The Plastic Fever

This is not about any kind of fever caused by plastic or about some breed of people crazy about plastic.

In fact this post might not make any sense to many at all. Yes, if you are one of ‘those’ people.

My friend bought a brand new cell phone. She was all crazy about spending her first salary in buying something this ‘expensive’. We saw her removing it out of the case and fitting the mobile in a fancy casket. The casket looked like a funeral casket to me.

“To protect it from dust and scratches” she said.

“At least you can remove the plastic cover which it came in???” we asked.

“Let it be there for few days, I will remove it later” she replied.

Few days later the phone looked pathetically dead in the casket, suffocated by the plastic cover and dust accumulating.

Few days.

A friend bought a car. He did not fit any seat covers and the let the factory plastic on.

“Let it be there for a few days” he said.

After 6 months, it was still there. Half torn. Half dirty.

Few days.

A relative bought a new microwave. The plastic was still on, one month later. Half baked. Some sticking to the back of the oven permanently.

He did not say anything, but I assumed it was left only for ‘a few days’.

Few days.

Many of us has this weird addiction to our new possessions, be it a car, a new cell phone, any gadget, a new pair of jeans, anything. And the funny thing is this addiction wears off with time, with new possessions.

What’s your weird addiction?

Do you keep your mobile in a pouch to safely guard it against the cruelties of nature? Do you still keep the plastic on the seats of your one year old car?

To be honest I am one of them. J I removed the plastics though.



  1. LOL, My friend bought this Samsung Keyboard, Plastic was there for a year till it was hard to separate the keyboard from it. We were just glad that, we didn’t pollute the environment :)…psst.. my boss still has plastic on in his car, I am sure he’ll enjoy your post.

  2. LOL, Makes sense to me 😉

  3. OH we all suffer plastic fever!! 😀 Come to thnk of it .. i did remove the plastic off my car seat but there is on the speedmeter.. even after 3 years 😀 – dont even know why i left it there..

    I try and keep my pod sort of safe… more than scratches from the shcok of it falling likea million times from every place that i think is safe!

    I think whne the plastic is on we are not that careful with the things so I came up with a new logic – that if i remove the plastic i will take extra care of it 😀

  4. i did cover my cell phone fer sometime with plastic…but then i felt i was losing the real feel of the phone n the clear display it can show. soon my phone was free.

    but i had a friend in college who had maintained his calculator in its plastic cover for 4 years to keep it free from scratches while my calculator looked like a cat having a bad hair day invented a new form of writing on it. i used to always joke with him that his calculator needs to shed its virginity sometime!! 😛

  5. Err, you worried about the plastic Xylene?? What about the idea of covering the plastic up with another plastic? You can always replace the second cover once it is worn out..

    What say? :))

  6. Hehehe hilarious… Actually *blush* I am also one of those people who think not removing cover will save their things for a while 😦

  7. Beautiful theme Xylene… very fresh 🙂

  8. Nice theme!! CSS upgrade??
    Ur post reminded me of Mallika’s father in the movie “Pyar ke Side effects”. Have u seen it? He was obsessed with retaining plastic covers.
    But I dont keep my mobile in any cover and it shows signs of rough usage. 🙂 I dont like plastic covers on seats. Makes them too warm and not to mention the sound they make when u flop on the seat.

  9. Hehe…makes puuuurfect sense!

    I hate plastic on anything…the first thing i did wen i got my w810i was to take off the plastic from th screen…and what’s more, i take it off from my friends’ phones too 😀 (these days, they show it to me from a safe distance 😛 )

    well i was paranoid for a while abt my phone. i used to keep it cushioned on 3 tissue papers within my draw at work — till i realised tht all the scratches were due to th frequency with with it drops on to th road from my lap, everytime i get off the car 😀

  10. and i notice tht i’m not on yur blogroll yet 😦 waaaahhh !

  11. second blog with this template 🙂

    Oh man you hit the nail…I am one of them 😀

    My N73 is little over than one year old and I still have the plastic 😛

    hey but it is not dirty and torn 😉 Many tried pulling it off ; kafi logon se bacha bacha ke maine sambhal ke rakha hai 😀

  12. I knew you would write about this! 🙂

  13. I do it too, I guess we Indians have this mentality of trying to preserve things as long as possible. a plastic does the job pretty well…
    pretty theme!

  14. i have the habit of breaking things….nothing else 😛

  15. 😀 😀 i can definitely relate to this! 😀 LOL all indians can, i guess!

    And hey, great theme!

  16. Chirax,
    I know I kept mine when my dad bought me a computer.
    haha, car owners are the common ones.

    It should, I am sure you would keep the plastic on for the iphone.

    haha. We wouldn’t be enjoying the gadget when we wrap the plastic all around it. I feel that anyways one year down the line, we would lose interest and treat it bad. So I guess we should start enjoying it already.

    Haha calculators, I forgot about that. 😀

    haha very good idea. haha, I wonder if the car owners are listening. They would try to protect the factory owned plastic.

    I found it in wordpress today. Decided to put it on.

    Nah, free blog. 🙂 I think this is new.
    I havent seen that movie, but have seen one scene in which he breaks her dad’s car windscreen with a golf club 😀
    The sound is irritating.

    haha… I am know how the face of your friends would look when you rip it off !
    added !!! 🙂
    I wanted to update last weekend.. I am going to upload this weekend.

    Haha we are all one of them 🙂

    You were one of them.

    Yes we do have that mentality. We want every thing to remain new for ever. 🙂

    haha, not preserving anything?

    Yes we are all the same. 😀 just found this on wordpress.

