“I am calling from xx Bank”

I applied for another credit card. This is because they were offering me 5k worth vouchers and I was like

‘wow, I could use it and then cut the credit card into four and send it back’

And then came the calls. 

Sir calling from XX bank for verfication your name, your address, your phone number”

I answered all the questions.

How long have you been staying at the rented house?”

one year”

Sir, please say 2 years”


Sir they wouldn’t agree if you haven’t stayed at the house for at least 2 years”

But I have been in Bangalore for only one year”

That doesnt matter sir, just say 2 years”

oh? Aint you from the same bank?”

Yes sir, but please say 2. So how long have you been staying at the rented house”

“Err ……. “

“Please say TWO sir. Thanks for verifying your details sir. You would be receiving another verification call soon. Please say 2”


Then I got a call yesterday when I was at work.

Lady “Which company are you working sir” “Whats your designation?” “Whats your employee id” “Whats your office number and extn”

I answered each and gave her my direct number.

Five minutes later I got a call to my work phone.

Same lady “Is this YY company”

Me “Yes”

Lady “Does xy work there?”

Me “Yes”

Lady “ What is his designation, how long has he been working there?”

I answered.

Lady “Who are you?”

Me “Who are you?”

Lady “Thank you for your time”


So the lady got the details from me, called me for verification and then reverified it again by calling me !!!!

Although the details I have provided is accurate, I wonder if the verification done by banks is of such kind no wonder the fraudsters have an easy time with them.

So much for verification these days.


  1. Credit Cards are more trouble than they’re worth, man! Don’t do it! They’ll find some or the other excuse to milk you for all your money… 😀
    Good to see you back!! And you’re shifting month-end, huh? Where to? Anywhere near indiranagar? 😀

  2. what the !!!!!!!!!!!!!! funny ? ammmmmm cant stop laughing .. but still, is it funny ?

  3. Normally, you shouldn’t skew the facts to get a credit card, coz. If you some how you enter into some legal feud with the Credit card company then you would be on the lighter side of the legal weighing scale, and they might sue you for Fraud(420) too.

    Once some Banker called me, sir we need to confirm your address,
    ME:OK confirm
    Whats your address?
    ME: You should know, since you want to confirm
    But we Don’t have your address
    ME: Then how will you confirm.
    OK, bye.

    This might be plot for another fraud, you know, sometimes they just get your address and might break in your house while you are at work. Many people disguised as courier companies do it too.

  4. Was jus reading about ways by which phishing is done… emails and apparently now some even resort to the phone…

    its crazy.. come to a point where you dont know who u can trust and not!!

    cool blog..came over from Chakoli’s pad!!!:)

  5. Credit Cards are headache man, they will giver you an illusion of wealth and independence, till you use it to the fullest then it turnaround and bit you.

    one more thing , Ya know this is there job and all but these people are quite simply stupid, I mean they are so mechanical in the approach that you could as well be talking to a bot.

    Long back I had written a post on them here:

    I am calling from so-and-so bank …Do you want a Home Loan?

  6. I completely agree with Anshul! 🙂 can’t trust any one and then you never know when you want to sue them!! 🙂

  7. I agree CC’s are trouble. the fun part they grow out of the control without letting you know. These CC marketing guys create lot of issues. Many times these folks told me we will give you XXX limit and when the actual card comes the limit is YYY. You call up bank and they decline any such promises !!

  8. Lol 😛 😀 love to watch my father or mom talk to these people….they blow in 10 secs 😛 And ya i too get these calls,might be i should play prank one of these days 😛

  9. @vishesh: if you want few ideas for pranks check the post I have given link to above.

  10. Amusing! You sure have an interesting life Xylene! 😆

  11. Amusing, but giving away credit to people who technically do not qualify – is an invitation to crisis 😛 But believe it or not, this “please say 2 not 1” thing happened to me in Toronto too 😛

  12. Yay!!
    I am too young to own a credit card! 😀
    Or rather…
    My parents think I am too young to own a credit card.. 😛

  13. I agree with Anshul. U should be careful while giving out personal details…I dont receive home loans or credit card calls but I do receive wrong numbers and they just start asking who is speaking. My standard reply is Its you who is calling, so u identify urself and then click.

  14. didnt u read my credit card post

    poor guy , his sal is low and he survives on performance incentives, cant blame him if he is paid by the success rate of his marketing

    Did u know that the present financial crises in us is all because of such attitude shown by greedy ceos and executives

    This is all thanks to rbi and chid – Kyc and all that
    they just need it for formality sake

  15. Now, here is why Leman Brothers, Lynch and all those bankers have gone bust…:)

    Wonder when the tale repeats in India..courtesy such marketing techniques…

  16. This is certainly an eye opener. 🙂 Though I always suspected it. Those sales targets!

  17. @Nita: I just saw your display picture..it looks ahem glam 😛

  18. Xylene, could you please also put a search widget in your sidebar. I am searching for something in your blog that I don’t think I can find without a search box in your blog.

  19. Hehehehehe dude… there is a reason why subprime happened 😉

  20. Nikhil,
    I know. But am always vigilant on the dates. 🙂
    Nope at HSR.

    Yes it is. But for the bank its not funny.
    I gave acurate details. So no attempt at fraud. Also they do a visa check to see if my details are okay and if I am paying on time.
    That is true. I never give any details to those who call on the phone. But in this case it was the same lady.


    Thanks Aarti, welcome to the book of crap.

    I have been using credit cards for years now. I am always vigilant on the dates. Never missed one. Touch wood.

    Yes. The agents just want to get a lead. The bank want a customer. We dont want a credit card.
    In the end they win.

    Yes, the first lesson on credit card is that always think of it as a person you hate. And you would always want to settle things with the person you hate asap, especially if its money.
    If you CC has 1Lakh limit, consider youself 1lakh poorer.

    Haha. Its not a prank. its a pain.

    😀 Not really. I am trying to see things in a light way.
    🙂 that makes life interesting.

    Different banks have different criteria. For this one they need 2. While when I came to Bangalore I got one with 0.

    GOod for you. even if they offer you one. You wouldnt be legally bind to pay them back until you reach 18 may be 😀

    Agree totally. We should be careful when giving details.

    I did. True. we can never blame the CC guy. He is just trying to do his job.

    haha. We could see such crisis here soon.

    Yes. they got targets to meet.
    The agents just want to get a lead. The bank want a customer. We dont want a credit card.
    In the end they win.

    I added the search option.

    haha. Dont tell me its me.

  21. LOL These jerks seem to have lost it! Yes, even I have come across such instances. These guys are just inviting a never ending bad debt trap…

  22. What weird things happen to you!!!! 🙂

  23. *Lady “Who are you?”
    Me “Who are you?”
    Lady “Thank you for your time”*
    ROFL !!

    I got a call once too.
    Credit Card (CC) Guy: Madam, you need credit card?
    Me: No, thanks.
    CC Guy: Madam, you need credit card.
    Me: Are yu asking me? or telling me?
    CC Guy: Ok madam. Thanks.

    and yey!! yu’re back! 🙂

  24. It’s not just with credit cards. Verification process in general is a sham; be it cards or for new phone connections.

  25. so u finally got d card ?! wat bout d vouchers ?

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