I am back

I am back. Got an airtel connection. Hathway was cheaper for my kind of usage, but seems like they don’t service my new place.

The old (land)lady.

She deducted a month’s rent as painting charges. For that money she could paint it thrice. Once the cheque was handed over and I got into my car, She said “I am getting a new scooter”.  

‘Its my money’ I thought.

The Newspaper Boy.

My landlord was so happy that I moved, she informed the newspaper boy, just incase I have defaulted any amount.

In three hours I got a call.

Newspaper boy “Sir, heard that you have moved”

Me : “yes”

NB: “Sir you did not give this month’s fee”

Me :”Oh yeah? I thought we were paying fee in advance”

NB :”No sir”

Me :” I have bills”

NB :”I will come to collect this month’s fee sir”

Me:”Okay, I will give you the fee for 105Rs, you give me the advance 120Rs back, so when are you coming???”

click !

I will be now regular with new crap. I got a huge unread blog list in my reader. whew!

From the News Today.

Jet airways fired 800 people. Now that news is pretty sad, but the statement from Mr Raj Thackeray is well…. Decide for yourself. “MNS would not allow any Jet plane to fly over Maharashtra”. I wonder how he is planning to do that. Well its not that simple to block all the air routes. Throwing stones wouldn’t help either. May be a Trebuchet would be handy.

I noticed the poll button on WP editor, so I thought of testing it. Do take part in this poll. (Crap – Rank 1, Notbad Rank 2 and “I regret….” as Rank 3). So if you would vote crap, I would consider this blog a success.




  1. cinnmint · · Reply

    hey welcome back!

    may be you should start a service called the ‘save yourself from the landlord’ and give tips on it. You will really earn alot with all the gyan that you have managed to acquire

  2. Welcome back Dude !!

    Ha ha .. U hv got something with ur landlords, really !!

    Newspaperwala thing was hillarious !!

  3. i had the same doubt too…all the best to Raj.. 😛
    and nice to see you back 😀

  4. Great that you are back!! And youreally have some “thing” for that lady!! She is always creating probs for you! Good that you have finally moved! 🙂

    Raj thakrey ko kaun sunta hai, bhagavan jaane!! He really know what to say!! 🙄

  5. Welcome back!!
    Has RT gone mad? Does he mean to invoke God Hanuman to stop Jet Vimaan? or any other gods who fly?

  6. Welcome back.
    You should have given more options for us. Like we like your blog! Anyway I had to choose the not bad option!
    As for Raj T he has certainly gone mad. Or I wont be surprised if he is busy having secret meetings with the jet people for some secret deal. or he might be telling them, let me just yell and shout and scream coz I need to impress my vote back. So far the middle classes don’t like me as much as the poor classes and now with this one I will score with them! Deluded man!!

  7. I hope you meant “crap” and not crap in that poll
    I voted “crap” =D

    And oh yes what about the cable guy?

  8. Good to know you’re going to be regular from now on. Some lady your landlady was man.

    And I voted “crap” too. But most people are going for Not Bad. You really need to do something or else you’re so gonna fail in your objective.

  9. Cinnmint,
    Thanks. Yeah like Nikhil is the love guru, I would be the landlord guru on blogosphere.

    Thanks. 😀

    He is plain crazy.

    Yeah that guy is like impossible. One of a kind.

    Yeah. I know the poll is confusing.
    That’s why I added a key to the poll. 😀

    Yeah I meant “crap” and not crap.


    Thanks man. Yeah I know its a bit confusing. I would just add the first two options together 😀
    That would be my result. haha.

  10. The blogosphere became lot less crappy without you… 😉 Welcome back… 🙂

  11. Crap,

    Welcome back.
    Good luck clearing Google Reader.


  12. Welcome back dude!! Good to see you back and at your crappiest best! 😀
    PS: Our plan to kidnap your landlady still holds, right? 😀

  13. hi, welcome back Mr. Crap 😉

    The Thakarey one was a good one…God bless India!

  14. Anshul,
    oh ! I am back with the crap.
    Yeah I am on it !
    😀 yeah and her new scooter as well.

    God Bless all of us. We elect much worse ones.

  15. U didnt reply to my comment!!!! 😦

  16. Welcome back sir ji 🙂

  17. Welcome back.
    I am a bit disappointed, that you let your landlady go just like that. 😦
    And regarding Mr. T, I think he would ask all the members of his party to lie down on the runway so that the planes are not able to land and would finally drop in the Arabian. 😉

  18. Ha ha! But at least now you can rightfully say that you are the driving force under your former landlord. This post had me laughing out aloud. 😀

  19. Reema,
    oops, I missed it. 😦 sorry about that.
    He would be praying day-night to Hanuman for that probably. 😀

    Thanks 🙂 Madam.

    haha dont give MR T ideas.
    Yeah I dont have much to do as the huge deposit money is with her.
    Legal methods is an option but takes time.

    So left the vengeance to God.

    haha 😀

  20. ”Okay, I will give you the fee for 105Rs, you give me the advance 120Rs back, so when are you coming???” 😐

    n Welcome back !!!

  21. Rekha,

  22. Put a curse on the Scooter. Dude Glad you are back, now just for heck of it call the Newspapers Boy again. 🙂

  23. Did NB come back n take give u Rs 120? 😀

  24. finally u have shifted ..
    i am so happy ..
    but that would mean no rant post :(..
    btw raj thakrey is really a mental case 😀

  25. Well let’s see what the gag order and the arrest does to RT?! May be more in store?! 🙂 Just hopped on here…

  26. Chirax,
    😀 I did.
    nah !!! he never called me again.
    😀 and nothing to rant these days.
    thanks for visiting…

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