The Looter !

First they take a huge deposit in multiples of 10. If you pay 10k rent you shell out 100k of your hard earned money as security deposit. Which as the name suggest is in

 DE(e)POS(h)IT ~ DEeP ShIT

Let’s leave that there. Although you don’t get any interest, it’s reasonable from the owner’s side to keep some amount in case the tenant is trouble some like this one.

(Just when you guys thought the Landlord saga is over)

But for families like mine, where it’s just the two of us, we have taken care of the house just like ours. But that doesn’t seem to pay off as I am doing the paying.

To make things clear, I am moving out of my house to an apartment. The current landlord has told me that she will deduct 9k for painting + cleaning charges which will come around 500Rs.

Now that sounds very very unreasonable as the painting wouldn’t take more than 6k. Also the place doesn’t require any painting as well. 

So her crooked mind has this plan. 

  1. Make some easy money. Deduct as much as possible from the existing tenant when they move out.
  2. Don’t paint the house.
  3. Rent it out to an unsuspecting family.
  4. Go to point 1.

Asking around, I learned that this is the trend in Bangalore. Almost all my colleagues who have moved out once earlier have lost out at least 5-10k to the landlord. They list out damages which have not happened during their tenure.

How greedy can people get? Doesn’t the landlord know that this is hard earned money that we are talking about? As far as my income goes, it is not growing on a tree.

But for her it’s the tree (us tenants) that the money grows on.

Let take this example. You rent a car and you drive for 100kms. The car company will charge you rent for the day and check if you have made any damages. If not they would not charge you any extra money on it.

Now the car would have undergone wear and tear, like the life of the tyre would be now less (total life in Kilometers minus 100kms).


(The wear and tear) + %car’s price + profit = Rent.


Imagine if they say “Well, you drove for 100kms so you have to repaint it” or “Replace the tyres.”


That sounds unreasonable right?


Let’s leave everything, even if the LL wants to repaint it, why doesn’t she ask for a reasonable amount? The actual painting cost?


My landlady,

Is greedy.

She is an old lady,

 But still greedy.

Just when I thought that the robbers and terrorists are criminals, I have one staying on the 1st floor.




  1. Boy, you have touched a sore nerve here. You have reminded me of my 100K which is dead investment(for now) for is making money for my house owner, not me, even I worked hard to make that money. WTF is this, I mean while returning the cash he’ll surely cut least 10K before giving it to me and I will have depreciated amount not only in quality also in quantity.


  2. Can’t you extort money out of her etc. .. 😉

  3. Dude your posts are entertaining and it starts right from the title. The formulas make more sense to a geek like me. cheers!

  4. hahaha that was something.BTW i have met quite a few terrorist (no they were pick pockets) my self.

    I have made very few shifts from one house to another but i have to shell out something in tune of 5K till date. its my 7th year in bangalore.

    It seems that your owner is too bad else generally its the bachlores who are charged bomb after they leave the family (read married) guys are left with a small dent.

  5. good to vent this way, by laughing at yourself!
    i think this sort of thing happens because there is a huge demand in bangalore…but seriously xylene, why don’t you buy your own apartment? i think its worth doing so, even if it is far.

  6. LOL 😛 take her to court! 😛

  7. Yeah they are looters!!! 😦

  8. Making a mental note: Do not stay in rented house in Bangalore.

  9. It’s the story everywhere ..

    We, four roomies, paid $1500 as a security deposit for a 2 BHK apartment in US and after two years, when we vacated, we were offered -$200 ..

    Landlord actually asked us to give $200 as he thought we have damaged the house in a very bad manner but the fact was we literally took care of it like it’s our own home .. That landlord was a real A**H*le ..

    But as u said, landlords and terrorists hv only one difference .. the later kills and the former bills ..

  10. eee land lordinte kadha kazhinjille ? 😛

    u do one thing …. just make the whole experience with he,r in one book n name it ‘ My experiences with Landlord’ n make everyone in the blog o sphere buy one 😉 n earn money :mrgreen:

  11. 😦

    I need to move to bangalore soon … and I will need a house, I dont go through all these “deep shit”


  12. ouch1 sounds like a pest!

  13. Try doing this… Over the next 3 days, transport all the stuff in your house to the apartment, but do it in small batches so as not to rouse the bitch’s suspicion… Then, in the dead of the night, when the bitch is fast asleep, drop five stink bombs in the toilet and then, you and the missus run away to your new home… Stink bombs are easy to make… Google the phrase “anarchy cookbook” and you’ll find a million nasty things you can do to the bitch…

  14. We thought we were lucky to leave our old flat without having to meet the owner and discussing money matters. We didn’t know that he would meet us later and deduct the money for lightbulbs and other stuff from our deposit!!!

  15. @Dinu, Then you’ll have to either move in with your friends who have gone through the shit or you can just stay in some PG.

  16. You touched my aching nerve. we all learn I guess. My landlord had a great condition in the agreement. If the tenants vacate the house within two years ; they have to repaint it. or they will deduct the amount (10k) from deposit. We vacated the place; one day after we completed two years 😀

    some landlords wave off such things. but moving into an apartment is a better option I would say.

  17. Chirax,
    Yeah they would deduct some amount. I have no idea who started this trend of deducting money from security deposit. As far as the logic goes, that money is only for a backup, incase the tenant is troublesome.

