It rained and then I want to MOVE OUT !

Okay I admit, I don’t like my landlord. No it’s not just because of this but, because of the ‘showering display of water’ all over the place where I live.

Let me explain. It was a great Sunday morning, dressed up in freshly pressed clothes we were off to the Church, a bit late, but then it’s better late than never.

That’s when it rained. No it’s not rain. There was no thunder. It’s was not cloudy. It’s my landlord again! She was busy cleaning the stairs and then she went showering the entire place and ME (who was unfortunately standing on the ground floor about to get into my vehicle)with water.

The spray spoiled my shirt. I refrained myself from calling her names, after all am off to the church.

My questions are, why does she have to clean the stairs every day? Every single day? Even when it rains?

Why why why why? Why does she have to clean the steps and drench my bike with water every day? Every single day? The bike sits there miserably under the stairs when the water falls rushing down on it. It can’t move nor take cover from the sudden downpour. Well you can’t blame the bike, I couldn’t judge the sudden downpour as well.

And then the dust starts to accumulate on the bike.


The dusty bike and a car that would be all left. Thanks to the showering display of water. And the lady says she is cleaning. Trust me, it’s not a very good feeling to be drenched with dirty water one fine morning. And my poor motorcycle is tortured every morning.


Aaaargh !


Its time we move.


So off I go to office, and announced my plans to move, one of my colleagues narrated his experience, when he was in search of a house two months back.


He found an advertisement on the local newspaper about a house which was available on rent. One saturday morning he went to see the house. He couldn’t locate the place and requested a vegetable vendor who was near the locality to help him. The vegetable vendor asked my colleague to follow him and pointed out to a house. It was around 100 meters from his vegetable stall.


My colleague went in and talked to the owner regarding the house. Once done and all settled he was about to return to his car, when he found the vegetable owner waiting for him outside the house. The vendor approached my colleague and asked

“So are you taking the house?”

Colleague : “Yes”

Vendor : “My commission?”

Colleague : “Whaaaat???”


Vendor : “I showed you the house. So I need commission for that”

Colleague: “I just asked you for directions. I had the address with me already”


Vendor : “I showed the house and so that qualifies me as the broker”

Colleague : “Get the ()*#@()*# off my face”


And he drove away.


Next time you ask for directions in Bangalore, make sure you don’t mention that you want to rent out the place. If you do, you will find instant brokers.

Better buy a GPS enabled phone. Or as an alternative, take a print out of Google maps (this is what I do).

But my landlord……………..aaaarghhhh !






  1. Bangalore sure has changed. I remember once my car ran out of petrol in Indira nagar and two boys went and got petrol for me (I had two toddlers in the car) and refused to accept a penny! They looked like ragpickers but refused a single paisa! That was over a decade ago. Ummm, more.
    As for looking for houses, don’t get from the frying pan into the fire! In fact if your landlady reads this the fire might start right under you! 🙂

  2. Nita,
    You have mentioned that in one of your comments. I have met one Good Samaritan who helped me from a bunch of angry auto drivers.
    Haha, you never know where you land up, but I need a bigger place as well with parking !! I don’t think she reads my blogs. 😀
    As far as tenant-ship goes, most of them are treated badly these days; my colleagues narrate their experience as well.

  3. happened to me once. one of the guys helped me to reach my destination. he was actually going somewhere else but he dropped me at my location and just left..

  4. hehe nice post…youve caught a slice of bangalore life in it!!! well atleast it happens to you outside your house. For me it happens well right in it!!! My servant’s day isnt complete until she sweeps the dust off the stairs onto the sofas below where yours truly is sitting leisurely watching tv. I dont understand y she cant sweep the dust onto the other side of the stairs!!! but ofcourse my complaints to the higher authorities (my mum) goes in vain as she explains how difficult it is to get maid-servants these days. when i move into a house of my own im gonna clean it myself!!!

  5. haaaaaa

    best alternative.. GPS phone

    hmmm I really hate Bangalore 😦 its not that Cochin is better, but I really hate Bangalore :09

  6. lol hope u get a clean new place 😛

  7. Bangalore seems to be scarier for me who have never been there.

  8. @Xylene
    Hehe…yur bike surely will have select words for yur landlady…i hope it comes tu life 😉 (zap!) i’ve zapped it wid th magic wand 😀 😀

    great! I hate blore too! yey! lets start a blore hate club 😀 😀 😀

  9. If moving away is fine then move out. Why do you go through the torture? And do give her a huge piece of your mind before moving out.
    And if it would have been me instead of your friend, I would have laughed like hell on the vendor’s face.
    Know what, nowadays auto drivers ask for such nonsense prices. A few days back, an autowallah asked for 120 Rs for a 60Rs ride. I started pleading – Please take 500 Rs. 120 Rs is very less. He was so embarrased. 😆
    I loved it.

