World Mosquito Day.

The interesting thing about today is its World Mosquito Day. Maybe this will be a day when either the mosquitoes would spare you from bites or they go out for ‘drinks’  to celebrate their day (that would mean more bites).


Jokes apart, the reason why its celebrated dedicated as such is because Malarial Parasite’s lifecycle was discovered on this day.


It was Britain’s Sir Ronald Ross working in the Presidency General Hospital in Calcutta who finally proved in 1898 that malaria is transmitted by mosquitoes. He did this by showing that certain mosquito species transmit malaria to birds and isolating malaria parasites from the salivary glands of mosquitoes that had fed on infected birds. For this work Ross received the 1902 Nobel Prize in Medicine.


Source –Wikipedia.


It all began on August 16, 1897, in a little laboratory in Hyderabad, India when Dr. Ronald Ross, a renowned physician, began dissecting mosquitoes that had fed on a malarious patient. On August 20, he dissected another mosquito, and found many of these cells on the stomach wall of the mosquito. He concluded that these were the malaria parasite stages in the mosquito.




As the above author suggest, shouldn’t it be World’s Malaria Day or something? Are we giving a day to the mosquito that is spreading the disease?


By the way who is naming the days?  I am posting this late night, well a mosquito’s active ‘day’ starts now.


Update : The quote from Wikipedia suggest that he was working in Calcutta when he made the discovery, but the link to Sir Ronald Ross would make it clear that he was in Secundrabad.


  1. Lol 😀 26th Aug is Toilet Paper day! so why not mosquitoes? Anyway seriously there is a World Malaria day and its celebrated on 25 April.

  2. Ooh

    first I thought, it was just a joke … come on .. that was a serious one? still .. confused .. LOL

  3. Oh, there is a World Malaria Day? I’d be careful on that day, sounds like the day everyone would get malaria 😉

    Btw, does every pest get its own day, or are some special? Do we also have a World Cockroach Day and a World Housefly Day? Just asking 🙂

  4. hmm…Hyd was in calcutta state right back then?

    hmm…wow!am impressed….maybe they should get into dissecting humans and comeup with some day…or maybe a for every part oneday….and they all should be declared human holiday 🙂

  5. LOL… My birthday falls on World Mosquito Day and World Lemonade Day! Interesting! 😀

  6. heheheheh Nikhil, don’t bite me plzzzz 😀

    Xylene is gone mad.
    Ok ok you are not 😛

  7. So that is why Nikhil keeps bugging…er sorry buzzing people! 🙂 and avoiding lemonade (he prefers beer)
    Xylene, when I first saw this title I thought this is one of Xylene’s jokes but it turned out to be a serious post! No, I was influenced by Dinu’s comment. This in tongue-in-cheek, typical Xylene!

  8. Xylene, I think you need to change your clock, unless ofcourse you live in London.

  9. Reema,
    There is a world malaria day? So what does World Mosquito day mean? I think like that author suggested it should be World Ross day, I mean Sir Ross discovered it right.

    I am serious. (I am serious once in a while 😀 )I saw an ad on TOI yesterday, it was All Out celebrating WMD (noo not Weapons of Mass destruction).

    I think I would give a day for rats as well.

    No he moved from Calcutta and did his research in Hyderabad.
    If they start giving holidays for ‘THE days’ there wouldn’t be any working day. 😀

    I wanted to mention your bday, but then I thought you will be offended :)…..
    Let me check which pest’s day falls on my bday. 😀

    Lemonade? If it was beer I think you would have celbrated !

    I am serious. Com’on I am !! 😀
    I saw Allout’s ad on TOI yesterday, I was laughing back to my seat at work after reading it, then I checked on the internet and found that it was indeed true.
    And yes I posted it from my work computer=UK LAN. So it is showing my location also as UK. 🙂

  10. Nikhil,

    Wah ! its World Storytelling Day on March 20th, also my bday. 🙂

  11. You know I thought you were saying “celibated” when it came to Nikhil. Do leave that typo. It’s funny! 🙂

  12. Well, you live and learn, I didn’t know that. They were certainly celbrating in my house yesterday: one of the maids left a window open.

  13. @ xylene

    LOL 🙂

    @ Reems

    Are you serious? A toilet paper day? my God! ROFL! 🙂

  14. Nita,
    Sure 😀
    lol 😀 Toilet paper day huh? So there might be toilet seat cover day as well, to remind all husbands to keep it closed.

  15. […] “World Mosquito Day” at The Crapbook […]

  16. REally it was a mosquito day yesterday! 😦
    nt just yesterday everyday actually!! for mosquitoes to drink more ;)…no wonder ! it shud be celebrated in the month of rains 😀

  17. Am sure all those mosquitos in Kochi/Cochin/Eranakulam celebrated the day by sucking an extra ounce of blood than usual…

  18. LOL ..
    i never knew there is even a ” world mosquito day
    world toilet paper day …. ????? ROFL 😆

  19. @Nita
    😛 😛 😛 😛 😛
    (Translation: Buzz!! Buzz!!)

  20. rekha,
    Seems like the mosquitoes are celebrating their day on you. Use ALLOUT.

    Thank god we are in Bangalore. Its much less here I guess.

    I am still wondering who is coming up with such day’s. May be the greeting card companies? Next there would be greeting cards “Happy World Mosquito day to you, it sucks, but its a day to celbrate”


  21. How true, how true! you do understand wife’s plight! 🙂 😛

  22. @Nikhil SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! (with fly swatter)

  23. Bah… what I have done? Why me? Why Me? Why I am being ignored? 😦 😯 😕

  24. lol this is funny!!! 🙂 thanks for the info!!

  25. Sakhi
    Everyone’s killing Nikhil now, poor chap, he is already sad that he is old.

    Oh oops. I think I missed your comment. and oh you called me crazy. 😐

    lol…. No one is ignoring you. You are my regular reader 😉

    Roop Rai,
    Welcome to the blog. thanks.

  26. Hey , though there is plenty of humor in the comments
    jokes apart! u have raised an imp historical event
    mosquitoes are serious villians – and kill millions in the third world and india every year- maybe lot more than many war deaths

    I was almost in the ICU thanks to the cerebral malaria, and it took me a yr to properly recover..

  27. I must salute the spirit of all you guys who are celebrating World Toilet Paper day and World Mosquito day.Like Lekhni, I look forward to know more about World Housefly Day and World Cockroach Day. I want to do my bit for the sake of history. 😛

  28. Prax,
    uh oh. I am sure you wouldn’t have best celebrated the day. Yeah mosquitoes are real villans. But its mostly because of our pathetic sewage systems and water logging.
    We let them breed.
    haha, World Toilet Paper day. I wonder who came up with that idea.

  29. Hi
    It’s uncommonly, very interesting thoughts

  30. All of u are saying shit world mosquito day is reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllllreal

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