One Year.

2007. 19 August.

The Church

The Prayers

The Commitment

The Reception

The Party.

2008. 19 August.

The Church.

The Prayers

The Movie.

The Dinner.

It’s been one year. It’s been a great year.

PS : I am talking about my marriage :).

And we walked into The Leela for dinner. Armed with three credit cards (what if the bill goes above my credit limit?,) and change to tip the valet; we knew that we are going to have a great time.

The Citrus Restaurant was not as great looking as the Library Bar. But it was buzzing with people. And all I wanted was some peaceful time with my wife, and celebrate our anniversary.

A couple was having dinner right next to our table. After half hour the waiter comes to them and says

“Happy Bday Ma’am”. Another ones comes with a cake and starts singing.

“What?” exclaimed my wife?

“It’s our anniversary and we don’t get any????” Said my wife. “Didn’t you tell them it’s our anniversary when you made the reservations???”

“Well I err, uh? Yeah I did” I said.

“Now that couple gets a free Chocolate Mousse and we get nothing but a huge bill”. She continued.

“Hell! May be we will wait a while longer?” I said.

“I lost my appetite” said my wife.

After dinner the waiter made our table for dessert.

“But we did not order any?” I said.

“Happy Anniversary” said two waiters in chorus.

We got our cake.

PS : The cake was delicious, I am planning to make reservations for my wife’s birthday as well.



  1. belated happy Happy Anniversary 🙂

  2. Awww belated Happy Anniversary! Wonderful cake. SO u didnt have any bad waiter experience this time. Good!

  3. Ha ! belated Happy Wedding Anniversary !
    n nice cake! 🙂

  4. Happy anniversary Xylene and Mrs Xylene 😛
    The cake s too cool. Am not a big fan of Leela, but well the cake wow!

  5. Wish you a very happy anniversary! When is the party? When do we get our treats? 😀

  6. A very happy Anniversary. 🙂 And the cake is Yummy. 😀

  7. madraskaaran · · Reply

    Happy anniversary!!! Stumbled on your blog and its fantastic…reading the archives now 😀

  8. Happy Anniversary Xylene 🙂

  9. Happy Anniversary, Mr and Mrs Xylene 🙂

  10. happy anniversary!

  11. Happy Anniversary Dear 🙂

  12. Vishesh,Priyank,Manasa,Nita,Dinu,


    Thanks, haha yeah. The waiters were all good.

    It was yummy.

    The cake was good. It was too good. 😀

    Thanks…well well well…..

    Thanks.. Yeah it was.


    welcome and thanks.

  13. Happy belated birthday.. errrrr. Anniversary..

    BTW was it a pre planned comedy of errors??

  14. Hey good one! 🙂 Wish you a very happy anniversary, belated 🙂

  15. Happy Anniversary Xylene…. 🙂

  16. Happy anniversary to you and bhabhi 🙂 …..cake….. cake…. 😀

  17. S4n705h,
    Thanks. Nah, went really well.
    Thanks. 🙂
    Anshul, Suda,
    Thanks. 😀

  18. Happy anniversary!!
    Glad to know the cake arrived 😉

  19. Scorpria,
    Thanks to the hotel.

  20. OH! Congrats…

    Happy Anniversary to the crapbook man and his better half 😉

  21. Hey Happy Anniversary (belated)…. Many Happy Returns

  22. hey happy anniversary! 🙂 and the cake looks quite yummy!

  23. happy anniversary

  24. Hey belated Happy Anniversary 🙂 ( sorry for being late in wishing you as I have become too busy with work )

  25. Scorpio, vijay, Sakhi,lavidaloca, harsha,
    Thanks 🙂

  26. he he.. happy aniv!! gud 1 !! best way to impress women – spend a lot, spend usefully n spend with loads of love n with no complaints. 🙂 (jus kidding!)

  27. Congratulations for finishing a lovey-dovey year fo marriage. 🙂

  28. Av,
    welcome and thanks 🙂
    🙂 Thanks Poonam

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