. We had to go on.


The third balloon was down in action; at least we have a martyr who died for a cause.


Before anyone starts complaining on what the hell is happening, let me explain. I am in training “Managing people” and this activity was part of it. We had to protect an egg with the help of few items that the trainer has provided. We had to throw the egg, hitting the target kept 6 feet away. The winner would be the team whose egg did not break.


My last encounter with an egg was two days back when an egg slipped off my hand while I was taking it out from the refrigerator. It fell on the tiled floor and broke.

The worst part of it was cleaning. I realized that the contents of the egg cannot be absorbed by cloth nor can it be swept away using a broom. Its sticky and slimy and its worse when it’s on the floor.

Getting it out of the floor was indeed a task; I tried the above two and miserably failed. So I decided to dilute it. Dilution will help soften hard solutions, I have learnt and tried applying it. I was left with a messy floor.


I had to cover the entire thing up before my wife find out. The last resort was to use a spoon to recover the contents on to a vessel and hide the rest under the refrigerator.

I did just that.


Now back to the story, we were left with nothing but 4 sheets of paper, one thread and a cello tape.

“Hooooray” that was from our rival team. They completed the task of wrapping the egg in a protective cover. Now they can continue with the ‘throwing’ part.

We had 5 minutes left. We quickly made soft paper balls out of the sheets provided, kept these at strategic locations around the egg and used the thread to bind them. Finally we wrapped the tape around the egg-paper combination to strengthen the protected area.


“We are done!” I declared.

Now for some action, I thought. The trainer, sensing danger, quickly requested a person to lay paper all around the target (a white board). She did not want the fresh carpet to be stained with fresh egg contents.


I aimed at the target carefully calculating the trajectory and the angle at which I should be throwing the egg.

I used as little force I could to project the egg to the target.

It was a direct hit.

The trainer gasped.

The rest of the crowd gasped.


I closed my eyes.



Was it the other team celebrating our misery? Or worse should I clean the floor myself?

I thought.


“It did not break!!!.. Clean shot !.” Said an overly excited trainer. She continued.


“Now my friends, that’s a practical explanation for team management. The egg was your team and you put in all your efforts to protect it from everything. That’s what we learn from this activity.”


EGG? Team??? Will I be a bad manager? Chucking the team under the refrigerator? Or making bulls eyes of it? Only time will tell!  



PS : The trainer took the egg back. I had plans to replace it with the one I broke two days back.



 Happy Friendship day to all !.





  1. i say fuck the eggs!

  2. hahahaha!! Love as I might to second Aniche’s opinion, I won’t.,.. 😀
    We had a similar training session where we were supposed to make a collage and we were grouped with total strangers, and we were tested on how to handle new people… 😀
    Hilarious post, my fellow yo-yo! 😀
    Happy Friendship Day to you too! 😀

  3. sometimes these stupid team building activities does bring the team together….
    i would have boiled the egg too to ensure that it does not break

  4. As kids we used to read these books called- Sweet Valley. In one of those books, I remember the kids were supposed to take care of eggs.One of the kids broke the egg and replaced it with a boiled egg. He was caught red handed when that boiled egg fell down and didn’t break. Your story reminded me of that book. Now I have one more reason to not eat eggs 🙂 they are messy. In one of the American TV shows called ‘Full House’ throwing the egg without breaking it was one of the assignments given to kids. They made a parachute and placed the egg on it. Must be fun.
    Happy Friendship day

  5. Ah, you did it! You understood ande ka funda! Bleh, nevermind. This was lame. Anyway, happy friendship day to you too.

    Btw, what about the broken egg? Are its contents still lying under the refrigerator?

  6. Ande ko balloon mein daal ke, balloon ko inflate karo… then do whatever… 😐

    Mujhay aaj tak ye mgt and team building exercises samajh nahi aayi.

    Happy Friendships day to you too… 🙂

  7. Ha ha ha 🙂 kollam adipoli 🙂

  8. yaar ye soft skill trainers !! kya se kya karwate hai 😀

    Hope you are not going to use the same technic to protect the eggs in the fridge ;P

  9. lol what a story!

  10. LOL 😀 😀 hilarious!! and innovative ways of teaching. Interesting. Sweeping the contents under the fridge?? It would have been better if u wiped it up with a wet cloth and put some surf/nirma on that place and wiped it again. That would have removed the stickiness.

  11. but how the heck did the egg remain unbroken!!!???
    u smart ass! 😉

  12. Two days later, when the egg remains under the refrigerator start announcing themselves to your nose (or rather, you wife’s nose), that’s when your managerial skills will really be needed 🙂

  13. LOL 🙂 smile, smile! 🙂 🙂

    and yes, happy friendshipd day to you too! 🙂

  14. wasshappening · · Reply

    Wow! you did it!Kudos!
    Whatever happened to the broken egg under refrigerator?

  15. Eggs are like girlfriends. You should handle them with care and break them with just the right force. A slightly forceful attack and you would be in a mess. 😛
    am I making sense?

  16. megcloud9 · · Reply


    whaazaaaaat ?! 😛


    wait until ur wife or someone else sweeps the floor under the refrigerator,then u gotta write a new post n tell us what happened next 🙂

    apart from tat,ande ka funda sounds good 😀 good way to learn skills

  17. aniche,
    Thanks man. 🙂 yo yo.

    Not when you are put in with complete strangers and then you walk back to your team who have no idea about all this.


    🙂 I am thinking about boiling all the eggs in the refrigerator, so that I dont break them !! 😀

    Ande ka funda, I love that. The title would have been better that way. No i cleaned it. 🙂

    hahah, same here.

    kollam alle?

    Blue mist,
    I am just going to boil them 😀

    Its happened in real life 🙂

    wow, you sure would have broke lot of eggs.
    and cleaned them as well.

    haha, I think that was one of my ‘lucky days’

    haha, I managed it myself.

    oh yeah. Experienced?
    Nah, I managed it myself. I cleaned it ! 🙂

  18. u r tagged 😀

  19. All it takes is one egg to learn dear!! 😀

  20. its better to work with one egg at a time agree fully with amit
    – as it is inflation is hitting the poultry industry too 😉

    first thing i thought was boil it just like ankur
    the other best thing which would really make it almost impossibe to break would be – cryo cool it with liquid nitrogen (had done it with a potato – and the potato drove a nail in wood)

  21. first clean it up fast when it is fresh
    scooping the egg is the easiest way
    use thin plastic sheets to get it out then soap the rest

  22. ha ha ha…lol…very funny! couldn’t control my laughter through out..the way you have narrated 😀

  23. hahaha 😀

  24. Hahaha i went through the same training… It was good fun! 🙂

  25. I vaguely remember going through this training by NIS sparta longtime back! Though we had fun that day, along with other activities we did.

  26. Vishesh,
    got it !
    haha. yeah. one egg rules the day.
    liquid nitrogen? will it be edible after that. I like edible eggs.
    you seem to be an experienced egg remover.

    thanks Manoj
    hahah. laughter is infectious.

    The egg part of it was indeed yes.

    I had fun too, as the egg did not break!

  27. Ok here comes the usual late comer!!

    Happy friendship day. Now I know how not to break an egg 😀

    I always thought Prax’s head is filled with inflation but now I realised that there are lots of broken eggs in there too 😛

  28. dont think so but it was fun handling it

  29. thanks suda for that comment
    yes i have had disasters with glasses and eggs on regular basis but the egg bit is mostly during transportation

  30. Suda,
    You have a chicken farm (if thats the way it called)? 🙂

  31. no – whenever i exceed purchasing half a dozen eggs i eventually come home with one or two damaged ones 😦

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