Apartment #1

So we went to see this apartment which was not at the best area where one would like to move from the better area where he/she is staying currently. Nevertheless I just want to escape from the … well you know.

I rang the bell, while I was waiting for the door to open, I could see smoke coming out of the keyhole.
“I think its burning” I said.

A young guy opened the door (by young I mean, a bachelor not necessarily younger than me). He was holding a cigarette on his one hand while he leaned on the door keeping it half opened. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt that said few letters which read “WTF”. No, I don’t think he meant me. May be me, 1400 hours on a Saturday evening? Definitely ME. (But he suggested the time)

“Vikram? Remember we talked on the phone. Seems like you are moving?” I asked.
“Uh, yeah” He replied. I assumed he was Vikram*.

10 seconds. He took another puff.

“So shall I come in and see the place?” I asked to kill the silence and shove away the smoke.

My wife was already covering her face with her dupatta.
“I will check out the place first” I told her and stepped in.

There were 3, no 4 guys on the floor. There were wires all over, empty bottles (liquor), cigarette buds, cartons, plastic bags. It was a mess.

To make things worse the entire walls were covered with foot and hand marks. I think either people got all crazy after watching Spiderman or were completely drunk and didn’t know where they were going.

The smoke was so thick that the kitchen was not visible. The government bathrooms at bus stations were lot better than the ones I found there.

Wifey stayed out.

I got a call after half hour.
Owner: “Did you see the house”
Me : “I am afraid sir, I think your house is a mess”
Owner : “Oh, a couple of bachelors were staying there, they will vacate in 2 weeks, we can get it cleaned up”
Me : “Cleaned up? I think the entire house needs re-painting and lots of work needs to be done.”
Owner : “Oh, that apartment is my hard earned money, those guys destroyed it? Oh oh. God’
Me : “Sir, no Sir its not like they destroyed it or anything.. A little messy I would say”

I did not want to hear an old man crying. Messy bathroom and an old man crying was definitely not my idea of a Saturday evening.

We met this weekend, the owner came over from his hometown 300kms from Bangalore to take a look at his hard-earned apartment and send the boys out. The owner looked pretty sad.

“I want to be honest with you; I don’t want to move into an apartment this messy. I guess you should start looking for other tenants” I said.
“I completely understand” he said.
When the door closed behind me, I think I could hear him cursing himself for giving the brand new apartment for rent to a bunch of guys. (Who as he says promised to keep the place neat?)


Few years back,

Five friends and I shared a 3 bedroom house when we started working. It was fun.

There were bottles, cigarette buds, polythene covers, wires, books, clothes, paper all over. It was a mess…………………….

*Name changed to protect privacy.

PS: Just out of college and a cleanliness freak? Nah, I don’t think anyone will look cool then.


  1. LOL

    hmm sometimes I keep my room messy too , but I dont smoke or drink, and I dont like those cigarette buds around .. I cant eat or drink when they are in the room .. 😦 may be because there was none who used to smoke or drink @ home where I lived for 20 years before moving out to work ..

  2. I think you definately choked everyone reading the blog…! I think each one goes into the transition of being the messy tenant to a cleanliness freak..did you change becoz of the land lady’s buckets full of water ?? or was it the wife contributed to the transition?

  3. Oh God you are funny. btw there are some guys (hint hint) ‘just out of college and cleanliness freak’ and cool yet 😛 My worst experience here in Canada while apartment hunting was similar, except that there was a sign on the wall that said “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” :), I guess the sign came with the apartment.

  4. “Five friends and I shared a 3 bedroom house when we started working. It was fun.

    There were bottles, cigarette buds, polythene covers, wires, books, clothes, paper all over. It was a mess…………………….”

    bottles? I thought the bottles were only under the shelf in the kitchen — all neatly arranged! 🙂

  5. Dinu,
    You may be in the wrong crowd 🙂
    Haha, I think the new life turned me into a freak.err. cleanliness freak.
    Good that I find someone who cleans. Wow, here, it was just marks all over the walls.
    wait till you start living with friends. 😉

    Everyone else,
    Nedfrine is one of the five. 😀 he is right, the bottles were neatly arranged, but empty.

  6. LOL… My roomies and I almost completely destroyed our house in NY, when we were there… Our landlord (one crazy Nazi) went totally mad and threatened to commit suicide if we didn’t move out… 😀
    I’d suggest looking for apartments in areas like Indiranagar and Airport Road… This complex called Builders’ Apartments, right opposite to Leela Palace on airport road might be an option… My friend stays there, and I remember her telling me that some ppl moved out… Check it out… 🙂

  7. The apartment we (me and my little friend) vacated yesterday was a little more than mess. And we both don’t smoke or drink. Still the mess was un-cleanable. 😀
    So now we got a new partner who is conscious about cleaning room and hygiene. 😀 I hope he will keep us clean 😛

    And I wish bhabhiji don’t kill you in the process of finding new flat 😛

  8. There are some people who don’t rent their houses to students, well not boys at least! 😛 But I guess girls can be equally untidy. I confess I was very untidy in my student days, but was forced to reform because my room-mate in the hostel was a cleaniless freak. She would tidy up after I did, and glare at me! I sort of got scared of her, and changed! I was never that bothered if my mom screamed at me! 🙂
    In any case, the lectures about tidyness sort of come back in flashback after some years…and I have a lot of tapes to fall back on!
    But I agree despite all these understandable faults, I will hesitate to take an apartment like that…and when I give my apartment on rent, no students!! 😛 How clever we get! 🙂 That’s because we’ve been there and know that there is lot of unseen damage to the apartment!