  17. Oh yes, definitely. I kept the plastic on my mobile screen for pretty long. I didn’t want to remove the plastic covering from over the body of my laptop and even used the touchpad with that covering on for a couple of weeks. Then there was this plastic at the “Dell” logo on the back. I didn’t remove it for a month. I think it’s just that it gives the thing a new feel and protects it from scratches etc. At least hypothetically it does.

    Sadly I’m too paranoid. I don’t shut the lid of my laptop thinking it’ll get lose if I do it again and again. I don’t remove the headphones from the jack thinking it’ll get loose.

    Anyway, I really wanted to see this template live because it looked nice in the preview and it actually is pretty neat. They brought up a template after a long time but it’s pretty much worth it.

  18. I think I am anexception .. I remove plastics and all other covers from any gadget I buy on the first day only .. I just cant use them with all those protections ..

    Yeah, but I kept the plastic cover of my iPhone intact .. I dont know why …

  19. I remove the plastic even before I pay for the product.. That way, I can negotiate the cost!! 😀
    No, seriously, I hate wrapping things in plastic… Of course, if there were transparent paper, we would all go eco-friendly..!! 😀

  20. ish,
    Dont worry man, the laptop is designed to withstand all that. So you can close it anytime you want. It wont get lose.

    That is because iphone is your priced possession for now. 🙂

    And that also make you buy it.. Or the shopkeeper wont let you get away with out buying it.


  21. Nikhil, I hope you don’t scratch or in any way damage the product to get a better bargain! 😉

  22. The more I look at this theme, the more I like it.

  23. Wah! kya theme hai….

    The first thing I do, is tear all the covering and remove all the plastic of new things….and take feel of the new stuff 😉 Naked Conversations, you see… 🙂 although I am wearing clothes.

    Plus, I don’t like unnecessary bulk on things.

    Earlier, when I used to fix people’s computer when I was a kid, I used to remove their plastic Keyboard skin and tell them to put it on after I do my work. Same thing for monitor covers etc. They had no choice since no one else would fix stuff for free. :mrgreen: . It was fun to irritate “those” people.

  24. Theme is good but its like totally uncrappy… 🙂 very contrasting 😉

  25. Nita,
    Thanks its kinda good aint it?

    Thanks man. Thanks to wordpress 🙂
    haha, That is nice, but what people dont know is, the dust accumulate much more when there is a plastic wrapping.
    haha. You are saying that all my other themes were crappy? 😀

  26. glad that you wrote it..i was wondering i was the only person who tore of the covers and put them in dustbin without an iota of guilt…i have seen many who are a tad too careful for the first few days..and then is back to the old self..;-P

  27. Mathew,
    haha,Its just the first few days or weeks. But for some its years !!! 😀

  28. wasshappening · · Reply

    Hi! Nice theme…Looks festive to an extent…
    Thank god! i don’t have plastic fever…

  29. no plastic fever for me either. infact i hate to keep the plastic on. My mom has an unusual plastic fever. U can call it SPF (super plastic-fever). i remove the plastic the day i buy that product.
    about the addiction, i am addicted to Mathematics and Internet. hehe. i know… a bit odd.

  30. @Hasit: SPF ? I think then she should use SunScreens on stuff than plastic… :mrgreen:


    PS: With all due respect and No Offence meant… 🙂

    @Xylene: It just that this theme very soothing and beautiful 🙂

  31. haha…. no offence taken.

  32. I remove the plastic as soon as I buy the product. You can preserve things without plastics too. My mobile is a year old and there was never a plastic on it and it still looks brand new.
    Wrapping things up in plastics shows that we are lazy.

  33. Well!! you had asked me if there is anything like a fav boss! – and i had very beamingly said yes… go check the latest post.. i have a question for you 🙂

  34. I remove the plastic too, I don’t like the texture of plastic on things that I handle so often 🙂 Plus when dust sticks to plastic and makes it translucent, it’ worse!

  35. Xylene

    This is a typical Indian practice which has been lampooned and therefore, preserved for future generations, in Goodness Gracious Me. 🙂

    One could however claim to keep it ironically – as I do on a chair bought 10 years ago but used only in my study so I can have a quiet laugh 😉

  36. isnt it like a kid with a new toy?

    nyways it is because we live in a dusty country
    but what most people dont know that this is a hot country
    and by plastic covering / dust covering everything we reduce its life thanks to improper heat dissipation

  37. lol…I can identify myself to this…I wont remove the plastic “protection” sheet on my mobile 😉 It catches dust. But you dont feel like peeling it off. But yes, you are right! This remains just until the new possessions become old enough 😀

  38. wasshappening,

    🙂 good for you.

    So you are not one of err US.

    Thanks man,


    Could be, keeping the plastic on could save us from cleaning it.

    Haha, I dont have anyone like that.

    I dont like it on my mobile. its worse I agree.

    haha. Typical indian YES ! 😀

    yes it is, we are all kids right. deep down.

    yes once its old, we are like kids we woudn’t care about the years of energy we spent on preservation.

  39. roflmao, had me laughing almost off the chair!!!

    so many desi families i’ve seen with sofas still with their plastic on. i wonder why they even buy sofas! isn’t it for comfort? then why leave the uncomfortable plastic on?? something i dont’ understand!! never will!!!

  40. Hey, check out the Plastic Fever band!!! is great, a crapy web but amazing music.

  41. Lol Hilarious to the core. I also sail in the same pond 😀

  42. I wish I had protected my phone with plastic cover, for I dropped my phone in a bucket of water. It never worked again. I had spent 10 k on it when I bought it 2 years ago. I dropped this ph 6 months back.

  43. Hi…
    really liked ur blog… 🙂

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