Hyderabadi Biriyani

Hyderabadi biriyani (Recipe) and the first thing that comes to my mind are the spices. The biriyani is very spicy with adequate cashewnuts, fried onions and huge chicken pieces. Well thats what they served when I went to Hyderabad few years ago.

With this in mind, I went to a restaurant called ‘Hyderabad house’ at Koramangala, Bangalore (opposite The Forum). I didn’t know the chef had other plans.

The steward was not courteous and was not ready explain why they have Chicken Biriyani (regular) and Chicken Biriyani(large). I just wanted to know whether the regular is the Half biriyani we get at other restaurants and the large the normal one. But since he was not really interested in explaining things to me, I thought of going for just one Regular Chicken biriyani, not knowing what to expect.

The dish was served and the quantity seemed to be the same as that of the full Chicken Biriyani terminology other restaurants use.

But the quality was another thing. We had rice and then there was chicken and some masala. I was not sure if I had to make biriyani myself or thats the way it was served in that restaurant.

If some pieces of chicken, some rice and little masala could make a biriyani then they served me the wrong dish when I was in Hyderabad.

I called the waiter and asked

What all spices did you add???”


Did you add cashew? I cant find one!”


He went back to the kitchen and brought me some more masala+rice mix, which tasted awful !

Enough is enough and I walked out without leaving a tip.

For those who are in Bangalore it would be best if you go to some smaller restaurants to get the real taste of biriyani. It would cost half the price and you would go home smelling biriyani.


  1. Looks like you are not the only one who has had a bad experience


  2. thanks for sharing this .. I had plans for visiting that place next time I come to blore .. uhmm you saved me I guess 😛

    and yea, there is another Chineese reautrant near the Empire restnt, you know that one ? when we went there during my last visit to blore, we had to go in to the toilet, to wash our hands, can you believe that ? they don’t have anything to let you wash your hands…

  3. Oh!!
    You seem to have had a terrible experience!!!!

    You could smash it and let it out on http://bangalore.burrp.com

    burrp! is a fun way of sharing the reviews of restaurants… and you never know, you could be the lucky one to win some amazing goodies.


  4. Vijay,
    🙂 Good I guess the Bangaloreans stop going there !!!

    Is it China Pearl? I have been there. 🙂

  5. There is shop near lifestyle. Its the road which comes from marthahalli. Thats a one way but they have a shop called hydrabadi biryani. and have heard they serve the best biryani in the town.

  6. Your incident is a global one..If you wanna eat real chinese food you’ll ve to go to China… simple as that.

    I’ve been to many Kerala restaurants outside Kerala and many Indian restaurants outside India, and they are anything but what they claim to be..

    Talking ’bout Hyd biriyani, there is one @ Majestic called Andhra Hotel o0r something, I had been there once and really like the meal.. Why dont you try it out?

  7. me a veggie 😀

  8. Your life is damn weird!!! 🙂
    We had a Hyd biryani counter at my office in Chennai. It was damn good and I ate it every afternoon for two months!! 🙂

  9. Baap re! This is certainly not hyderabadi biryani. These guys are taking people for a ride…

  10. I have went to ‘Hyderabad house’ at Koramangala, twice and had a fight both the times. The service is pathetic and you are treated as if its a favor they are doing by answering your questions.

    Dude, want really good briyani in Bangalore. There is a another “Hyderabad Bryani”shop near, the HSBC bank lane. small place but the best briyani you’ll have. Just love the place.

  11. You have been tagged (Family will be treated to a Virtual Biriyani if you do my Tag)


  12. Haha!
    Go to this place called ‘Hyderabadi Biryani” near lifestyle (Garuda Mall) and you can get as close to the real thing as possible! 🙂

  13. Its best to eat Biryani (any type) at Muslim resturants. There is one at Kanpur and the biryani there is so tasty! But I have not eaten Hyderabadi Biryani yet as I cant bear so much spicy food.

    So again u had a bad waiter experience.

  14. When and if you come to Ahmedabad, do visit “Hyderabadi Biryani” !One of the most authentic biryani is served here! Though i don’t know about non-veg one, I can definitely vouch for vegeteriana nd my colleagues simply love mutton biryani there!!

  15. s4n705h,
    Okay, I wud try that out sometime.
    haah you are right. sure !!!

    u get veg stuff there too, not sure if they are good. I am hardcore non-veggie

    😀 weird?? I am trying to have a normal life, everyone else is weird! 😀

    Priti,:D YEs they are and charge you for that unpleasant ride.

    So its not just me !!
    Cool, thanks man.

    😀 Sure I would do it.

    I would love to try that place out, since eveyrone is suggesting it. 🙂

    yeah, somehow, landlords, waiter and I dont mix.

    Sure !!! hope it wud be ur treat.

  16. Sure it would be my treat!! you are most welcome! 🙂

  17. no way will i go to that hyd house! good thing you gave its name, thats the way to tell everyone about such rubbish places! when i get cheated like this at restaurants i get really annoyed and i know the thing I need to do immediately is blog about it! i think most restaurants cheat nowadays and i prefer the dhaba types because if one gets bad food one knows that one hasn’t paid much!

  18. @Xylene
    Poor fella, why you? Ask god 😀

    You were in hurry it seems, look at your comment, all small letters? Your English teacher will surely scold at you for this 😀

  19. I was just thinking, why you don’t have any posts or nominations in the ‘Personal Rant’ Category ?

    Anyway, I was in one of the new restaurants(3-4 months old) and those guys didn’t even have adequate cutlery and menus. Suppose you are choosing what to eat and steward will come running to ask you to hurry up the process of choosing or give the menu away to other people. Wtf… !

    Nita, I have started frequenting dhabas more than restaurants in city because not only they serve one nicely but also I can cover those 40kms on highways to dhaba faster than time it will take me to reach local restaurants amidst jams, potholed and water logged roads. Unless I want to eat food other than mughlai or whatever food does these respective local dhabas serve.

    Plus, they serve fresh salad as one can still smell fresh fragrance 🙂 of onions etc. 🙂

  20. Aur, Yeh Ahmedabad walo ko Hyderabad biryani ke baare mein kya pata ! Whoever suggested it. 😉

  21. karthikeyanblogs · · Reply

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  22. Its great to go through such article where I got to know about the biryani served in some so called “Big Restaurants”. I’m glad to know the facts and I’ll never opt for this as you said.

    I’ll try to follow your suggestion and I’ll support you as this happens very often, I’ll suggest it to some of my friends and family menber’s.

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