  9. When you rent a place out you need to be mentally prepared for it to be “lived in” (another word for abused). My neighbour rented out his house to a large family for a year and then spent about 3L (he says) in repainting it and removing all the nails that they had hammered in ….

  10. Best is to rent your place to corporates etc, who themselves maintain it etc and pay you good too.

    If he gets entire apartment repainted etc., would it become movable ?

  11. Nikhil,
    haha, yeah am still looking at the yellowpages.

    new partner for cleaning? get a maid. 🙂

    Very true, people either learn from experiences from their own life or others.
    I think this owner did not think much before he rented out the space. He would have only thought about the money he will get at the end of the month. For working bachelors/students even if the rent is high, it wont mean much as they would be sharing.. The owners can loot them as well.
    But at the cost of his/her hardearned living space.

    Nails are another thing. Its always best for the owner to strategically hammer the nails before the tenant moves in.

    yeah. But I think he dont want to spend money on it now. its just an year old apartment.

  12. I have to remove paper and plates…..from my flood to find my bed @ Night and each morning I swear on God that I will clean my house today and I thank God that he can’t die :). My servant gives me a stare every sat and i just smile as she know this is a recursive event. Worst part is my dad, who is in army see me as a “Failed Mission” 🙂

  13. HA ha ha .. Nice one ..

    I used to share my apt with 3 roomies in Los angeles but we all were cleanliness freak .. so we really took care of the apartment very well .. it neber became a mess .. But still the owner did not return our deposit money for god-knows bizzare reasons ..

    We still repent that we took care of the house .. we should hv spoiled every corner of it while moving out toteach that guy a lesson ..

    By the way, adding to u my blogroll ..

  14. Hehe yeah! Life takes such a rounda-about turn!! does it now? 😉

  15. Lol 😀 So u turned a new leaf after marriage!! Well I was always a cleanliness freak in hostel and now also. But I know horror stories of bachelor guys and 90% of them keep their rooms as a pig sty. 😛 Marriage does change people! 😛

  16. hawww double standards! ;p

  17. Look how a woman has changed you! 🙂 You a tidyness freak now???!!!

    Well, the description of the bachelors’ apartment brought back a couple of images from my hard disk, I must confess… #1. The hostel room of MH2 (Mens Hostel 2) of my Medical College and #2. the washroom complex of the lodge in Bombay where I stayed for 2 days…

    Now I cant exactly remember which one of them was the worst. 😉

  18. 🙂 nice post
    House hunting is a tough business
    so labor on and all the best !

  19. I was quite a cleanliness freak during the 6 years I have lived in rented houses with friends. I ended up switching off all the lights, turning down the ac, cleaning the toilets, washing utensils, picking up clothes…….
    and the only thing I got in return was some GODDAMN respect. 👿

  20. actually, u inspired me to write about double standards of republicans :p thanks mate.

  21. Hey, I dont know if it was deja vu or what. I knew you would do a flashback abotu yourself.

    Hope you find your apartment soon!

  22. Chirax,
    😀 oh its your own house you treat that way?

    Some landlords do that. They just want to make some easy money. I think they should get tenants like the ones Vijay said. Then the deposit money wouldnt be enough to clean the mess
    Thanks for adding. I will update mine this week.

    The wheel is turning for sure.

    ha, almost.

    😀 So I did inspire someone.

    yeah dont remind me of our hostel room yyyuuucck !

    yeah. Thanx.

    haha. When we shared the house, I would get everyone up on their feet to help clean.

    🙂 thanks. The post wouldn’t have made sense if I would have not told about my bachelor days.
    We are all the same at different stages of life.

  23. Hehe…I second Nita here…girls can be equally untidy too…
    my room got so messy that i had to put up posters to warn ppl 😀

    hope you find a real decent place…a friend of mine just moved out from a flat in Cox Town…i’ll get yu th address…check it out…i’ve been thr, and its a lovely place!

    Were you Nita’s roommate ? 😛 😀

  24. hehehe..sadly they are signs of us growing older..;-P

  25. mathew,
    very true 😦


  26. @Priya LOL 😀

  27. Reema,
    Who is priya?

  28. Wish if I cud stay alone in a rented room n mess up!
    Its great to make everything messy!but such things wont happen if u live wid ur family rite 😦


    Its Scorpia (priya)

  29. @Rekha,
    haha, that is true. But then your parents wont charge you for all that when you move out 🙂

  30. 😀 😀 loved the flash back! 🙂 i had a few friends in college who used to stay in an apartment instead of hostel and i very vividly remember their place… 🙂

  31. and i stole you theme because “imitation is the best for of flattery” 🙂 🙂

  32. eeks! Anything, but a messy bathroom!!
    I guess every bachelor grows up from being messy to clean. 🙂 Your apartment blues, these days, seem to increase. I pray for you! Hope you get a good place to live in. 😀

  33. I myself used to be a dirtbag once upon a time.. by once upon a time I mean a few months backs.. lets say a lot has changed since then! =D

  34. Sakhi,
    Thanks… We all might have gone through that phase 🙂
    thanks for ‘flattering’ me.

    Thanks for your prayers.

    😀 haha.

  35. […] Let’s leave that there. Although you don’t get any interest, it’s reasonable from the owner’s side to keep some amount in case the tenant is trouble some like this one. […]

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