  10. So are we finishing with the ‘landlady’ saga @ the Crapbook??? :weep::weep:

    I’m hoping for ‘better’ stories at your new home..hehehehehe….

  11. Next time u go house hunting confirm if the landlord/landlady lives in the same building or not. I generally prefer such houses as you can create your own rules there! 😀

    Gandhigiri zindabad

  12. Your land lady sure wastes a lot of water! 🙂 and i hope you get a good place to stay soon!! wish you the best 🙂 🙂

  13. Looks like your landlord is the one I was looking for! I need a living specimen for my ground-breaking experiments in human-mice genital transplantation… Can I borrow her? Please? She’ll be almost human… er.. I mean, she’ll be just fine after I’m done with her! 😀

  14. uh oh!! Thats pretty bad 😦 But then looking for a place in Bangalore isnt that easy either 😦

  15. s4n705h,
    Lucky you.

    You can fire your servant, if I could have done something similar she will be eating dust now !!

    Nah, I don’t hate Bangalore, I like the city we can’t judge this city with few incidents (although I have many).

    Oh I think I am giving the wrong message. May be someone will treat this blog as I hate Bangalore or something. I love the place, except that many have gone greedy.

    I hope so..
    Haha, can you lend me your magic wand?

    I can’t she have my deposit money, so I can give my piece of mind only once she gives me the money, which I am sure at the end I wont.

    Yeah almost, I haven’t talked to her about my decision to move out. If that turns out to be a pain, you guys will get tortured with another post. 😀

    Yeah I have short listed a few places with the landlord in another state. That would be better.
    Haha, take her take her.

    Yes very true. But I short listed a few now.

  16. ouch, you forgot my name!!! 😦 how bad can this get! you actually forgot m y name in the reply!! 😦 😦 boo…hooo…hooo….

  17. Ha ha you had to go over the top heh!

  18. Sakhi,
    I am sorry. argh I missed Suda’s comment last time 😦


  19. Bangalore Woes!! And ya, what a landlord yaar!! She is anicon of sorts in your blog 😀 The vegtable vendor incident was both humourous and shocking!! BTW, Congrats on your Anniversary! Your Leela Palace incident was funny too 🙂

  20. Landlord troubles 🙂 My ex roommate did a wonderful thing, here in Toronto. He bolted a gazillion watt speaker to his wall and ran it at full volume, left for work in the morning and came back only in the evening. The landlord never bothered him again.
    Did you try talking to her? she is probably beyond that. But hey, your bike gets an abhishekm every day.

  21. Balu,
    thanks man.
    haha, that a nice one, if I try that out then the neighbours would beat me up. 🙂
    Or the landlord can switch off my power supply from outside. 😦

  22. Hilarious! I have read about your landlady before.. I am just wondering the loss of an exciting character on your blog if you were to move out..

  23. he he .. ur post about landlord are getting interesting .. 😛 annoying for u i know but cant help laughing .
    how about moving somewhere else .. 😛
    and that vendor asking for a commission is too much . ROFL ..
    how much commission did he ask 😛 :mrgreen:

  24. lol. nice 1. n nxt time, find a LL who is hydrophobic! 😀

  25. It takes patience not to badmouth a landlord who has already been haranugung with their measly attitude.

    She cleans everyday, I can understill. But basic ethics demand taht you be careful before throwing out dirt water lest it soils someone. I too think you should move to a better space. 🙂 Good luck for that find!

  26. cinnmint,
    Nah, I think its high time I avoid writing about her.
    🙂 I know its entertaining for you guys and my landlady. 😀
    wow, thats an idea.
    Yes, Cleaning is fine, but throwing dirty water around is not. 😦
    Yeah I want to move out. Will move when I find a good place. 🙂

  27. Does the building have another storey, above your landlord’s flat? You can take a leak from there the next time she comes out to clean the stairs 🙂
    AFTER you have finalised the new house, of course.

  28. awesome…. zindabad??

  29. Scorpio,
    Yeah almost, I haven’t talked to her about my decision to move out. If that turns out to be a pain, you guys will get tortured with another post

    Well, we are very happy to be tortured.. 🙂

    And oh, she can understand English? Does anyone belonging up there know about your blog?

    Well, why dont you enlighten her about your ‘works’ to make her famous?? Dont you think it’ll be fun?? 🙂

  30. Mojo,
    hehe. Thats a good one.
    yes zindabad !
    Nah, I dont think she blog. She is a kanjoos, keeps her light off most of the time. I dont think she would take an internet connection.
    No, wont let her know that she is infamous in blogosphere until the day I move out.

  31. […] Buy a house and get rid of your #$@% landlady. […]

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