    Seriously I hate those guy/gal who started this trend.

    Haha, that would be a great idea.

    Someone else’s misery would always be entertaining. I leave off my frustration with humor. 😀 ….or attempts with humor.

    Yes, that thought did cross my mind, but then my finances wouldn’t allow it 🙂 . May be in 2-3 years if things get better at the finance side.

    I would love to do that.


    Any bitter experiences?


    Then I should own one. But then ….

    Haha I liked the last line.

    Nirtham 🙂
    That would be a best selling book I guess. 😀

    Even if you move to a PG, they will ask for a deposit.

    She is.

    Then what about my deposit amount?? But I would google that. 😀

    Welcome. Lightbulbs???????? Aaargggh… people are getting soo greedy these days. I wonder if they take the light bulb with them when they die.

    That’s a weird clause in the agreement, shouldn’t it be that the tenant should repaint it if he/she stay for more than 2 years. I mean that’s when the painting would be actually required right? Oh may be this is her way to make people bear the LL’s torture.

  18. Actually it meant if the tenant stays over two years the landlord would take care of the painting stuff. but if tenant vacates before that the tenant has to bare the cost.

  19. Oh, deposit amount… Right… Why the hell didn’t I think of that… 😀
    Never ever listen to my advice… It’s a miracle I haven’t been arrested yet! 😀

  20. Here we go again…the landlady!

    Im not surprised by this episode; after all those water which ran along with the car park saga, its natural to expect such an ignorant behaviour from her…

    To hell with her…:X

  21. Hehe…your landlady stories scare me big time ! I’m searching for a house in blore myself… damn! 😀

    Tell you what? AFTER the deposit amount is in your hands, onam pramaanichu avarde thalel koode kurachu chaanakam eduthu kamathu 😀 Don’t forget tu wish her a Happy Onam 😀

    Stink bombs…chanakam — all serves somewhat the same purpose 😛

    go buy a house, xylene!

  22. Xylene

    I may be asking naive questions but here are they anyway?

    1. When you rent a house/ flat, don’t you guys do an inventory of cracks, marks etc on walls which can then be used to check what additional damage the tenant may do?

    2. Isn’t there a rental contract you sign which clarifies T&Cs? I know even in Delhi this is now becoming essential. That way, each party knows what-for, and it becomes basis for rental receipts too.

    Here is the last resort. If you feel they do not report the income, report them to Income Tax guys. If you need to find out the process and the name of an honest guy in Income Tax in Bangalore, let me know. I will find you one.

  23. That question mark in the second line is a ‘colon’.. Sorry.

  24. Nikhil,
    Those poor souls who follow you as the love guru… 😀

    Haha the entire blogosphere is cursing here? good !!! 😀

    Damn !!! In Bangalore.. Make sure you get a good landlord preferably who does not stay over you.
    I want to buy a house, but then my finances wont let me 🙂


    1. Yes thats how its is in the US, heard that from my brother. But here NAH !! they wouldnt make any checklist. And the agreement is more like an understanding and more aligned to the ll side and not the tenant side.
    2. Yes we do have that,it does have a clause “incase of any damages etc, amount will be….” they use that clause to deduct money.
    There is no room for ethics or being reasonable.

  25. Thanks, but the rental agreement is signed by her, she is not working so, her income is way less than the taxable income. for sure…

  26. I had good experiences with my landlords till now. Got my money back. 🙂
    But, yes, if someone tries to take my hard earned money and I can’t prevent it, then I will give that person one big piece of my mind.
    Its a very good idea to make such people ashamed of themselves.

  27. 🙂 u are still stuck up with her?? atleast mentally!! 😛 😛 LOL

  28. One thing i have noticed from my experience
    The older they are the greedier they get……….
    don’t u have a written contract about the terms ?

    nyways where there is demand there is manipulation!

  29. Oh, no wonder… Damn! 😀

  30. You have been tagged 🙂

  31. There goes, Shefaly, my mystic lady

    Making an inventory of cracks, et all is a good idea. I would love to see a sample of this inventory.

    @Xylene: Your landlady is certainly unscrupulous. And you are right as she is not working, her income will be less than 1.8 lac

    I dont know what to do. Our rent-lease agreement too doesnt shield us, and it is our hard earned money that they are not returning. 😦

  32. Landlord the Looters….
    I faced a similar problem with mine, he wanted to deduct 11k for painting for few fingre marks etc.. and then when we tried to talk to him he wud shout at us and tell you dont shout at me. Moreover we got his house cleaned then also he charged us for cleaning etc, and deducted 6.5k towards painting. When we asked him to mention it in the argeement he says I wont write and you caat question me….. as he is the Looter 😉
    So, m my opinion the goverment should make some rules so that these greedy landlords dont bother there tenants after vacating just for the resaon that they have the tenants’d money as Security Deposit(SD).
    These landlords think they can do anything as they have the SD and teh tenants will have to agree to them.
    Such greedy Landlords should be penalised. 🙂

  33. There are three things you have to consoder when searching for apartment rent. Location, you have to make sure that the area is close to public transportation and shopping. Neighbours, you dont want to find yourself with many neighbours from that other noisy sect (you all know what I mean). Gym – I will never consider an apartment rent complex with no gym. I hope this is enlightening and you never make the mistakes I made.

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