That Pair Of Footprints…..

I was out of the blogosphere for a week now. There was a lot of things going on in my life. Surprises, unexpected things, disappointments, sad news etc all in one week. It was too much to take. It was a difficult time altogether.

I might as well stay away for some more time. Who knows, if something to blog about happen I will be back. May be in a week or a month.

Let me leave you guys with a story.

A young lad was very god fearing. His life was going on great, he was happy. Once while he was walking on the beach, he found two pairs of footprints on the sand.

That’s weird he thought. Then the voice from heaven spoke. “One set is yours, the other is mine. I am with you all the time”

He felt good and was happy that God was with him all the way.

That was when tragedy struck and he was sad. He walked through the same beach in search of the heavenly father who promised that he would be always with him. He turned around and was heart broken to see just one set of footprint.

He started blaming God. “He promised… he was with me when I was happy. Where is he now.???”

I will be you all the time” He mocked.

The voice from heaven spoke “What are you talking about?”

You said you would be with me and I can find only one set of footprint”

During your happiness times, I walked beside you……………….. now that you are going through a sad phase………………I was carrying you all the way………….That set of foot print is mine”



  1. wah!! nice story, man. really teaches us to never lose faith in god.

  2. That’s sad Xylene. I don’t know what is happening in your life but I hope it is all over quickly and you get back on track. Somehow I feel its going to be alright….come back soon!

  3. I’ve heard this before…and it’s one of the best stories ever!

    Hope everything turns out well…and yu (and yur family) get back to your normal self…get crappy, i mean 🙂 Be back soon!

  4. Dear benzene derivative. I’ve read this story before. Thankfully it wont affect you because you are a solvent. I wont have footprints either because I can fly. All the best 🙂

  5. Great story…. whatever is happening with you, I pray that you have the strength to overcome it… All the best !!!

  6. Oh what happened? Come back soon….

  7. Come Back soon …

    n the story is really gud ! it gives a kinda strength 🙂

  8. come back soon

    have heard this story so many times @ church 😀

  9. wow !! what a beautiful story that was !!

    Come back soon and I hope u come out of ur problems soon and will be ready to roll again !!

  10. Xylene, wish you all the luck. Will miss your funny stories. Do well.

  11. Good luck for everything Xylene. Hope everything falls into place.

    And yes, that is a lovely story. It was depicted in an Archies wall poster thing in my friend’s bedroom. I loved it the instant I saw it.

  12. Hope everything turns all right xylene. Will miss your posts. Come back soon 🙂

  13. Hey, i’m sorry to read this. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do! I am in b’lore, and I can help you out… Just let me know…
    Hope things turn out ok… 🙂

  14. 😦 come back soon and I hope everything turns out fine. I have this story in poster in my room.

  15. You’ve been tagged! 😀

  16. That’s a beutiful story. I have been away too for long. I am not sure how will I make a comeback. But I sure did read whatever you wrote. I will miss your anecdotes, stories and humor.

    Wish you best of luck with everything in your life! My best!

  17. nice story..will be waiting for your posts !!!

  18. never hreard the story before ..
    good one ..

    take care dude..
    we willbe waiting for ur return

  19. Xylene, you should have few comments from me in your spam. WordPress was indiscriminately marking me as spam without any reason.

  20. Hey take care and come back soon.. hope everythiing in your life turns out to be fine!!

    Take care, again!

  21. Always did like that story. The man-God relationship thingy 🙂

  22. hey guys,
    thanks for all the concern and comments.
    glad that you guys liked the story.
    Its a good one.

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