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Everyone is asking me on whether I got my parking space. It’s a BIG NO !.

Getting a car is not a luxury, but a parking space is !


My landlady is back with her new excuse on why she is not giving me the garage. She is planning to start a Tution centre at the underground garage. She might kill some children there (due to suffocation of course).

Somewhere down the line in our conversation she did mention about her ‘almost’ renting out the space for 5000Rs/month.

I mean even if I have an S class benz I will have to shell out 60,000Rs per year. I can get the car repainted every year and still save some money.


My landlady,

Is greedy.

She is an old lady

But still greedy.



I recently had a chat with a friend of mine who is now on a business trip in Greece. He says language is a big problem to him. According to him ‘everything sounds Greek’ .



Fame lido mall in Bangalore employs one of the best use of parking space, they use lifts at each parking spot and lift the car up to accommodate one beneath. I parked my car there this weekend, when I came back and took my car out an Indica blocked my way. The driver was trying to park his vehicle at the spot next to mine. For the first time in the history of Bangalore he allowed to me to go first and moved his car a bit. And then the lift at his parking space broke and the huge metal frame came crashing down. Although the cars parked next to it escaped unscarred it was the little good deed that saved the Indica.


Now what’s the moral of the story?


Don’t park cars at Fame Lido. 


  1. lol i will remember that when i visit banglore 🙂 ha well tution center for which classes?tell her you will teach 🙂

  2. 🙂 🙂

    Another moral of story….beware of lifts? I am a little scared of them somehow!

  3. hehehehe poor Xylene..you must seriously consider a change of house.. 🙂

    and also your shopping destinations.

  4. Rs. 5000 for a parking slot???? that is sacrilege…

  5. ha ha ha :D…disgusting landlord! So what are you doing to your car finally? Parking it outside?
    BTW..You are tagged in my blog 🙂

  6. LOL good moral 😛

  7. LOL 🙂

    u start offering tutuons.. and ask ur landlady to pay u 😛

  8. 5000/month???????? Are you kidding me????? Thats outrageous!! Just when I thought Bangalore had some chance!!!! Whew!!!!

    Seriously it happens in all big cities. In HK, one of my bosses used to have his chauffeur drop him to office… take the car back home and then come back again at 7 in the evening to pick him up!! The reason? The parking in office area was too expensive for him. He would rather make the car go 2 full rounds than pay the rent!!!

  9. I thought the moral was
    Do not to buy car in Bangalore 😉

  10. hehe… Its better to reserve a parking place before buying a CAR 😉

  11. vishesh,
    Nah if I try teaching, I will be killing…
    😀 haha well am scared only when the power goes off at our office lift and the women start panicking.
    TVM was so much better.. sigh.
    well its her expectation, no wonder noone is taking it. I mean who is ready to take a carpark for 5k, then I can rent out a 1bhk house and park my car in the bedroom.
    yea, my new car is outside on the road. I think that will give her selfish mind some rest. Thanks for tagging, I will do it sometime this week.
    and? she wll charge me for that too. I think she wants to charge me for sneezing as well.

    She did not ask me, however she did mention that she ‘wanted to give it for rent’ …..
    People are just getting greedy day by day.

    haha, that is one of the morals.
    yeah the parking space is a luxury.

  12. you are tagged!!

  13. Wow!! she is really greedy!! And one would think that old people are modest,caring and detached with worldly pleasures, just interested in spending last days of life peacefully n without any “paap”.
    like Nita i’m scared of lifts too!

  14. wasshappening · · Reply

    5k for parking space!! what the…
    when are you shifting?

  15. change the house 😛
    no option .

  16. go to consumer court for high rent 😛

  17. lol @ moral of the story….

    All landladies are greedy, mean, horrible, selfish et all…Period…..u have given me an idea for a blog….my landlady in AHmedabad was worst than a Mother In Law hehehehe…..:)

    Congrats for the new car and good luck for getting a parking quickly…..

  18. *Everything sounds greek* LoL 😀

    Don’t think of changing your place, instead send your car to me, I have lots of parking place at my society 😀

  19. priyankaj · · Reply

    Fame Lido’s parking system is crap…We parked our car in that lift, when we came back after the movie, there was a big scratch on the roof and nobody took responsibility…

    ‘The parking lot manager/Supervisor is worst than your land lady’

  20. priyankaj · · Reply

    Fame Lido’s parking system is crap…We parked our car in that lift, when we came back after the movie, there was a big scratch on the roof and nobody took responsibility…

    ‘The parking lot manager/Supervisor is worse than your land lady’

  21. Ask your landlady to get inspired from the mall and have a lift. You park your car on the lift, it goes up and she can teach beneath it. Or maybe she could hold her classes inside your car? Free AC too that way. But if the lift does come crashing down, we have no idea what would happen. 😛

  22. one more xylene
    u could be a disaster creating person
    first it was the electricity then the lifts
    spooky 🙂 😀

    Dont take my comment seriously

  23. cycle-its healthy…. sell of ur car it occupies space and guzzles petrol.
    shd do the trick 😛

  24. 5000/- a month! is she serious.. i think she is seriously gone bonkers…hota hai old age mein! 🙂

    and Greek wala was too good! LOL 😀

  25. hasit,
    yep, I will do that sometime.
    No luck in parking. heard that the BDA(bangalore development autority) has plans to take tax for parking car on the road. ! sheeeeessssh !
    Wow, thats a good idea, but sorry. 😀
    I forgot to mention that my car antennae is loose now. That guy was playing with it, since it wont fit in.
    She will charge me for the lift. then rent for the lift. then if I need to take my car out, I should crush the little kids.
    Yeah its all making sense now. 😀

    But i need to get a chauffer to ride my cycle then.
    I cant afford one now. So I will stick with the car.
    4199euros?????? sheeesh !
    yeah thats what the ol lady expect. well she can keep on dreaming.
    Thanks.. I think many did not like that joke. 😀

  26. why dont u use a cover to cover your car >?

  27. Covers are a pain. LIke its difficult to put it on. Also once I leave it with cover, the dirt will accumulate on the edges and will scratch the paint when we remove the cover. So its better left in the sun and rain than to put a cover.

  28. In mumbai and gurgaon parking space sells for the same price or even above the actual cost of the car.

  29. Parking space sure is a luxury 🙂

    will the parking charge @ lido include insurance? 😀

  30. […] much money one ends up shelling out in Bangalore. Let it be auto, house or even a small thing as parking space, you have to shell out money, money and more money. I see no end to this lust for money and this is […]

  31. megcloud9 · · Reply

    5k phew! ridiculous amount !

    actually some of our relatives who bought apartments recently had to shell out 2 lac as a one time payment for a parking slot and they could buy more than one slot if required..many who didnt have cars actually bought one or two slots and then rented em out till they bought a car of their own !

    @fame lido eeps,lift crashes r scaryy!

  32. jeez that price is some daylight looting!!

  33. Oh wow! The lift crashed?? Damn!
    And pssst… Lets kill your landlady and make it look like suicide!what say? 😀

  34. Anshul,
    Pretty much the same here.
    They Should include that as well. 20Rs for 3 hours including insurance… 😀
    yes people spend additional lakhs for a parking space now. every one got cars, but people with parking space are luckier.
    yes !!! 😦
    Stay away from lido car park.
    hahahah 🙂

  35. scorpria · · Reply

    the lift crashed?? oh my god!! I have always been scared of lifts…yu jus gave me one more reason to avoid them…whtever type it may be 😀

    “My landlady,

    Is greedy.

    She is an old lady

    But still greedy.”


  36. Parking costs are getting expensive day by day. But the thing is I cant understand how greedy can your landlady get. I could relate when you said that first time in history of Bangalore..lol

    Greek humor is funny. 😛

  37. Scorpria,
    Thanks you liked the poem? ha !
    well the lifts,lift up the cars, may be it was not strong enough….

    thanks.. I liked it when my friend said it. 😀

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